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e20-593 Dumps

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Question No : 1

What is the backup command specified in the EMC NetWorker client resource for EMC Centera backups?
A. nsrndmp_save
B. savepnpc
C. nsrdasv
D. nsrsnap_vss_save.exe
Answer: A

Question No : 2

A backup administrator is configuring an EMC NetWorker embedded storage node within an EMC Disk Library.
To ensure that the embedded storage node is used to read the data during clone operations, what is required?
A. Add the Disk Library engine's hostname to the "Read hostname" field in the device properties.
B. Set the clone storage node value for the embedded storage node client resource to itself.
C. Create a client for the embedded storage node.
D. Create a clone pool and assign the appropriate rights to it.
Answer: A

Question No : 3

An EMC NetWorker customer wants to clone save sets from an EMC Disk Library (EDL) to a physical tape library. The customer requires full catalog tracking with minimum SAN utilization.
Which solution best satisfies these requirements?
A. Configure the backup server to perform the clone operation.
B. Configure the embedded storage node to handle the clone data flow.
C. Set up a second data zone with local devices dedicated to cloning.
D. Use the autoarchive feature on the EDL.
Answer: B

Question No : 4

Click the Calculator icon in the upper left-hand corner.
In an EMC NetWorker environment, the customer is backing up 7.5 TB per day. The 7.5 TB is comprised of 750 million files.
According to EMC best practices, approximately how large will the Client File Index (CFI) be?
A. 167 GB
B. 70 GB
C. 209 GB
D. 307 GB
Answer: A

Question No : 5

After creating an EMC NetWorker advanced file type device, you notice that the corresponding read-only device is missing. What is a possible cause?
A. Device is not labeled.
B. Device is not enabled.
C. Disk Backup Option Enabler is missing.
D. No backups have been performed.
Answer: A

Question No : 6

What is a characteristic of EMC NetWorker's Open Tape Format (OTF)?
A. Allows multiplexed, heterogeneous data to reside on the same media
B. Controls the number of save streams a client backs up simultaneously
C. Collects information for pools and index entries to allow data segregation
D. Identifies the ports used by NetWorker to allow data to be saved through a firewall
Answer: A

Question No : 7

Which directory holds the tracking information of each file backed up by the client "tuba" on EMC NetWorker server "soprano"?
A. /nsr/index/tuba/db6
B. /nsr/tuba/db6
C. /nsr/index/soprano/db6
D. /nsr/soprano/db6
Answer: A

Question No : 8

Topic 1, Volume A

Which EMC NetWorker software component is responsible for storing metadata in the form of hash IDs for a deduplication backup?
A. Storage node
B. NetWorker client
C. Deduplication node
D. NetWorker server
Answer: A

Question No : 9

What command was used to see the following NDMP device?
[email protected]:ADIC Scalar i2000 100A|Autochanger (Jukebox), /dev/mc_d6l0
S/N: 02TOK00200
ATNN=ADIC Scalar i2000 02TOK00200
Virtual device
[email protected]:IBM ULTRIUM-TD4 7BG2|Tape, /dev/mt_d0l0
S/N: 1310056061
A. inquire
B. scanner
C. diskscan
D. changers
Answer: A

Question No : 10

What happens when an EMC NetWorker file type device becomes full while backups are running?
A. Backups are paused; the oldest save sets are staged.
B. Backups span to another volume.
C. Backups fail; simultaneous restore jobs continue.
D. Backups are paused; aborted and expired save sets are deleted.
Answer: B

Question No : 11

A customer has a single-engine EMC Disk Library (EDL) and wants to enable the EMC NetWorker embedded storage node. How is this done?
A. Add the embedded storage node license through the EDL GUI.
B. Log in to the disk library and install the NetWorker storage node.
C. Log in to the disk library and enable the embedded storage node through iscon.
D. Use nsrjb to configure and enable the embedded storage node.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

You have been tasked to protect a newly configured Microsoft SQL server residing within a two-node cluster.
The following requirements must be met:
• Backups must be performed daily.
• All data must be transmitted over the LAN.
• Hot backup must be performed automatically regardless of which node the virtual server resides on at the time of backup.
What software is required to achieve this?
A. NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications and SnapImage
B. NetWorker PowerSnap Module only
C. NetWorker Module for SQL only
D. NetWorker Module for SQL and PowerSnap
Answer: C

Question No : 13

A customer has an Oracle 11g database running on a RAC cluster with ASM. It occupies approximately 5 TB on a Symmetrix DMX. They have an RTO of four hours. They intend to implement PowerSnap with EMC NetWorker version 7.6 to back up the BCVs using RMAN scripts and a proxy host.
What prevents this implementation from being successful?
A. PowerSnap is not supported on Oracle 11g with EMC NetWorker 7.6.
B. BCVs cannot be mounted to a proxy host with a RAC cluster.
C. RTO of four hours cannot be accomplished.
D. ASM does not support proxy hosts.
Answer: D

Question No : 14

Refer to the exhibit.

An EMC NetWorker customer has two data zones, A and B, with autochanger AC1 and AC2, respectively, with four drives each. AC1 is configured as a dedicated autochanger and AC2 is configured as a shared autochanger. Two drives of AC2 are statically assigned.
How many drives of AC2 can be shared in Zone A?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 0
D. 6
Answer: C

Question No : 15

A customer using EMC NetWorker Power edition attempts to set server parallelism to 96. When saving the changes they notice that the server parallelism reverts back to 64.
What action needs to be taken to set server parallelism to 96?
A. Add NetWorker Storage Node Enabler Code.
B. Set device max sessions to 96.
C. Configure group parallelism to 96.
D. Enable diagnostic mode.
Answer: A

Question No : 16

An EMC NetWorker customer wants to perform a complete backup of a SQL server with three databases. Which save set name should be used?
Answer: A

Question No : 17

A customer has just upgraded their EMC NetWorker server. The upgrade included a new IP address and hostname.
After updating the configuration file on the client, which service should be restarted in order for the change to be recognized?
A. nsrdb
B. nsrexecd
C. nsrd
D. nsrindexd
Answer: B

Question No : 18

Your customer needs to back up a Windows file server containing millions of small files to their EMC Disk Library using EMC NetWorker. They have a very limited backup window for this client and need to limit the impact on the server.
What is the best way to fulfill the customer¡¯s requirements?
A. Implement SnapImage.
B. Increase client parallelism.
C. Enable client-side compression.
D. Utilize NetWorker¡¯s cloning and staging capabilities.
Answer: A

Question No : 19

An EMC NetWorker administrator configures an advanced file type device, setting the device target sessions to two, and max sessions to four.
How is data written to the advanced file type device?
A. Each save set is written to a separate file.
B. Each file written by the storage node contains up to four save sets.
C. Four backup jobs will be multiplexed for every two files written to the device.
D. Two save sets will be stored in each file.
Answer: A

Question No : 20

What is a characteristic of an EMC NetWorker advanced file type device?
A. Duplicate media database records
B. Only clones to another advanced file type device
C. Requires CIFS or NFS shares
D. Requires a separate pool
Answer: A
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