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Shamiyo 05-10-2022

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ACP Cloud Computing Certification ACP-Cloud1 is one of the Alibaba Cloud Professional certifications, which is designed for those familiar to cloud computing and with a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products. It covers a spectrum of Alibaba Cloud core services, including architecture, networking, cloud security, and best practices. ACP-Cloud1 exam is available in English, which requires to get 65 scores to pass while out of 100 points. The whole exam contains 70 questions with answering in 90 minutes. 

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Which of the following privilege is required to manually install Alibaba Clod Security Center on the server?

A. Database Access privilege

B. Common user privilege

C. System administrator privilege

D. FTP service privilege

Answer: B

Company A constructed a sales management platform using three Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. One of the instances runs MySQL, and is used as the database server. The other two instances are used as Web servers After some time, the number of employees in Company A dramatically increases, leading to higher sales volumes At the same time, the platform response speed is gradually decreasing too.

According to the report from CloudMonitor, the average CPU utilization rate of the two Web servers exceeds 70%, and database load reaches 75% Company A can select Alibaba Cloud_________ services.to cope with the issue and optimize the performance. (Number of correct answers: 2)

A. Import database data into Object Storage Service (OSS) to share the storage pressure on the platform

B. Incorporate Server Load Balancer (SLB) and add additional ECS instances to relieve the load on existing ECS instances

C. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance content loading speed

D. Replace the self-built MySQL database with ApsaraDB for RDS to obtain better database performance, and utilize RDS read-only instances to handle read-only requests

Answer: B,D

SLB is a load balancing service that distributes traffic to multiple cloud servers It provides a wide range of functions to meet the needs of various business scenarios If a user wants to use SLB and ECS instances to deploy two-way authenticated HTTPS websites, the following statement is correct_______.

A. SLB can only host SSL certificates, not CA certificates.

B. You need to host server SSL certificates and client CA certificates on SLB

C. SLB can only host CA certificates, not SSL certificate

D. SLB can only support HTTPS one-way authentication

Answer: D

To meet business requirements, a user requires that the backend server of an SLB instance include a primary ECS instance and a secondary ECS instance. When the primary instance is working properly, the traffic is only forwarded to the primary ECS, when the primary instance is down, traffic is switched to the standby instance. In this case, you can create an active/standby server group on the backend of the SLB instance.

Which kind of listener supports this feature? (Number of correct answers: 2)





Answer: C,D

Which of the following scenarios can be done using Alibaba Cloud Express Connection? (Number of correct answers: 2)

A. Intranet communication between VPCs and Smart Access Gateway in customers different branch offices

B. Intranet communication between a VPC and servers in an external IDC

C. Intranet communication between two VPCs in different accounts and different CIDR Blocks

D. Intranet communication between two VPCs under the same account in the same region

Answer: A,B

Alibaba Cloud SLB can distribute user requests to backend ECS instances. These ECS instances must have the same specification (CPU, Memory)

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

RDS provides whitelist access policies. You can set permitted IP addresses and IP network segments to effectively prevent hackers from attacking the server by port scanning.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Once ECS is created, you can't change its private IP address anymore.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

By using ApsaraDB for RDS to implement read/write splitting, which of the following can be achieved? (Number of correct answers 2)

A. Write requests are distributed to multiple instances.

B. Read requests are distributed to multiple instances.

C. Read/write requests to the database are separated.

D. Both read and write requests are distributed to multiple instance

Answer: A,D

For ECS and RDS instances under different Alibaba Cloud accounts but in the same region, which of the following statements is NOT correct for migrating self-built MySQL databases (running on ECS) to RDS?

A. The data can be imported via the Intranet

B. The data cannot be migrated.

C. The data can be imported via the public network.

D. The data can be imported by running mysqldump.

Answer: D