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Do you want to pass Oracle 1Z0-960 exam for Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist? 1Z0-960 Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2017 Implementation Essentials is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in selling or implementing Oracle Financials Cloud: Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service Solutions. New updated Oracle 1Z0-960 exam dumps have been ready for ensuring that you can pass Oracle Certification 1Z0-960 exam.

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1. You are defining intercompany balancing rules that are applied to a specific source and category, such as payables and invoices, or a specific intercompany transaction type, such as Intercompany Sales.

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


2. Alter submitting the journal for approval, you realize that the department value in the journal incorrect.

How do you correct the value?


3. What are the tables or views from which the Create Accounting program takes source data that is used in rules to create journal entries?


4. You are reconciling your subledger balances and you need a report that includes beginning and ending

account balances and all transactions that constitute the account’s activities.

What type of report will provide this type of information?


5. You need to define multiple allocation rules as efficiently as possible.

Which three components can be reused across allocation rules?


6. You created your first Implementation Project and assigned the Application Implementation Consultant role to your user.

However, you are unable to access Oracle Identity Management (OIM). This issue was caused because you did not assign the _____.


7. Your customer has enabled encumbrance accounting. You have a control budget with the advisory level set at control. For November 2015, your budget for a given combination is $5,000 USD. You have an approved requisition of $900 USD and you have an approved purchase order of $2,500 USD. An adjustment encumbrance journal is created in the General Ledger for the obligation type for $1,600 USD. You then cancelled the approved PO line of $400 USD. For November 2015, you created a new invoice by matching to the PO for $2,100 USD.

Which two statements are true?


8. You create a prepayment for USD 100 and validate it to consume the budget and reduce available funds under the prepayment account. You then pay the prepayment of USD 100 create an invoice for USD 300, and validate the* invoice to consume the budget and reduce available funds for the expense-accounts used in the invoice. You then apply the prepayment fully on to the invoice and revalidate it.

What happens to the available funds when you apply a prepayment that requires budgetary control?


9. What is the most efficient way to add a new year to the accounting calendar?


10. Your customer wants to have balance sheets and income statements for their cost center and program segments. That is, the customer wants to have three balancing segments.

Which two recommendations would you give your customer?


11. Your customer is having issues transferring intercompany transactions to General Ledger.

Identify three reasons for this.


12. Which reporting tool is best suited for submitting high-volume transactional reports, such as invoice Registers or Trial Balance reports, that can be configured to extract the data in Rich Text Format or XML?


13. After loading your budget data into Fusion General Ledger, you can view budget balances using these features.

Which feature does not belong on the list?


14. You are using budgetary control. You have an open purchase order for $500 USD, and an invoice for $300 USD is matched to the purchase order.

What will be the fund status of the purchase order and invoice?


15. Your company wants to change the Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) account to record gains/ losses from varying currency rates.

What steps must you perform to achieve this objective without causing data corruption?


16. Which two are prerequisites for creating subledger accounting entries?


17. Who are the three primary Functional Setup Manager users?


18. You want to automatically post journal batches imported from subledger source to prevent accidental edits of deletions of the subledger sources journals, which could cause an out-of-balance situation between your sub ledgers and general ledger.

Which two aspects should you consider when defining your AutoPost Criteria?


19. Your customer is reconciling their Intercompany Receivables accounts.

Which two reports should they use in addition to using the intercompany Reconciliation report?


20. Which statement is true when creating an Implementation Project for Financials Cloud?


21. You are implementing Segment Value Security rules.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


22. You’ve set up the standard accrual with encumbrance accounting for your ledger and you realized that the encumbrance journals are defaulting with current date as the accounting date.

What is causing this?


23. Your new accountants have been making mistakes in reconciling accounts assigned to them. Your account balances have either spiked or dropped 30-40% every period due to human error. This causes delays in reconciliation.

What feature can you use to be proactively notified of account anomalies in a more timely manner?


24. What Is Oracle Essbase?


25. Fusion Accounting Hub includes Hyperion Data Management.

For which two tasks can Hyperion Data Management be used?


26. Your customer is a financial Institution that needs to maintain overage daily balances (ADB).

Which two statements are true regarding this functionality in Fusion Applications?


27. You want to process multiple allocations at the same time.

What feature do you use?


28. While troubleshooting the encumbrance entries created for the requisition for your business unit, you noticed that only a few events are triggering the encumbrance journals when you submit he create accounting program.

What are the two events?


29. You want to display OTBI reports and graphs in PowerPoint to show general ledger or subledger data.

How do you accomplish this?


30. Your customer has three legal entities, 50 departments, and 10,000 natural accounts. They use intercompany entries.

What is Oracle’s recommended practice when implementing; a new chart of accounts? How many segments and what segment qualifiers should be used?


31. All of your subsidiaries reside on the same application instance, but some of them require a different chart of accounts and/or accounting calendar and currency. There is no minority interest or partial ownerships.

What is Oracle’s recommended approach to performing consolidations?


32. You are creating financial statements and want to have charts, such as a bar graph, automatically inserted to improve the understanding of the financial results.

How would you achieve this?


33. Identify three functions of Functional Setup Manager.


34. You want to monitor the close process of all your financial subledgers and ledgers.

How can you quickly obtain this information?


35. Your Financial Analyst needs to interactively analyze General Ledger balances with the ability to drill down to originating transactions.

Which three features facilitate this? (Choose three.)


36. In which two ways can your users customize the Dashboards and Work Areas to suit their individual working styles?


37. Your customer wants to create fully balanced balance sheets for the Company, Line of Business, and product segments for both financial and management reporting.

What is Oracle’s suggested best practice for doing this?


38. Which three objectives must be considered when designing the chart of accounts? (Choose three.)



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