Newly Released Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 Dumps In 2020

Shamiyo 02-06-2020

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How Important The Oracle 1Z0-815 Exam Is!

Holding an Oracle Certification credential brings professional credibility, increased earning power, and greater job satisfaction. We know that 1Z0-815 exam is one of Oracle Certification exams, which is for Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Certification. In today's IT world, skilled Java Developers are in demand and will remain in demand. Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer continues the evolution of the Platform to ensure the broadest possible success of the core Java technology by substantially streamlining it's footprint and improving the expressiveness of Java class files.

Oracle Certifications were devided into two categories as the picture shown:

Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer certification is one of the most important certifications of Oracle, which belongs to Oracle Software/Hardware category Jave and Dev Tech Certification. It will help you demonstrate proficiency in Java, a thorough and broad knowledge of Java programming language, good coding practices, and an understanding of new features since Java SE 8. This certification requires you pass 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams.

Real 1Z0-815 Exam Requires You Answer 80 Questions In 180 Minutes

1Z0-815 Java SE 11 Programmer I Exam is a 80-question exam, which requires you answer completely in 180 minutes. And, you neeed to get more than 63% scores to ensure that you can pass. 

Real 1Z0-815 exam tests 12 sections:

●  Understanding Java Technology and environment

●  Working With Java Primitive Data Types and String APIs

●  Working with Java Arrays

●  Creating and Using Methods

●  Reusing Implementations Through Inheritance

●  Handling Exceptions

●  Creating a Simple Java Program

●  Using Operators and Decision Constructs

●  Describing and Using Objects and Classes

●  Applying Encapsulation

●  Programming Abstractly Through Interfaces

●  Understanding Modules

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Which three initialization statements are correct? (Choose three.)

A. int x = 12_34;

B. short sh = (short)‘A’;

C. String contact# = “(+2) (999) (232)”;

D. boolean true = (4 == 4);

E. float x = 1.99;

F. int [] [] e = {{1,1}, {2,2}};

G. byte b = 10;

char c = b;

Answer: AEF

Which statement about access modifiers is correct?

A. An instance variable can be declared with the static modifier.

B. A local variable can be declared with the final modifier.

C. An abstract method can be declared with the private modifier.

D. An inner class cannot be declared with the public modifier.

E. An interface can be declared with the protected modifier.

Answer: E

Which is the correct order of possible statements in the structure of a Java class file?

A. class, package, import

B. package, import, class

C. import, package, class

D. package, class, import

E. import, class, package

Answer: D

Which describes an aspect of Java that contributes to high performance?

A. Java prioritizes garbage collection.

B. Java has a library of built-in functions that can be used to enable pipeline burst execution.

C. Java monitors and optimizes code that is frequently executed.

D. Java automatically parallelizes code execution.

Answer: A

Which command line runs the main class com.acme.Main from the module com.example?

A. java --module-path mods com.example/com.acme.Main

B. java –classpath com.example.jar com.acme.Main

C. java --module-path mods -m com.example/com.acme.Main

D. java -classpath com.example.jar –m com.example/com.acme.Main

Answer: D

Which two statements are correct about modules in Java? (Choose two.)

A. java.baseexports all of the Java platforms core packages.

B. module-info.javacan be placed in any folder inside module-path.

C. A module must be declared in module-info.javafile.

D. module-info.javacannot be empty.

E. By default, modules can access each other as long as they run in the same folder.

Answer: CE

Which two describe reasons to modularize the JDK? (Choose two.)

A. easier to understand the Java language

B. improves security and maintainability

C. easier to expose implementation details

D. improves application robustness

E. easier to build a custom runtime linking application modules and JDK modules

Answer: BD