Real IBM C2090-318 Dumps For DB2 12 System Administrator for z/OS Exam

Shamiyo 06-18-2021

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IBM Certified System Administrator - DB2 12 for z/OS (C2090-318&C2090-320)

C2090-318 DB2 12 System Administrator for z/OS certification exam is one of the two exams for IBM Certified System Administrator - DB2 12 for z/OS certification. This certification certifies that the successful candidate has important knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to describe the architecture and administer the processes required to plan, install, manage, tune and secure DB2 for z/OS environments. It requires to pass two exams:

● C2090-318 DB2 12 System Administrator for z/OS

● C2090-320 DB2 11 Fundamentals for z/OS

C2090-318 DB2 12 System Administrator for z/OS exam is a hot IBM certification exam. It mainly tests six sections:

Section 1 Installation and Migration   21%

Section 2 Security and Auditing   10%

Section 3 System Operation and Maintenance   20%

Section 4 Backup and Recovery   17%

Section 5 Performance and Tuning  20%

Section 6 Troubleshooting   12%

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Real IBM C2090-318 Dumps For DB2 12 System Administrator for z/OS Exam

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In any disaster recovery scenario, a direct relationship exists between the frequency at which image copies are taken and sent to the recovery site and which of the following?

A. The ability to perform a RESTORE SYSTEM

B. Time spent rebuilding indexes at disaster site

C. The amount of data that could potentially be lost

D. The total number of incremental image copies made

Answer: C

Which statement is TRUE if the PARAMDEG_DPSI subsystem parameter is set to the default value of 0?

A. Parallelism for DPSI is disabled

B. The DB2 optimizer will not consider DPSI for access path selection

C. DB2 creates multiple child tasks but works on one task at a time when DPSI is used to drive parallelism

D. DB2 will use the value specified for the PARAMDEG subsystem parameter to control the degree of parallelism when DPSI is used

Answer: D

Which of the following commands can be used to show the client correlation token in order to find details such as the ip-address. port-address and unique-id to identify the distributed transaction?





Answer: C

Which of the following is an advantage of role-based security?

A. If you DROP a role that owns objects, those objects will also be dropped

B. Within a trusted connection. DB2 allows multiple roles to be associated with any given thread at any point in time

C. Roles are used to provide a more flexible technique than security group definitions or userids in assigning and controlling authorization

D. If a role creates an object, a user requires no additional privileges to access the object if the access uses that role as the object owner in the SQL statement

Answer: A

To simulate a new buffer pool size, what buffer pool parameter is used?





Answer: C

Which service class does not have a goal, but runs with a fixed dispatching priority above all of the other work on the system?





Answer: B

At what point in the upgrade process is the catalog migrated to DB2 12?

A. Completion of DSNTIJTC job

B. At the completion of CATMAI NT in function level 500

C. After issuing command -ACTIVATE FUNCTION LEVEL (V12R1M100)

D. After issuing command -ACTIVATE FUNCTION LEVEL (V12R1M500)

Answer: B

Which of the following is TRUE about the SYSCTRL authority?

A. It is designed to allow access to all data directly in DB2

B. It is designed not to be a part of the administrative authorizations

C. It is designed so group privileges cannot be granted to SYSCTRL

D. It is designed to be an administrator in a system with sensitive data

Answer: D

Which type of trace is used to record transaction-level data that is written when the processing for a transaction is completed?

A. Audit

B. Monitor

C. Statistics

D. Accounting

Answer: D

Which stored procedures need to be set up in order to register an XML schema?





Answer: B