New Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Exam AD0-E312 Dumps Questions Online

Shamiyo 06-23-2021

Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Certification Exam is a popular Adobe Certified Expert exam, which is the industry-recognized validation of one's proficiency in Adobe Campaign. The previous exam for Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification is AD0-E308 exam, but now candidates are required to pass AD0-E312 exam instead. New Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Exam AD0-E312 Dumps Questions have been released online with actual exam questions and accurate answers to ensure that you can pass Adobe certification AD0-E312 exam. If you are going to appear in AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam, come to choose the online resource as the preparation materials.

Who can choose to take and pass AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification?

Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification requires in-depth knowledge of delivering customized Campaign implementations that meet business requirements and customer needs and are capable of articulating and conveying technical concepts to a technical and business audience. The typical candidate is able to deliver customized Campaign implementations that meet business requirements and customer needs. They are capable of articulating and conveying technical concepts to a mixed (technical and business) audience. The candidate will have a basic knowledge of web service and project management.

What are the details of AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam?

Real Adobe AD0-E312 exam formats are multiple choice and multiple select, which are availble in English. AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer certification exam contains 50 practice exam questions and answers, all these Q&As are required to complete in 120 minutes. 

More, taking AD0-E312 exam requires to have  minimum experience, the candidate seeking to become certified as an Adobe Campaign Classic Developer - Certified Expert has:

● At least two years of Campaign Classic software experience

● At least three years of combined experience in JavaScript programming, SQL development including ETL, and web technologies (XML, HTML and web services)

● Experience executing a marketing campaign using digital omnichannel

● Experience with database architecture and knowledge of database marketing

● Ability to map requirements to Adobe Campaign functionality

● Ability to troubleshoot Campaign Classic implementations

● Basic understanding of server configurations related to Campaign Classic

What are the exam sections in real AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer exam?

You must make sure you have the minimum experience, you also need to know the AD0-E312 exam objectives best:

Section 1: System configuration (11%)

Section 2: Customization (24%)

Section 3: Access management (5%)

Section 4: Data integration (20%)

Section 5: Instance management (14%)

Section 6: Campaign configuration (25%)

New Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Exam AD0-E312 Dumps Questions Online are based on the exam scopes. All the exam questions cover the exam sections to ensure that the actual AD0-E312 exam dumps are valid for preparation. You can read Adobe AD0-E312 free dumps below to check the quality:

What is the primary benefit of utilizing a platform option?

A. To reference and update a parameter across multiple workflow executions

B. To automatically create an incremental counter to maintain a consistent sequence

C. To standardize the values of a field and help with data input or use within queries

D. To communicate with external applications

Answer: D

A Campaign developer wants to utilize the standard directory structure in Adobe Campaign as much as possible.

Where should the Campaign developer create a sub-folder for workflows importing data to the recipient schema?

A. Under Profiles and Targets > Jobs

B. Under Resources > Campaign Management

C. Under Administration > Production

D. Under Administration > Configuration

Answer: A

A client wants to use Amazon Redshift to install Adobe Campaign in a hybrid AWS environment to hold all customer data.

Which step must be taken to utilize this type of data?

A. Adobe Campaign does NOT support Redshift.

B. Adobe Campaign tables must be created in the Redshift database.

C. ODBC Native SQL drivers must be installed to access a Redshift database.

D. FDA module must be installed to access a Redshift database.

Answer: B

An Adobe Campaign Classic Developer has a report from a third party about a push notification. A record must be added to the broadLogRcp inside Adobe Campaign Classic.

Which code should be written to meet this requirement?

A. var xmlQuery = <broadl_ogRcp xtkschema="nms:broadl_ogRcp" id={broadLogld} _operatJon="insert" status="2" _key="@id" lastModified={eventDate}/>; xtk.sessJon.Write(xmlQuery);

B. var xmlQuery = <broadl_ogRcp xtkschema="nms:broadl_ogRcp" id={broadLogld} status="2" _key="@id" lastModified={eventDate}/>; xtk.sessJon.Write(xmlQuery);

C. var xmlQuery = <broadl_ogRcp xtkschema="nms:broadl_ogRcp" status="2" lastModJfied={eventDate}/>; xtk.sessJon.Write(xmlQuery);

D. var xmlQuery = <broadl_ogRcp xtkschema="nms:broadLogRcp" _operation="update" id={broadl_ogld} status="2" _key="@id" lastModified=<eventDate}/>; xtk.sessJon.Write(xmlQuery);

Answer: B

A Campaign instance is configured with every module installed. When creating a custom Target mapping for this instance, the 'Extensions' window allows additional schemas to be generated.

Which two optional modules allow additional schemas to be generated? (Choose 2)

A. Marketing resources

B. Offer engine

C. Online surveys

D. Deliverability monitoring

E. Transactional message control

Answer: B,C

A workflow is using two Query activities that select recipients who have bought specific products. Each Query activity stores the product as additional data. Both Query activities are then added into a Union activity joining using the keys only option.

What should be the expected results of the Union activity?

A. Recipients and products common to both queries

B. All records from both queries

C. Distinct recipients from both queries

D. Distinct recipients and the products from both queries

Answer: B

An attribute called model_name is added to an existing schema, customerModel, using the following code:

<attribute label="Model Name" length="255" name="model_name" type="string"/>

The XML for the new columns is parsed successfully and saved to the schema definition.

The end user tries to view the data using configure list... by adding the new attribute to the output columns. The following database error is thrown. “Invalid column name ‘sModel_name’”

What is the reason for this error?

A. The navtree definition for customerModel must be updated.

B. The end user must disconnect and reconnect from the Campaign client.

C. The attribute definition is missing a default value.

D. The Update Database Structure process was NOT completed successfully.

Answer: C

What is the purpose of the Jump activity?

A. To improve the readability of the workflow

B. To call a subworkflow

C. To create branching in the workflow

D. To trigger a workflow

Answer: A

A Campaign developer notices that a workflow scheduled to run daily and create a customer list is associated to a campaign marked as Finished.

What explains the outcome of the next scheduled workflow run?

A. The workflow continues to run, but the list is NOT created as configured.

B. The workflow does NOT run regardless of the schedule until the campaign end date is adjusted.

C. The developer must copy the workflow into a new campaign and reschedule the new workflow.

D. The workflow continues to run as scheduled and creates the list as configured.

Answer: B

How should a Campaign developer allow a marketing user to start a workflow?

A. Add the user to the Workflow Supervisor group

B. Add the user to the Administrator Operator group

C. Add the user to the Delivery Operator group

D. Add the user to the Campaign Manager Operator group

Answer: C