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HCNA-Cloud-BCCP (Building Cloud Computing Platform)


H13-511-ENU HCNA-Cloud-BCCP Exam Content

The HCNA-Cloud-BCCP exam covers basic cloud computing technologies, configuration, and maintenance, includes cloud computing theory, key cloud computing technologies, Huawei cloud computing hardware and software architecture, and deployment & management. 

H13-511-ENU HCNA-Cloud-BCCP Key Points

1) Basic concept and values of cloud computing.
2) Basic knowledge and technical theory of cloud computing.
3) Principles, features and related applications of virtualization technologies.
4) Components, deployment and basic configuration of FusionCloud.
5) Functionality and architecture of FusionCompute.
6) Functionality and architecture of FusionManager.
7) Functionality and architecture of FusionAccess.
8) Deployment management and configuration of cloud computing solutions.

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Question No : 1

What is the core technology of cloud computing ?
A. Virtualization
B. High performance hardware
C. Data center management and control software
D. Integration Consulting and Delivery
Answer: A

Question No : 2

From the point of view of technology and concept , cloud computing is a new thing .
Answer: B

Question No : 3

What are the key features of cloud computing? (Select three Answers)
A. on-demand self-service
B. pay-per-use
C. centralized management and control
D. rapid elasticity
Answer: A B D

Question No : 4

Intranet Chinese name is the Internet, also known as the Internet , it is by using the common language of mutual communication computer connection network around the world.
Answer: B

Question No : 5

From the point of cloud computing technology background, software engineering has long been oriented to machine and language host , no much changes in the whole process.
Answer: B

Question No : 6

Data stream is a packet collection with the same data characteristics . In the layer 3 switching technology refers to the packet collection with the same source/destination MAC address.
Answer: B

Question No : 7

What are the problems of traditional desktop application ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. large energy consumption
B. high maintenance costs
C. PC replacement cost is high
D. low performance
Answer: A B C

Question No : 8

For bare metal architecture, description not correct is ( ).
A. Virtual machine does not depend on the operating system
B. Support for multiple operating systems, multiple applications
C. Huawei FusionSphere is a typical bare metal architecture
D. VMware WorkStation is a typical bare metal architecture
Answer: D

Question No : 9

From the view of technical dimension , what kind is the virtualization technology architecture generally divided into ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. full virtualization architecture
B. based on auxiliary hardware virtualization architecture
C. paravirtualization architecture
D. bare-metal virtualization architecture
Answer: A B C

Question No : 10

What are the challenges of traditional IT systems ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. centralized management and control of resources , low per capita efficiency
B. chimney business system, the business exclusive resources
C. lower operation and maintenance efficiency, high maintenance costs
D. large energy consumption
Answer: B C D

Question No : 11

Based on subnet division of VLAN , according to the subnet segments of access the client to inspect.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

Port-based divided VLAN, access the client can move freely .
Answer: B

Question No : 13

Which of the following age has IT infrastructure experienced ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Distributed Computing
B. mainframe era
C. PC era
D. cloud computing era
Answer: B C D

Question No : 14

Based on MAC address division of VLAN, access the client can move freely, without hysical location limitations.
Answer: A

Question No : 15

Computing tasks assigned to multiple independent machines in the network, the calculation mode refers to ( ) ?
A. parallel computing
B. distributed computing
C. grid computing
D. cloud computing
Answer: B

Question No : 16

Which of the following technology does cloud computing include ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. memory multiplexing
B. link clone
C. Energy conservation and emissions reduction
D. automatic load balancing
Answer: A B D

Question No : 17

Computer networks based on geographic location and distribution can be divided into ( ) . (Select 3 Answers)
C. Cable Network
Answer: A B D

Question No : 18

A department office staff use the laptop computer, but the working place often changes, which way is used suitable to configure VLAN ?
A. based on port division of VLAN
B. based on protocol division of VLAN
C. based on subnet division of VLAN
D. based on MAC address division of VLAN
Answer: D

Question No : 19

What are the process of layer 2 switching ? (Select 3 Answers)
A. study: the MAC address table is a switch by studying receives source MAC address of data frames to form
B. update: switch MAC address table has aging time;If you find a frame into the port and the the source MAC port in MAC address table is not consistent, then the MAC learning to the new port
C. forward: switches according to the MAC address table radio forward data frames
D. radio: if the destination address is not in the MAC address table, in addition to receiving the data frame to other ports outside the port to broadcast the data frame
Answer: A B D

Question No : 20

The second layer of the OSI reference model is the data link layer .
Answer: A

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