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Huawei Certified Network Associate-Transmission


H31-311-ENU HCNA-Transmission Exam Content

The HCNA-Transmission exam covers basic optical communications technology, SDH principles, WDM principles, OTN principles, Ethernet technologies, packet switch principles, OptiX SDH equipment hardware, SDH networking and self-Healing protection, iManager NMS system, PDH service configuration, Ethernet services and networking applications.

H31-311-ENU HCNA-Transmission Knowledge Points

1. Basic Optical Communications Technology
2. SDH Principle
3. WDM Principles
4. OTN Principles
5. Ethernet Technologies
6. Packet Switch Principles
7. OptiX SDH Equipment Hardware
8. SDH Networking and Self-Healing Protection
9. iManager NMS system
10. PDH Service Configuration
11. Ethernet Services and Networking Applications

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Question No : 1

The U2000 client supports installation on Windows, Solaris and SUSE Linux operating systems.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 2

Which of the following statement about optical amplifiers and regenerators are correct? (Multiple choice)
A. regenerator cost is higher
B. regenerator works at the occasion of a specific bit rate and in a specific frame format
C. amplifier can work at the occasion of any bit rate and frame format
D. Optical amplifier is less used, the regenerator is used universally
Answer: ABC

Question No : 3

Which of the following options are not included in the basic architecture of MPLS L2VPN?
C. Tunnel
Answer: D

Question No : 4

Compared with the traditional SDH and SONET equipment, which of the following advantages does OTN have? (Multiple choice)
A. by wavelength division functions meet the demand of each light Tb/s transmission bandwidth
B. Provide 2.7Gb/s, 10.7Gb/s, 43Gb/s or even 111.8Gb/s high-speed interface
C. Provide TCM connection monitoring with up to 5 level nested overlaps
D. Support virtual concatenation transmission mode to improve and optimize the network structure
E. provide a strong out-of-band FEC function, effectively guarantee the line transmission performance
Answer: ABDE

Question No : 5

For OSN6800 equipment, which of the following slots does not have an electricity layer backplane bus?
A. Slot1
B. SIot9
C. SIot10
D. SIot17
Answer: D

Question No : 6

If a network interface that supports auto-negotiation is docking with a network interface that does not support auto-negotiation, half-duplex or full-duplex may occur.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question No : 7

R-LOS, R-LOF, AU-AIS, TU-AIS alarms are generated on the circuit board and reported.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 8

The number of Network Elements (including REG) of two-fiber bidirectional multiplex section in a shared ring can exceed 16.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question No : 9

The level of mandatory switching, fiber cut switching, manual switching, practice switching is arranged from high to low.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Question No : 10

In Ethernet, the length of the frame has a lower limit, which of the following is the mainly consideration?
A. Carrier sense
B. Multipoint access
C. Conflict detection
D. Increase network bandwidth utilization
Answer: C

Question No : 11

Which of the following belongs to the main functions of U2000 network management?
A. Topology management
B. Performance management
C. Fault Maintenance
D. End-to-end service management
Answer: ABD

Question No : 12

Which of the following is the database that U2000 used on PC/WIN2003?
A. Sybase
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
C. Foxpro
D. DB2
Answer: B

Question No : 13

MPLS is a label forwarding technology, which of the following is the original design purpose?
A. Improve the IP address usage rate
B. Improve the forwarding speed of the router
C. Reduce the time delay of the network
D. Avoid broadcast storms
Answer: B

Question No : 14

Dispersion coefficient is the delay inequality generated by optical wavelength signal in the unit wavelength interval through the unit length of optical fiber, then which of the following is unit of the dispersion coefficient?
A. ps/nm
B. ps/km
C. ps/nm.km
D. ps/km.nm
Answer: C

Question No : 15

Which of the following is related to the pointer adjustment?
A. Clock
B. Rate
C. Overhead
D. Scrambling code
Answer: A

Question No : 16

All bytes in the SDH frame structure will be scrambled.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 17

Which of the following does the advantage of WDM mainly include? (Multiple choice)
A. Large capacity, the data "transparent" transmission
B. System upgrade easy, upgrade can maximally protect existing investments
C. can fully replace the SDH equipment
D. Compatible with future all-optical switching networks
E. High degree of networking flexibility, economy and reliability
Answer: ABDE

Question No : 18

When insert LCK to the local ODUk signal, which processing will not the downstream station system do?
A. report ODUk_PM_LCK alarm
B. Insert ODUk_AIS message
C. Pass back ODUk_PM_BDI
D. Insert ODUk_PM_LCK alarm
Answer: D

Question No : 19

The current coarse wavelength division multiplexer system generally work in from 1271nm to 1611nm band, which of the following is the channel interval?
A. 10nm
B. 5nm
C. 20nm
D. 18nm
Answer: C

Question No : 20

When the PM segment of the ODUk generates a serious errored second, the network administrator will report ODUk_PM_ES alarm.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
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