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Do you want to pass the C1000-015 IBM Business Process Manager V8.6 Application Development using Process Designer exam to achieve the BPM application developers? If you are registering for IBM certification C1000-015 exam, we highly recommend to use DumpsBase IBM Business Process Manager V8.6 Exam C1000-015 Dumps Questions as the preparation materials. We have released new IBM C1000-015 dumps with 58 practice exam questions and answers. Candidates can choose to read DumpsBase C1000-015 exam dumps in pdf file and free software for good preparation.

IBM Certified Application Developer using Process Designer - Business Process Manager V8.6 Certification

IBM Certified Application Developer using Process Designer - Business Process Manager V8.6 Certification is an intermediate level certification, which is intended for BPM Application Developers who lead and contribute to the delivery of complex process applications. Pass this certification to be BPM application developers now. These BPM application developers implement high quality process-driven and case-driven business solutions using IBM Business Process Manager v8.6. More, they are expected to be generally self-sufficient and be able to perform the tasks involved in the role with occasional assistance from peers, product documentation, or vendor support services.

Completing IBM Certified Application Developer using Process Designer - Business Process Manager V8.6 Certification requires to pass C1000-015 exam successfully. IBM C1000-015 exam is designed to test skills in the following areas:
1. IBM Business Process Manager Development Methodology
2. IBM Business Process Manager Architecture
3. Process and Case Modeling
4. User Interface Development
5. Service Development
6. Content Management
7. Performance Tracking and Reporting
8. Error Handling, Debugging and Troubleshooting
9. Deployment, Governance and Toolkits

IBM Business Process Manager V8.6 Application Development using Process Designer C1000-015 Exam

Before taking IBM Business Process Manager V8.6 Application Development using Process Designer C1000-015 exam, you are required to read C1000-015 exam sections. IBM C1000-015 exam consists of the sections described below:

IBM Business Process Manager Architecture  10%

Outline the lifecycle stages for IBM Business Process Manager development

Identify the typical inputs and deliverables needed for developing an application within IBM Business Process Manager

Explain the IBM Business Process Manager architecture and components

Design applications using appropriate IBM Business Process components

Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of design decisions on application performance

Process Modeling   19%

Construct a process using complex patterns

Build business objects and variables for use within a business process solution

Demonstrate an understanding of the different gateway types and their runtime implications

Configure task assignments including teams, team retrieval services, team filter services and expert teams

Model escalations within a business process solution

Create and configure ad-hoc activities

Explain how IBM Business Process Manager can be used to implement different styles of process automation

Enable processes for tracking and reporting

User Interface Development   21%

Understand and design client-side human services

Create coaches, coach views, and controls with the BPM UI toolkit

Configure coach view and control configuration and data options

Call services from client side human services

Configure user interfaces for Dashboards, Process Instance UI, and Process Portal

Apply styling to Coaches using Themes and Cascading Style Sheets 

Design process applications using externalized UI

Service Development  19%

Construct Service Flows

Call external services, including REST APIs and server configuration 

Expose BPM functions as a web service

Demonstrate knowledge of the use of IBM Business Process Manager APIs

Content Management  7%

Construct content management components

Explain the differences between the IBM Business Process Manager document store and external content management systems

Error Handling, Debugging and Troubleshooting  14%

Design and implement error handling and exception handling

Debug processes and services using the appropriate combination of tools

Monitor and manage process instances using the Process Inspector

Deployment, Governance and Toolkits  10%

Create and manage IBM Business Process Manager toolkits to reuse and share artifact

Understand the process application deployment procedure and concepts, including online/offline deployment, IBM Business Process Manager system topology and process instance migration

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Which type of human service supports reusable subflows in a design?
A. Heritage human services
B. Responsive Coach human services
C. Root client-side human services
D. Nested client-side human services
Answer: D
How can a developer improve the load times and performance of a table built with BPM Ul controls?
A. Place the table in a Modal Section.
B. Place the table in a Response Sensor layout.
C. Change the columns' "renderAs" setting to 'Simple HTML' wherever feasible.
D. Replace the implementation to use a repeating layout instead of a table implementation.
Answer: A
To change the state of an offline Process Server to online, a developer needs to set the heartBeatInterval to what value?
A. equal to zero
B. leave it empty
C. less than zero
D. greater than zero
Answer: C
What is a valid logging command to print log statements to the client-side browser?
A. print.log(‘’info")
B. debug.log("info’’)
C. client.log(‘’infon’’)
D. console.log(‘’info")
Answer: D
A customer has a business requirement to completely separate connectivity between production environments from development and test environments.
How should a developer deploy a new process application to a properly configured production Process Server?

A. Use 'BPMConfig' to remote deploy
B. Use offline deployment to the Process Server
C. FTP the process .ear file and install using the wasadmin console in production
D. Export the .twx file from the Process Center console and import into the Process Server
Answer: C
The Web API provides operations that enable client applications to achieve which functionality?
A. Query Coaches
B. Search personal data
C. Manage internal activities
D. Query process instances and tasks
Answer: C
Which statement is true about working with system data toolkits?
A. The system data toolkit includes many predefined variable types.
B. Administrative access is required to edit the library items in a system data toolkit.
C. When a new process application is created, the system data toolkit needs to be added as a dependency.
D. Adding a dependency on the system data toolkit allows the creation of custom, localized dashboards with the reusable interface elements.
Answer: C
For data mapping in nested client-side human services, what type of objects are passed by reference?
A. All object types
B. String type object
C. Boolean type object
D. Complex business objects
Answer: D
Why would a developer choose to include the optional parameter 'snapshotld' when invoking certain REST API methods?
A. A 'snapshotld' logs the call to the REST log.
B. A 'snapshotld' ensures the object returned includes an identifying Id.
C. A 'snapshotld' ensures the right version of the process application is invoked.
D. A 'snapshotld' caches the call so it can return a response more quickly if invoked again.
Answer: A
Which gateway can be used for a service flow where more than one path can be followed for a specific process instance?
A. Event Gateway
B. Parallel Gateway
C. Exclusive Gateway
D. Decision Task Gateway
Answer: B