IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 C1000-100 Real Exam Dumps

Shamiyo 11-05-2020

If you are familiar with DumpsBase, you can find that we have released many IBM practice exam dumps to help you prepare for your IBM certifications. Today, we will introduce you the great dumps questions for C1000-100 IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 certification exam. IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 C1000-100 Real Exam Dumps come with valid and accurate C1000-100 exam questions and verified answers. DumpsBase real IBM C1000-100 exam dumps questions with so much at stake, it is better to make your best effort in the process to raise your chance of success on IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 certification exam. Most people who prepared their IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 exam with DumpsBase IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 C1000-100 Real Exam Dumps ended up passing IBM Certified Solution Architect C1000-100 exam with outstanding scores. 

What are the recommend skills before taking C1000-100 exam?

C1000-100 IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 exam is a requirement of IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud v4 certification. An IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud is a person who can design, plan and architect a Cloud Solution on IBM Cloud. They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation, and/or relevant subject matter experts. There is no prerequisite of completing the IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud v4 certification, but you need to know the ecommended prerequisite skills/knowledge as listed:

Basic understanding of:

● IBM Cloud Reference Architecture

● IT architectures and using Cloud solution patterns and Cloud Native architecture

● IBM Cloud Service Management offerings

● IBM Cloud architecture principles and patterns (reference architecture)

● IBM software for IBM Cloud (Cloud Paks and Starter Kits)

● RedHat Open Shift on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS and ROKS)

● IBM Cloud Compute capabilities

● IBM Cloud Network capabilities

● IBM Cloud Storage capabilities

● IBM Cloud Platform capabilities

● Designing a comprehensive IBM Cloud solution

● Designing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solutions

● Designing a solution incorporating emerging technologies (AI, Blockchain, and IoT)

● The various types of clouds and -as a service- offerings

● The cloud infrastructure technologies: systems, storage, security, networking, virtualization technologies, etc. (functional and non-functional requirements)

What is the passing score of IBM Cloud v4 C1000-100 exam?

IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 C1000-100 exam is available in English, which are hot to test candidates' key competency areas:

● Demonstrate knowledge of Cloud concepts and architectural principles

● Ability to evaluate customers current state and architect a Cloud solution 

● Provide solution recommendations based on current industry best practices

Real C1000-100 exam contains 64 questions. As rule, you need to answer 44 of them correctly or more to make sure you can pass IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 certification exam successfully. 

Additionally, you need to master the IBM C1000-100 exam sections for preparation:

● IBM Cloud Compute Options 24%

● Design solutions based on Application Platform Capabilities  9%

● Data Analytics, Management, and Reporting Capabilities 8%

● IBM Cloud Storage Options  11%

● IBM Cloud Networking Options  9%

● IBM Cloud Security Options  11%

● Describe DevOps Capabilities  8%

● IBM Cloud Resiliency Options  9%

● Service Management Principles  8%

● IBM Cloud Paks   3%

How to check DumpsBase IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 C1000-100 Real Exam Dumps are valid?

Finally, we highly recommend to choose DumpsBase IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4 C1000-100 Real Exam Dumps to prepare for your IBM Cloud v4 certification C1000-100 exam. But how to check if the dumps are valid? We will share C1000-100 free demo questions online first.

Select the unique key features of Hyper Protect Crypto Services on the IBM Cloud?

A. Built on IBM Red Hat OpenShift technology, on single-tenant key management service with key vaulting provided by dedicated customer-controlled HSM

B. Hyper Protect Crypto Services provide state-of-the-art encryption using DM-CRYPT

C. IBM Cloud administrators have no access and it provides FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified hardware

D. Hyper Protect Crypto Services can integrate with other any other Cloud provider services so as to manage key access, log and monitor security events, and support compliance requirements

Answer: A

Which Cloud Pak provides a data transfer tool utilizing the FASP protocol to provide significantly faster throughput than typical FTP?

A. Cloud Pak for Integration

B. Cloud Pak for Migration

C. Cloud Pak for Automation

D. Cloud Pak for Applications

Answer: A

A customer has defined a requirement to enable all virtual server instances in the proposed VPC to be able to access automatic operating system updates via the Internet.

What is required to provide this functionality?

A. The pre-defined Automatic Updates Security Group must be enabled

B. Each server must have a Floating IP address

C. Each subnet must have a Public Gateway

D. A subscription to the IBM Auto Update proxy service

Answer: B

In order to provide a highly resilient and highly available network with ECMP and diversity connections to IBM Cloud, how many Direct Link circuits should be recommended?

A. 4

B. 2

C. 6

D. 3

Answer: B

Database for PostgreSQL is an example of which type of database?

A. Key-value

B. Object-relational

C. Document

D. Graph

Answer: B

What is a key requirement of a resilient architecture?

A. High rate of resource utilization

B. Low rate of resource utilization

C. High tolerance level for interruption

D. Low tolerance level for interruption

Answer: D

Which of the following IBM Cloud services is integrated with Certificate Manager?

A. IBM Bare Metal Server

B. Red Hat OpenStack on IBM Cloud

C. IBM Cloud for Power Solutions

D. IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Answer: D

What’s the correct architectural network topology in IBM Cloud?

A. VPC > Zone > Region > Subnet

B. VPC > Region > Zone > Subnet

C. Region > VPC > Zone > Subnet

D. Region > Zone > VPC > Subnet

Answer: D

A Dialog Skill in Watson Assistant can make a web service call via which of the following?

A. Message queue

B. SOAP Endpoint

C. Web service definition language

D. Webhook

Answer: D

In the context of the Key Protect service, which of the following statements is correct?

A. Key Protect allows you to manage keys as well as SSL/TLS Digital Certificates

B. Key Protect allows you to import keys for other Clouds

C. Key Protect allows you to manage service accounts

D. Key Protect allows you to create a new key or import your own key (BYOK)

Answer: D