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Shamiyo 05-18-2020

The majority of the individuals are planning for Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam for earning Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Classic Developer. AD0-E308 Adobe certification exam is available for your ACE Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification. Real AD0-E308 exam dumps from DumpsBase will be the most valid online study materials for the majority of the professionals to deliver customized Campaign implementations that meet business requirements and customer needs. DumpsBase have released new and real AD0-E308 exam dumps questions for Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam. We satisfy our consumers and give them 100% assurance. With DumpsBase Adobe AD0-E308 exam questions, you can pass Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam in the first try. Also, DumpsBase would like to collect the AD0-E308 exam details to make you understand all exam details before taking DumpsBase Real AD0-E308 Exam Dumps.

AD0-E308 Is One Adobe Campaign Certification Exam

AD0-E308 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer exam is one Adobe Campaign certification exam, which is the only conversational marketing technology that truly empowers organisations to start and sustain one-to-one customer dialogues. Adobe Campaign is driven by an intelligent, decision based engine, the visionary technology enables marketers to achieve measurable results in record time. With first class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities, Adobe Campaign can automate the execution of mobile, social, email and offline campaigns.

6 Adobe Campaign Certification Exams Listed

Currently, there are 6 Adobe Campaign Certification Exams as listed:

● Adobe Certified Professional - Campaign Classic Developer (AD0-E313)

● Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Classic Developer (AD0-E308 OR AD0-E312)

● Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner (AD0-E302)

● Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Standard Developer (AD0-E301)

● Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner (AD0-E300)

● Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Classic Architect (AD0-E303)

Two exams you can choose for Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam. AD0-E308 exam is available in English and Japanese, but AD0-E312 exam is only available in English. 

Adobe Campaign's integrated customer profile enables marketers to unify data from both offline and online sources, in order to build a complete view of the customer. Also, Adobe Campaign seamlessly integrates with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, to deliver personalised, cross-channel, real-time marketing campaigns. 

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Passing AD0-E308 exam to earn Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification can prove the typical candidates have a basic knowledge of web service and project management. How to pass AD0-E308 exam? We highly recommend you to choose real AD0-E308 exam dumps, we ensure that you can pass Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Exam in the first try. 

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A campaign target population is cut at 100 random records to receive a limited offer. When the Campaign developer goes to approve the targeting for the offer, only 90 records are available. Ten records have been removed by a required topology rule Less than 18 Years Old.

A Campaign developer must make sure exactly 100 records are selected and sent an offer while ensuring compliance.

How should the Campaign developer perform this task?

A. Change the execution order of the Less than 18 Years Old typology rule to execute later

B. Select 110 random records to account for the drop by the typology rule

C. Remove the Less than 18 Years Old rule from the typology defined in the delivery

D. Add a filter to the workflow to select only 18 years of age or older

Answer: C

A client wants to use Amazon Redshift to install Adobe Campaign in a hybrid AWS environment to hold all customer data.

Which step must be taken to utilize this type of data?

A. Adobe Campaign does NOT support Redshift.

B. Adobe Campaign tables must be created in the Redshift database.

C. ODBC Native SQL drivers must be installed to access a Redshift database.

D. FDA module must be installed to access a Redshift database.

Answer: B

A Campaign developer creates an alert notification with the variable vars.recCount.

What is the result?

A. The notification sends the total population count for all segments in the campaign.

B. The notification has the population count of the target going into the alert activity.

C. The notification has the number of recipient records in the database.

D. The notification is blank until the final target is approved for the workflow.

Answer: B

A Campaign developer is adding a schema to the existing data model.

Which step must be performed for the table to be used in Adobe Campaign queries?

A. Create a join in the schema to the Recipient table.

B. Match the schema name to the table name.

C. Create a primary key in the schema.

D. Create the schema in a new namespace.

Answer: D

A Campaign developer must store a dynamically created email subject line code from a campaign workflow.

How should the Campaign developer meet this requirement?

A. Extract subject line code to a file from the campaign workflow and use the file in reports or re-marketing workflows

B. Modify the email delivery to write the subject line code to a custom schema

C. Write a custom JavaScript code in the campaign workflow to store subject line code in custom schema

D. Modify the target mapping used in delivery to log subject line code as "additional parameter” in the delivery logs

Answer: B

A workflow is using two Query activities that select recipients who have bought specific products. Each Query activity stores the product as additional data. Both Query activities are then added into a Union activity joining using the keys only option.

What should be the expected results of the Union activity?

A. Recipients and products common to both queries

B. All records from both queries

C. Distinct recipients from both queries

D. Distinct recipients and the products from both queries

Answer: B

A Campaign developer must create a workflow to extract a set of specific records to a flat file each day.

Which three workflow activities are required? (Choose three.)

A. Scheduler

B. Query

C. Start

D. End

E. Data Extraction (file)

Answer: ABE

A Campaign must exclude anyone who has received a different email sent from Adobe.

Which table should a Campaign developer query to find the people that have received the other email?

A. nms:broadLogRcp

B. nms:broadLog

C. nms:trackingLogRcp

D. xtk:broadLog

Answer: B

Where do you define a new type of folder?

A. Navigation hierarchy XML

B. Form XML

C. Platform Option

D. Folder schema

Answer: A

The client needs to load multiple files. The files must be loaded in a specific order based on data dependencies.

How should the client ensure the order and dependencies?

A. Create multiple workflows using outbound transitions to link to the next data loading step

B. Create multiple workflows using the scheduler to stagger data loading times

C. Create multiple workflows using the jump step to call the next data loading step

D. Create multiple workflows using an external signal to call the next data loading step

Answer: A

By the way, AD0-E100 Adobe Experience Manager 6 Assets Developer is also available, which is good for your Adobe certifications.