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Question No : 1

Nation-state threat actors often discover vulnerabilitiesand hold on to them until they want to launch a sophisticated attack. The Stuxnet attack was an unprecedented style of attack because it used four types of this vulnerability.
What is this style of attack called?
A. zero-hour
B. no-day
C. zero-day
D. zero-sum
Answer: C

Question No : 2

To determine if a software program properly handles a wide range of invalid input, a form of automated testing can be used randomly generate invalid input in an attempt to crash the program.
What term is commonly used when referring to this type of testing?
A. Bounding
B. Mutating
C. Fuzzing
D. Randomizing
Answer: C

Question No : 3

Which of the following describes the characteristics of a Boot Sector Virus?
A. Overwrites the original MBR and only executes the new virus code
B. Modifies directory table entries so that directory entries point to the virus code instead of the actual program
C. Moves the MBR to another location on the hard disk and copies itself to the original location of the MBR
D. Moves the MBR to another location on the RAM and copies itself to the original location of the MBR
Answer: C

Question No : 4

This international organization regulates billions of transactions daily and provides security guidelines to protect personally identifiable information (PII). These security controls provide a baseline and prevent low-level hackers sometimes known as script kiddies from causing a data breach.
Which of the following organizations is being described?
A. Payment Card Industry (PCI)
B. International Security Industry Organization (ISIO)
C. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
D. Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Answer: B

Question No : 5

Port scanning can be used as part of a technical assessment to determine network vulnerabilities. The TCP XMAS scan is used to identify listening port on the targeted system.
If a scanned port is open, what happens?
A. The port will ignore the packets.
B. The port will send an RST.
C. The port will send an ACK.
D. The port will send a SYN.
Answer: A

Question No : 6

What is the process of logging, recording, and resolving events that take place in an organization?
A. Metrics
B. Security Policy
C. Internal Procedure
D. Incident Management Process
Answer: D

Question No : 7

An attacker changes the profile information of a particular user on a target website (the victim). The attacker uses this string to update the victim's profile to a text file and then submit the data to the attacker¡¯s database.
<frame src=http://www/vulnweb.com/updataif.php Style=¡±display:none¡±></iframe>
What is this type of attack (that can use either HTTP GET or HRRP POST) called?
A. Cross-Site Request Forgery
B. Cross-Site Scripting
C. SQL Injection
D. Browser Hacking
Answer: A

Question No : 8

A common cryptographically tool is the use of XOR. XOR the following binary value:
A. 10001011
B. 10011101
C. 11011000
D. 10111100
Answer: A

Question No : 9

Your company performs penetration tests and security assessments for small and medium­
sized business in the local area. During a routine security assessment, you discover information that suggests your client is involved with human trafficking.
What should you do?
A. Copy the data to removable media and keep it in case you need it.
B. Ignore the data and continue the assessment until completed as agreed.
C. Confront the client on a respectful manner and ask her about the data.
D. Immediately stop work and contact the proper legal authorities.
Answer: D

Question No : 10

Perspective clients want to see sample reports from previous penetration tests.
What should you do next?
A. Share full reports, not redacted.
B. Share full reports, with redacted.
C. Decline but, provide references.
D. Share reports, after NDA is signed.
Answer: B

Question No : 11

Which of the following is component of a risk assessment?
A. Logical interface
C. Administrative safeguards
D. Physical security
Answer: C

Question No : 12

While performing online banking using a web browser, a user receives an email that contains a link to an interesting Web site. When the user clicks on the link, another web browser session starts and displays a video of cats playing a piano. The next business day, the user receives what looks like an email from his bank, indicating that his bank account has been accessed from a foreign country. The email asks the user to call his bank and verify the authorization of a funds transfer that took place.
What web browser-based security vulnerability was exploited to compromise the user?
A. Cross-Site Request Forgery
B. Cross-Site Scripting
C. Web form input validation
D. Clickjacking
Answer: A

Question No : 13

An attacker gains access to a Web server¡¯s database and display the contents of the table that holds all of the names, passwords, and other user information. The attacker did this by entering information into the Web site's user login page that the software's designers did not expect to be entered. This is an example of what kind of software design problem?
A. Insufficient security management
B. Insufficient database hardening
C. Insufficient exception handling
D. Insufficient input validation
Answer: D

Question No : 14

You are the Systems Administrator for a large corporate organization. You need to monitor all network traffic on your local network for suspicious activities and receive notifications when an attack is occurring. Which tool would allow you to accomplish this goal?
A. Host-based IDS
B. Firewall
C. Network-Based IDS
D. Proxy
Answer: C

Question No : 15

While using your bank¡¯s online servicing you notice the following string in the URL bar:
Id=368940911028389&Damount=10980&Camount=21¡± You observe that if you modify the Damount & Camount values and submit the request, that data on the web page reflect the changes.
What type of vulnerability is present on this site?
A. SQL injection
B. XSS Reflection
C. Web Parameter Tampering
D. Cookie Tampering
Answer: C

Question No : 16

What does a firewall check to prevent particular ports and applications from getting packets into an organizations?
A. Transport layer port numbers and application layer headers
B. Network layer headers and the session layer port numbers
C. Application layer port numbers and the transport layer headers
D. Presentation layer headers and the session layer port numbers
Answer: A

Question No : 17

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a need to authenticate users connecting using analog modems, digital Subscriber Line (DSL), wireless data services, and virtual Private Networks (VPN) over a Frame Relay network.
Which AAA protocol is most likely able to handle this requirement?
B. Kerberos
Answer: D

Question No : 18

Jesse receives an email with an attachment labeled ¡°Court_Notice_21206.zip¡±. Inside the zip file is a file named ¡°Court_Notice_21206.docx.exe¡± disguised as a word document. Upon execution, a windows appears stating, ¡°This word document is corrupt.¡± In the background, the file copies itself to Jesse APPDATA\local directory and begins to beacon to a C2 server to download additional malicious binaries. What type of malware has Jesse encountered?
A. Trojan
B. Worm
C. Key-Logger
D. Micro Virus
Answer: A

Question No : 19

Risk = Threats x Vulnerabilities is referred to as the:
A. Threat assessment
B. Disaster recovery formula
C. BIA equation
D. Risk equation
Answer: D

Question No : 20

It is a kind of malware (malicious software) that criminals install on your computer so they can lock it from a remote location. This malware generates a pop-up windows, webpage, or email warning from what looks like an official authority. It explains your computer has been locked because of possible illegal activities and demands payment before you can access your files and programs again.
Which term best matches this definition?
A. Spyware
B. Adware
C. Ransomware
D. Riskware
Answer: C

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