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Question No : 1

What is not supported by Content?
A. Custom Field
B. Custom Page layout
C. Validation
D. Workflow
Answer: B

Question No : 2

What is Data Enrichment?
A. Improving Existing data by linkingadditional data services.
B. Systematic collection or organization and analysis of data
C. Creating formatconsistency, removing bad dataand consolidating resources.
D. Identifying and merging duplicate records.
Answer: A

Question No : 3

Describe some techniques for winning over sales teams?
1.Know the audience and realize that the driver for sales users is making their n umbel's
2.,Ask to sec planners, notes, etc, and notice what is different between high and low performers
3. Examine what they want to track
4. Encourage a vision of the left hand knowing what the right is doing
5. First step is usually to make information tracking easy by consolidating all in one place

Question No : 4

When would you use a web application or web control?
A. When you have a visual force page
B. When you have a master detail roll-up summary field
C. When you are integrating with an external system
D. When you have highly customized UI or business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by s-controls.
Answer: D

Question No : 5

When does knowledge of Apex code become necessary to create a Visual Force page?
A. When creating custom page layouts
B. When creating a master roll-up summary
C. When a custom controller is required
D. It is always necessary to use Apex code with VF
Answer: C

Question No : 6

Describe what Delegated Administrators CAN do:
1. Create and edit users
2. Reset passwords
3. Create default sales teams
4. Create personal groups for users
5. Assign users to profiles
6. Login as a user who has granted login access

Question No : 7

Why is it important to allow regions to choose their field labels and pick list values?
Answer: To get regional buy-in, language translation helps to cut down any confusion or discrepancy.

Question No : 8

Both a sharing rule and an account team give Jose access to the Dixon Chemical account The sharing rule gives him read access, and the account team gives him read/write access. Will Jose be able to edit the Dixon Chemical account.
A, Yes
C, No
Answer: A

Question No : 9

Describe the some symptoms of a sharing model that is too private.
1. Lots of duplicate records
2. Users consistently have to manually share records
3. There are a large number of sharing rules
4. Admins have lots of requests for more record access

Question No : 10

How often can weekly data export requests be made?
A. Every 4 days
B. Every 5 days
C. Every 6 days
D. Every 7 days
Answer:   C

Question No : 11

You can use the Data Loader to extract attachments.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 12

What if million dollar deal and you have to bypass manager and ge t approval from CEO?
A. An administrator wrote a held update action for a workflow rule on a field that is hidden via Field-Level Security.
B. When the workflow rule triggers, what happens to the data in the hidden field?
C. The field will fail to update and remain in its original state.
D. The field is updated, even though it is hidden.
E. The field will only update if the rule was triggered by a time-based trigger
Answer: D

Question No : 13

The Add Time Trigger button is unavailable if which of the following are true?
Choose 3 Answers 
A. The rule is activated.
B. The rule criteria is set to " Every time a record is created or edited"
C. The rule is deactivated, but has pending actions in the workflow queue
D. A user defines the time triggers using days or hours as the unit of time
Answer: A,B,C

Question No : 14

What triggers the Big Deal alert?
Select all that apply: Choose 2
A. Opportunity Amount
B. Closing Date
C. Sales process stage
D. Probability Threshold
Answer: A

Question No : 15

Describe some feedback mechanisms that can help drive "relentless incrementalism":
1.Send out user surveys
2.Use blind surveys
3.Create a user group or committee
4.Tap into exec committees for recommendations
5.Use face-to-face interviews
6.Use Sales force (Ideas, Pollzter, Click Tools).

Question No : 16

In the context of the Data Quality Dashboard, what does it mean to have 100% as the score?
A. All users have successfully logged in
B. All data has been reviewed by each user
C. All users have created at least 1 record
D. All key fields have been populated
Answer: D

Question No : 17

As an end user what are two things you can do in content?
A. Read
B. Edit
C. Subscribe
D. Post
Answer: A,C

Question No : 18

Apex is client-side
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 19

What arc the benefits of using Visual force pages over S controls?
Answer: Flexibility-you have complete control over the UI Reuse- Common UI elements can be referenced and reused so you don't start from scratch. Logic Model - You can leverage the full power of Apex to create UI behaviors and replace only the parts you need for greater control. Development model - code is easy to create and is easily managed.

Question No : 20

What happens to the record you specify as the loser during a merge?
A. The record will go to the recycle him for 30 days.
B. The record will be immediately deleted
C. The record will be stored in a hidden object called "merge data"
D. The record will be stored on the winning record so you can see the audit history
Answer: A
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