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Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects


E20-020 Dumps

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Question No : 1

An organization plans to build a cloud using some of the existing data center infrastructure. Specifically, they want to use the existing FC storage infrastructure to support cloud hosts. However, they want to logically separate the cloud storage traffic from the existing data center storage traffic within this infrastructure.
Which mechanism can be used to meet this requirement?
D. Masking
Answer: D

Question No : 2

A cloud architect is evaluating an organization¡¯s need for encryption.
Which type of encryption eliminates the requirement for key management?
A. Embedded
B. File-based
C. File system-based
D. Virtual disk
Answer: D

Question No : 3

What is a challenge that is unique to hybrid cloud deployments for authentication and authorization systems?
A. Maintaining administrative user credential security
B. Additional requirements for single sign-on capabilities
C. Additional costs of scaling authentication server management
D. Maintaining authentication availability during an inter-cloud link outage
Answer: B

Question No : 4

An organization is implementing a backup solution for their private cloud. They are concerned that having the backup data stored onsite will expose them to lose in the event of a site-wide disaster. They are considering replicating the backup storage to an external site.
What are the design considerations involved with this replication solution?
A. Ensuring proper hypervisor support and the availability of a federated single sign-on solution
B. Ensuring network traffic encryption is considered and ensuring proper hypervisor support C. Ensuring sufficient network bandwidth is available and network traffic encryption is considered
D. Ensuring proper hypervisor support and sufficient network bandwidth is available
Answer: B

Question No : 5

An organization wants to provide backup services in the cloud. They have no backup infrastructure in place. The organization has concerns about losing data if a site disaster occurs. They want to maintain control of backup data placement because of data privacy laws. Finally, they want to maintain at least one month¡¯s worth of backups onsite.
Which backup solution will meet these requirements?
A. Local backup
B. Remote backups
C. Local backup with replication
D. Local backups with cloud gateway
Answer: D

Question No : 6

You are creating a cloud infrastructure design for an organization. The cloud design includes physical servers with hypervisors which will be used to host consumer services. The hosts are managed through a hypervisor element manager.
Which step should be taken to secure the hypervisor environment?
A. Place the element manager administrative interfaces on a consumer-facing network and hypervisoradministrative interfaces on an isolated network
B. Place the element manager administrative interfaces on a consumer-facing network and hypervisoradministrative interfaces on a secure network
C. Place the element manager and hypervisor administrative interfaces on a secure network
D. Place the element manager and hypervisor administrative interfaces on a consumer-facing network
Answer: C

Question No : 7

Which aspect of the project definition does the cloud design scope provide?
A. Broad directions for the project
B. Boundaries of what the project should and should not include
C. Sales figures that must be met when designing the project
D. Specific features or functions that must be included in the project
Answer: D

Question No : 8

During the assessment phase of the design process, the cloud architect discovers that an organization wants to provide consumers with the ability to backup and restore entire virtual machines.
Which backup application functionality will support this requirement?
A. Agent-based backups
B. Image-based backups
C. Array-based snapshots
D. Cloud gateway backups
Answer: B

Question No : 9

After developing prototype applications in the public cloud, developers determined that they want software defined network functionality.
Which ability will this requirement provide for the developers?
A. Programmatically provision an IPsec VPN tunnel between the public and private clouds
B. Programmatically migrate layer-3 access from aggregate to access switches
C. Programmatically control physical core network topologies
D. Programmatically provision physical network segments and services
Answer: D

Question No : 10

An organization is developing a cloud-native social-media website. The website will be written using elastic principles. When the website scales, it can add additional web, application and database instances to meet dynamic workload demand.
Which additional resources will be consumed by replication as the database layer expands.
A. Public IP addresses, CPU, and memory
B. CPU, memory, and network traffic
C. Network traffic, public IP addresses, and CPU
D. Memory, network traffic, and public IP addresses
Answer: B

Question No : 11

Ian organization wants to protect the cloud management platform (CMP) from loss due to a site disaster. To support this requirement, the completed cloud design deliverables include the processes and procedures for restoring CMP functionality.
What other item should be included in the deliverables to support this requirement?
A. Recovery validation and verification processes
B. Data abstraction keys
C. List of all consumer service IP addresses
D. Document containing the data encryption keys
Answer: A

Question No : 12

Which type of storage is optimal for high performance and low latency applications?
A. File
B. Object
C. Block
D. Cluster
Answer: C

Question No : 13

Which infrastructure does VCE Vblock represent?
A. Brownfield
B. Traditional
C. Hyper-converged
D. Converged
Answer: D

Question No : 14

An organization is currently using a private cloud to host gaming applications. The private cloud is located in the organization¡¯s data center. These applications have very little static data and no requirements for securing data.
Authentication is handled through an external resource.
During holiday and vacation seasons, application usage increases significantly and more resources are required. However, the increase only occurs about 10% of the year and the organization wants to maintain performance.
What can be done to meet this requirement?
A. Deploy global load balances
B. Create QoS policies during peak usage
C. Move to a hybrid cloud model
D. Implement a CDN solution
Answer: C

Question No : 15

A cloud architect is designing a distributed block storage solution that will support application HA. The solution will consist of 10 nodes with all SAS devices. There are five racks available in the data center. Each rack has a single top-of-rack access layer switch with sufficient bandwidth to the aggregate layer. Each node will have multiple connections to the local top-of-rack switch.
The architect wants to provide a design that has the fewest number of storage pools maximizing the number of fault domains.
How should the storage pools be designed?
A. One pool with SSD nodes located in one rackOne pool with all SAS nodes located in a different rack
B. One pool with 50% SSD and 50% SAS nodes distributed equally across five racks
C. One pool with SSD nodes distributed equally across five racksOne pool with all SAS nodes distributed equally across five racks
D. One pool with 50% SSD and 50% SAS nodes located in one rackOne pool with 50% SSD and 50% SAS nodes located in a different rack
Answer: C

Question No : 16

During an assessment for an organization¡¯s cloud design, a cloud architect discovers that developers will be creating applications for tenants. The applications will self-scale based on an internal trigger. The architect has included cloud management platform (CMP) components in the design that will support this requirement.
To meet this requirement, what else should the cloud architect consider?
A. Mechanisms exist for assigning IP addresses and updating DNS
B. Mechanisms exist for changing host CPU over-commitment ratios
C. A CMP account with elevated privileges exists that can be shared with developers
D. Component APIs are located on an isolated network
Answer: B

Question No : 17

A cloud architect has included an SDS controller in a cloud design.
Which requirement(s) will support the addition of this component to the design?
A. Monitor storage performance and manually provision storage resources
B. Provide the ability to programmatically deploy virtual storage resources
C. Switch array functionality from active/passive to active/active
D. Provide a redundant front-end for object storage
Answer: B

Question No : 18

Which additional considerations must a cloud monitoring system address compared to a traditional monitoring system?
A. Tenant isolation, orchestration, and elastic workloads
B. Orchestration, elastic workloads, and Data at Rest security
C. Elastic workloads, Data at Rest security, and tenant isolation
D. Data at Rest security, tenant isolation, and orchestration
Answer: C

Question No : 19

You are designing consumer compute resources in an onsite private cloud. During an assessment, you discover that the organization¡¯s IT staff wants secure access to the underlying host OS.
What should be included in the design to support this requirement?
A. Host IDS configuration Secure key infrastructure Bridged management network
B. Perimeter firewall configuration VPN encryption Separate management network
C. Host OS firewall configuration Central logging Physically isolated management network
D. Host OS firewall configuration Secure key infrastructure Separate management network
Answer: B

Question No : 20

In which cloud services are policy compliance typically defined in a hybrid cloud deployment?
A. Portal, catalog, and orchestration
B. Virtual networking, portal, and catalog
C. Orchestration, virtual networking, and portal
D. Catalog, orchestration, and virtual networking
Answer: D
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