FREE H11-861-ENU HCNP-VC(Video Conference) exam questions

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1. Call setup signaling SETUP refers to the calling's message sent to the called, expressed the hope to establish a call. ( )

2. In H.460 protocol, Which stipulates the H.323 media stream part of the public and private network traversing process? ( )

3. In H.460 network, the private network terminal H.245 TCP connection is established with TS. ( )

4. Call process signal CALL PROCEEDING refers to the calling's message sent to the called, indicating that the call is being processed. ( )

5. HD video terminal upgrade software format is ( ).

6. Network recording and broadcasting services during the meeting, in addition to record meeting content, can also be viewed in real-time through the live client. ( )

7. If the sender and receiver ( ) are the same, MCU forward directly. (Choose 3 answers)

8. Which of the following system module realize the regional management? ( )

9. All MCU under the same service area must have the same prefix number. ( )

10. What is the role of HD terminal LAN2 port ? ( )

11. SEC: Super Error Concealment, is a kind of anti packet loss technology using ARQ algorithm. ( )

12. Packet loss retransmission ARQ, similar to the TCP retransmission mechanism, when the network detects video data rate UDP packet loss, which requires peer resending UDP data rate. The receiver at a certain cache deposit received data rate, after receiving the retransmission data rate to start decoding. ( )

13. Which of the following description is correct about the relationship between RTCP port number and RTP port number? ( )

14. NLOG does not support save the network data as ( ).

15. In the video system, Anti Packet Loss mainly has forward error correction FEC and packet loss retransmission ARQ. ( )

16. In logical SIP entities, UAS is used for launching the SIP request, UAC for returning the SIP response. ( )

17. When terminal/MCU using number to call, Which of the following item does not contain in ARQ calling information ? ( )

18. Which of the following items belong to sound mixing strategy? ( ) (Choose 3 answers)

19. Which of the following protocols belong to encapsulation transport protocol ? ( ) (Choose 3 answers)

20. Under IVR application scenario, by which way the terminal can not join a meeting?


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