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Shamiyo 01-07-2020

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IBM Virtualized Storage Technical Specialist Provides Pre-Sales Technical Assistance

C1000-021 IBM Virtualized Storage V2 Exam is the only requirement for IBM Certified Specialist - Virtualized Storage V2 certification. The IBM Virtualized Storage Technical Specialist provides pre-sales technical assistance during the sales cycle and understands the workload characteristics that differentiate members of the IBM Storwize family, IBM FlashSystem V9000, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, and VersaStack solutions.

One candidate who holds IBM Certified Specialist - Virtualized Storage V2 certification can:

● Utilize IBM tools to design a solution based on the most appropriate IBM solutions and technologies that meet customer requirements

● Support the implementation of IBM Storwize family solutions. The specialist has knowledge of integration with cloud technology

C1000-021 IBM Virtualized Storage V2 Exam Needs To Answer 60 Real Questions

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● General Overview  27%

● System and Advanced Functions Knowledge  28%

● Solution Design  25%

● Basic Implementation  20%

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A customer would like to reduce the amount of backup data being stored on its IBM Storwize V7000 storage.

Which IBM Spectrum Protect feature should the technical specialist propose?

A. Encryption

B. Data deduplication

C. Node replication

D. Integration with hardware snapshots

Answer: D

A technical specialist is conducting a disk technology briefing to position the IBM FlashSystem V9000 against flash drives in an IBM Storwize V7000. The customer asks, “Why is SSD latency greater than a flash module?” 

How should the technical specialist respond to the customer?

A. Larger capacity SSDs use TLC technology which is slower than MLC

B. The SSD is using a traditional drive style interface protocol, which can cause a performance overhead.

C. SSDs use much slower internal SLC flash technology than the IBM FlashSystem, which uses eMLC/ MLC.

D. The cache memory in the IBM Storwize V7000 is less, which increases latency.

Answer: A

A customer has two IBM Storwize V7000 I/O groups. As part of its business continuity plan, one unit is located within its primary site and the other at a disaster recovery site. The customer synchronously replicates between each IBM Storwize V7000.

What should the customer configure to provide fast non-disruptive failover in case of an outage?

A. Transparent Cloud Tiering

B. Stretched cluster

C. HyperSwap

D. Global Mirror

Answer: C

A customer needs to significantly increase the performance of an existing IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 based on 15k RPM SAS disks with minimal investment.

What is the most effective way to achieve this?

A. Add five percent of flash storage to the pool

B. Acquire an IBM Storwize V7000F

C. Add compression cards and enable RtC

D. Purchase Easy Tier

Answer: A

A customer is evaluating an IBM Storwize V5010 solution and wants to know what additional software functions are available.

Which additional feature on the IBM Storwize V5010 is a chargeable upgrade?

A. FlashCopy

B. Encryption

C. Data Reduction Pools

D. Compression

Answer: B

A customer has multiple storage platforms including an EMC VNX and an IBM Storwize V7000.

Which solution should the technical representative recommend to provide alerts and optimize volume placement for the storage platforms?

A. IBM Virtual Storage Center

B. IBM Spectrum Connect

C. IBM Storage Reporter

D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Answer: A

A customer is evaluating an IBM Storwize V7000 for high performance storage for applications and the ability to run storage backups with the least impact on performance.

Which solution meets the customer’s requirements?

A. Create volumes with volume mirroring between I/O Groups.

B. Use IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot to create a copy to another storage pool.

C. Create volumes with volume mirroring to a virtualized external IBM Storwize V5010.

D. Setup volumes from two IBM Storwize V7000 systems and use Metro Mirror.

Answer: B

Which resource informs a storage specialist if a TDA is mandatory or optional?

A. Systems Assurance Product Review Guide

B. TDA Discussion Guide

C. IBM Trigger Criteria and Designated Product List

D. IBM Pre-sale TDA Checklist

Answer: C

A customer wants a self-service catalogue to provision storage in their environment.

Which IBM solution provides for this requirement?

A. IBM Spectrum Connect

B. IBM Spectrum Control Advanced

C. IBM Spectrum Virtualize

D. IBM Storage Insights Pro

Answer: C

Which IBM website provides the most current support matrix information for the IBM Storwize product line?

A. IBM Infocenter

B. IBM System Storage Interoperation Center

C. IBM Sales Manual

D. IBM Knowledge Center

Answer: B