Updated Oracle GoldenGate 12c Essentials 1Z0-447 Exam Dumps

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1. What is the purpose of a VAM parameter?


2. You are migrating from a legacy database server to Exadata, which requires you to use different versions of GoldenGate.

What do you need to configure to ensure that backwards replication works?


3. You are experiencing an issue with the downstream database server for the Integrated Capture Downstream Model.

Which step should you take to resolve the issue?


4. Which syntax would you use in an OBEY script to stop a process without waiting for user input?


5. What is the SOCKSPROXY subparameter of the RMTHOST parameter typically used for?


6. You must locate the next good record header in a Logdump file.

How should you do this?


7. You edit the GLOBALS file, save the changes, and restart GGSCI to have the change take effect.

However, when you try to start the Manager, it fails.

Which action should solve the problem?


8. Which three are the responsibility of the MGR process? (Select three.)


9. You want to issue GoldenGate commands from a script.

What sequence of steps should you follow to accomplish this?


10. Which command provides statistics about GoldenGate processes and memory resource utilization?


11. You want to monitor replication not only to check that the processes are running, but to specifically verify that the data continuously replicates.

How should you accomplish this?


12. You must return column-level detail for out-of-sync rows.

How can you accomplish this?


13. You must replicate to JMS Queues.

Which product in the Oracle GoldenGate portfolio should be used?


14. You want to use multiple concurrent Extract process groups.

What is the key factor in determining how many can be running at the same time?


15. Your Replicat performance seems slow.

Which Replicat parameter can be used to improve performance?


16. When is a Pump not required to connect to a source database?


17. You must synchronize the starting point for Replicat with the restore point of the target database.

How should you accomplish this?


18. You have an issue where all threads are waiting for a specific transaction to be executed first.

What is this issue related to?


19. Your GoldenGate deployment is using a shared wallet, and older versions of the master key should be retained after the master key is renewed until all processes are using the newest version.

How should you determine whether all of the processes are using the newest version so that you can delete older versions of the master key?


20. What is the function of the GoldenGate JAgent?


21. What software is required prior to running Oracle GoldenGate in a Windows Server environment?


22. Which statement is valid for DDL replication?


23. You installed GoldenGate on your server, but you received an error when you tried to start GGSCI.

What is the reason for this issue?


24. Identify the correct statement regarding Trails.


25. Replicat makes checkpoints in the trail file to mark its last read position. Select two ways to create checkpoint tables.


26. You want to generate an extract file or trail in a non-GoldenGate canonical format like those used in the Initial Load file-toCdatabase utility.

How should you configure GoldenGate in order to accomplish this?


27. Your Extract process, which is using an Oracle database, has stopped with uncommitted transactions.

How should you guarantee an efficient recovery after Extract has stopped?


28. Which database setting for the Oracle database is required to enable Oracle GoldenGate?


29. How should you configure Replicat to control how errors are handled in one-way replication?


30. You must implement GoldenGate in a master-to-master configuration.

What output from the profiling scripts should you look for to ensure that your implementation is correct?


31. If multiple GoldenGate processes are accessing a set of trail files, which process should include the PURGEOLDEXTRACTS parameter to trigger trail file clean-up?


32. What is the key purpose of GoldenGate trail files?


33. You need to look up table definitions in a file.

Which Replicat parameter should you use?


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