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Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions


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Question No : 1

Which set of components and services are specific to the FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA)?
A. Citrix Studio, site database, Data Collector, Citrix Director
B. StoreFront, Delivery Controller, Citrix Studio, SQL High Availability
C. Virtual Delivery Agent, Delivery Controller, site database, Citrix Director
D. Local Host Cache, Citrix Studio, Delivery Controller, Virtual Delivery Agent
Answer: C

Question No : 2

Scenario: StoreFront is currently being used to access internal resources. A Citrix Engineer needs to create a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to access a store internally and externally for the current StoreFront server. The internal FQDN is inside.company.com and the external FQDN is outside.company.com.
Which kind of certificate should the engineer generate to support a wide range of unmanaged devices?
A. Self-signed server certificate
B. Third-party signed server certificate
C. Third-party multi-domain certificate with Subject Alternative Name
D. Enterprise Root CA Signed certificate with Subject Alternative Name
Answer: C

Question No : 3

Which two other database server permissions are required in a Provisioning Services farm in addition to 'execute permissions on the stored procedures'? (Choose two.)
A. db_owner
B. db_datawriter
C. db_datareader
D. db_accessadmin
E. db_securityadmin
Answer: B,C

Question No : 4

A Citrix Engineer could use __________ to enable high availability for XenDesktop site databases. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. SQL Server 2008 SP2 Cluster
B. SQL Server 2012 SP1 Express
C. SQL Server 2012 SP1 with Replication
D. SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 with Mirroring
Answer: D

Question No : 5

A Citrix Engineer is in the process of setting up a remote access solution using self-signed certificates.
To help ensure a secure remote connection, the engineer must install a Root certificate on the __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)
A. endpoint device
B. StoreFront server
C. Domain Controllers
D. Delivery Controllers
Answer: A,B

Question No : 6

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to enable Active Directory Machine Account Password Management in a XenDesktop environment where Provisioning Services is used. The target devices belong to the same Active Directory domain and are assigned a vDisk in Standard mode.
Which three Active Directory permissions are required to enable Active Directory Machine Account Password Management in this environment? (Choose three.)
A. Move
B. Reset
C. Delete
D. Create
E. Rename
Answer: B,C,D

Question No : 7

Scenario: A corporate security policy prohibits the creation of domain accounts unless absolutely necessary. During the deployment of XenDesktop, a Citrix Engineer created a new SQL site database.
Which account type should the engineer use to grant permission on the SQL site configuration database for production use?
A. SQL account
B. Domain service account
C. Local account on Delivery Controllers
D. Delivery Controller computer accounts
Answer: D

Question No : 8

Which two ports should be used for communication between the Virtual Delivery Agent and the Delivery Controllers? (Choose two.)
A. 80
B. 443
C. 636
D. 1494
E. 2598
Answer: A,B

Question No : 9

The SOAP Server user account needs to be a member of which security group in order for Key Management Services (KMS) licensing to be supported in a Provisioning Services deployment?
A. Local Administrator
B. Domain Administrator
C. Citrix Full Administrator
D. Provisioning Services Full Administrator
Answer: A

Question No : 10

Where should a Citrix Engineer import a self-signed hypervisor host certificate in order to use a host connection URL in a XenDesktop/vSphere deployment?
A. Personal
B. Trusted People
C. Enterprise Trust
D. Trusted Root Certificate Authorities
Answer: B

Question No : 11

Which two of the listed elements does a Citrix Engineer need to verify when adding a Delivery Controller to an existing XenDesktop site? (Choose two.)
A. Citrix Policies
B. Windows Firewall
C. Database platform version
D. Site database permissions
E. OS version of Server and Desktop OS machines
Answer: B,D

Question No : 12

A Citrix Engineer needs to restart the __________ after enabling offline database support in the Provisioning Services Console. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. SQL Service
B. target devices
C. DHCP Service
D. Stream Service
Answer: D

Question No : 13

A Citrix Engineer needs to add more Delivery Controllers to a site in which the auto-update feature is disabled.
What would the engineer need to do in order for the Virtual Delivery Agents (VDAs) to communicate with the new Delivery Controllers?
A. Restart the Citrix Desktop Service.
B. Restart the new Delivery Controllers.
C. Run a SQL query and update the site database.
D. Update the ListOfDDCs registry key for all VDAs.
Answer: D

Question No : 14

Which mode should a database be configured for when using a SQL mirrored solution with Provisioning Services?
A. High-performance mode (Synchronous)
B. High-performance mode (Asynchronous)
C. High-safety mode with a witness (Synchronous)
D. High-safety mode with a witness (Asynchronous)
Answer: C

Question No : 15

A Citrix Engineer must ensure that evaluation licenses are replaced with XenDesktop Enterprise licenses already imported to the Citrix License Server.
Which step must the engineer take to ensure that XenDesktop can be fully licensed?
A. Restart the License Server.
B. Update the license policy in Citrix Studio.
C. Change the product version in Citrix Studio.
D. Change the product version on the License Server.
Answer: C

Question No : 16

What is required by NetScaler Gateway when enabling remote access in a XenDesktop deployment?
A. An LDAP bind account
B. A connection URL to the hypervisor
C. A root certificate from the internal CA
D. The IP address of the RDS License Server
Answer: A

Question No : 17

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) through Active Directory to Desktop OS machines running a Windows operating system in the HR organizational unit (OU). The engineer has customized the installation to allow ICA/HDX Audio over UDP.
Which UDP port(s) should the engineer check on the Windows desktops to verify that the ICA/HDX Audio over UDP will function properly?
A. 3003
B. 3527
C. 6910 - 6930
D. 16500 ¨C 16509
Answer: D

Question No : 18

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is using the XenApp Services Support URL to enable support for legacy clients. The services URL is configured with explicit authentication. The engineer needs to configure StoreFront to support pass-through for a new group of legacy clients.
How could the engineer configure pass-through authentication for the new group of legacy clients while maintaining explicit authentication for existing legacy clients?
A. Add the pass-through authentication method in the site configuration file.
B. Change the services support site authentication method to pass-through.
C. Create a new store and set pass-through authentication as the 'LogonMethod' on the services URL.
D. Add the pass-through authentication method to the legacy services URL using the StoreFront console.
Answer: C

Question No : 19

Scenario: Users of a corporate StoreFront deployment subscribe to their commonly used applications. A Citrix Engineer creates a second StoreFront deployment group; however when users connect to this deployment their subscribed application preferences are NOT retained.
How could the engineer ensure that the subscriptions are visible in the second deployment?
A. Configure subscription synchronization using PowerShell.
B. Edit the web.config file and include the other StoreFront deployment.
C. Ensure that the second StoreFront server group is in the trusted site zone.
D. Use a script to copy the c:\inetpub folders between all the StoreFront servers.
Answer: A

Question No : 20

A Citrix Engineer must configure a service account for communication between the Delivery Controller and Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager.
Which two permissions are required to ensure that the account has the rights to provision virtual desktops onto the shared storage? (Choose two.)
A. Local Administrator on each Hyper-V host
B. Administrator on the Virtual Machine Manager
C. Local Administrator on the Delivery Controller
D. Fabric Administrator on the Virtual Machine Manager
Answer: A,B

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