How to Prepare API-580 Exam with FREE Dumps?

Can I take API-580 exam?

Before decide to take Risk Based Inspection Professional API-580 exam, you need to know if you can take API-580 exam. I collected the useful API-580 exam information from the official website, share them with you.

1.If you hold a current API 510, 570 or 653 certification, you automatically qualify to take the API 580 Risk Based Inspection certification exam.

2.If you do not hold a current API 510, 570 or 653 certification, then qualification is based on a combination of your level of education and industry experience acquired within the last 10 years.

API-580 Exam Information

The API-580 exam tests the individual’s knowledge and expertise in the field of Risk Based Inspection. There are 70 questions, all multiple-choice and closed-book in real API-580 exam, and you have 3.25 hours to complete the test. The required passing score of API-580 exam is 70%, or you need to get 49 correct answers. The certification term for API-580 Risked Based Inspection is three years.

FREE Dumps for API-580 Exam

We provide FREE dumps for Risk Based Inspection Professional API-580 exam, which can help you test whether you master the exam knowledge points or not. Test API-580 exam FREE dumps below.

1. Thing or activity with a potential for con- sequence


2. A process to assess risks, to determine if risk reduction is required and to develop a plan to maintain risks at an acceptable level


3. In the event of a leak the potential failure of an isolation valve could


4. Termination of the ability of a system, structure, or component to perform its required function of containment of fluid (le loss of containment)


5. Generally, a qualitative analysisusingbroad ranges requiresa__________________from the user than a quantitative approach.


6. Failure mode can primarily affects the


7. Rbimay include methodologiestoassess the effectiveness of the management systems in maintaining


8. The primary work products of the rbi assessment and management approach and implementation of rbi provides


9. The amount and type of codes and standards used by a facility can have


10. If the material of construction and internal/external conditions are the same


11. When equipment has low deterioration rates as an inspector what you decide in lieu of internal inspection.


12. Potential source of errors in rbi analysis regarding data quality are the following except


13. Methods that use engineering judgment and experience as the bases for the analysis of probabilities and consequences of failure


14. _______________in a safety context is a hazard.


15. The event may be


16. In process plants are established to detect and evaluate deterioration due to in service operation.


17. The suitability and current condition of the equipment withinthecurrent operating envelope will determine the ______________ of the equipment from one or more deterioration mechanisms.


18. Depending on the methodology employed in qualitative analysis, the categories may be described with words such as


19. Rbi may include methodologies to assess the effectiveness ofthe management systems in maintaining


20. Deterioration for specific process equipmentis not available, this can be sourced from





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