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Shamiyo 12-14-2022

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Competency 1: Sitecore structure & platform 12%

Competency 2: Security & user management 16%

Competency 3: Item management 20%

Competency 4: Layouts & placeholders 10%

Competency 5: Components, controls, & renderings 26%

Competency 6: Sitecore Content Serialization 10%

Competency 7: Containers 6%

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Free Sitecore 10 NET Developer Demo Questions Online

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What is the purpose of developing field editor buttons for Experience Editor?

A. To allow ContentAuthors to edit image fields within Experience Editor.

B. To provide additional field-editing functionality for complex fields through a pop-up window.

C. To give Content Authors the ability to change the field type as they work on content.

D. To open therich text editor for fields of the rich text type in Experience Editor.

Answer: B

If you want to limit the serialization of items under the Navigation item to the item itself and those one step below, what property should you add to the includes to indicate this limitation?

A. Item path

B. Scope

C. Nothing, this is the default

D. Name

Answer: C

You are designing a component that will allow users to select acontent item from a specific place within the content tree as the data source.

How will you ensure the component is flexible and the user can select a content item upon use?

A. Ensure the insert options for the component are enabled so the Author can change the content item for the component.

B. Ensure the users can create a new component from Experience Editor and configure the Datasource Template field.

C. Ensure the component supports a change to the data source and configure the Datasource Location field.

D. Ensure you add a placeholder within the component so the Experience Editor prompts the user for a content item.

Answer: C

In a non-SXA website where you are using Sitecore MVC, you are working on the presentation for awebsite, starting with the layout.

What two things are needed to successfully implement a layout? (Choose two.)

A. A layout.cshtml file

B. A layout definition item

C. A standard values item

D. A presentation details settings item

E. A main placeholder

Answer: A,B

You have been hired to create a company's website, and, as you prepare, you must define the data structures in Sitecore to create items and content.

What should you use to define your data structures?

A. Templates

B. Config files

C. SQL tables

D. Renderings

Answer: A

When using Sitecore MVC, which static class contains information about any current HTTP request?

A. Sitecore.HttpContext. Request

B. Sitecore.Context

C. Sitecore.Request

D. Sitecore.HttpContext

Answer: D

When creating data templates, you have the option to add Field sections (at least one is required).

What is the purpose of Field sections?

A. Field sections are used for grouping related fields with templates and the resulting items.

B. Field sections enable Content Authors to add content to various fields.

C. Field sections make template items easier to recognize in Sitecore Rocks.

D. Field sections provide a hierarchical way of navigating fields in the code.

Answer: A

A company you develop for wants to temporarily change the design for their main page for a company anniversary celebration. 

Because this will be a specific version of the main page that is published for a specific period, which Sitecore feature enables you to accomplish this change while easily allowing you to revert to the original design?

A. Final layouts

B. Shared layouts

C. Restricted layouts

D. Versioned layouts

Answer: D

Which statement characterizes the Sitecore Extranet security domain?

A. It provides default access to the Sitecore identity server for users to log in to the appropriate environment areas.

B. It is an internal security domain for users that can access the Sitecore client tools and editing functionality.

C. It is the domain that contains user accounts as well as customized roles for managing read access to the website content.

D. It provides customized roles for controlling access to third-party environments such as a CRM or payment portal.

Answer: C

A team member incorrectly entered their password several times when attempting to log in to Sitecore and is now locked out of their account.

What can you do to unlock this user?

A. Go to the User Manager, select the user, and click Edit to update user settings.

B. Go to the Security Editor, select the user, and update their access rights to Sitecore.

C. Go to the User Manager, select the user, and click Change password to unlock the user's account by resetting their password.

D. Go to the User Manager, select the user, and click Unlock in the navigation ribbon.

Answer: D