Updated CCNP Collaboration 350-801 Exam Dumps With 240 Q&As

Recommend the updated CCNP Collaboration certification Core exam 350-801 dumps with 240 questions and answers for your exam preparation. 350-801 Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR) exam is the core exam of CCNP Collaboration certification, also is the qualify exam of CCIE Collaboration certification. 350-801 updated exam dumps are based on the exam objectives to help you test the knowledge of implementing core collaboration technologies. 

Test the quality of 350-801 updated dumps with the following 350-801 free dumps questions.

1. When configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which configuration enables phones to automatically register to a Cisco Unified Communications publisher when the connection to the subscriber is lost?

2. Regarding SIP integrations with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, if the Cisco Unity Connection is configured to listen for incoming IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, how should the addressing mode be set up in the Cisco Unity Connection?

3. An administrator must configure the local route group feature on cisco UCM.

Which step will enable this feature?

4. A customer is deploying a SIP IOS gateway for a customer who requires that in-band DTMF relay is first priority and out-of-band DTMF relay is second priority.

Which IOS entry sets the required priority?

5. Which Cisco Collaboration Edge architecture product allows remote endpoints to leverage corporate on-premises Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure?

6. Refer to the Exhibit.

Which command is required to allow this media resource to handle Video Media streams?

7. How does an administrator make Cisco IP phone display the last 10 digits of the calling number when the call is in the connected state, and also display the calling number in the E.164 format within call history on the phone?

8. Due to service provider restriction, Cisco Unified Communications Manager cannot send video in the SDP.

Which two options on Cisco Unified CM are configured to suppress video in the SDP is outgoing invites? (Choose two.)

9. What is the function of the Cisco Unity Connection Call Handler?

10. An engineer configures Cisco Unified Communications Manager to prevent toll fraud.

At which two point does the engineer block the pattern in Cisco Unified CM to complete this task? (Choose two.)

11. What dialed number match this cisco UCM route pattern?


12. Which type of greeting in the Call Handler configuration in Cisco Unity Connection overtimes all other greetings?

13. A customer wants to deploy Cisco Jabber Phone Mode with contacts.

Which two configurations are needed to accomplish this goal? (Choose two)

14. Which call flow matches traffic from a Mobile and Remote Access registered endpoint to central call control?

15. How does Cisco Unified Communications Manager perform a digit analysis on-hook versus off-hook for an outbound call from a Cisco IP phone that is registered to Cisco Unified CM?

16. What dialled numbers match this Cisco UCM route pattern?


17. Multiple route patterns match a number.

How does Cisco Unified Communications Manager determine which pattern to use?

18. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator must fix the SRV records to ensure that server 1 .sample.com is always contacted first from the three servers.

Which solution should the engineer apply to resolve this issue?

19. Which two conditions must a user meet to provision a new device using the self-provisioning feature? (Choose two.)

20. An administrator is in the process of moving cisco unity connection mailboxes between mailbox stores the administrator notices that some mailboxes have active message waiting indicators what happens to these mailboxes when they are moved?

21. Which attribute contains an XMPP stanza?

22. Which action is required if an engineer wants to have Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration for an MGCP gateway?

23. Endpoint A is attempting to call endpoint B. Endpoint A only supports G.711ulaw with a packetization rate of 20 ms, and endpoint B supports packetization rate of 30 ms for G.711ulaw.

Which two media are resources are allocated to normalize packetization rates through transrating?

24. An administrator with ID392116981 is receiving complaints of pixilation smearing, and pulsing of video calls between two offices that are connected by a WAN.

Assuming that QoS is implemented on the WAN connection, which classification is used to mark the video traffic, according to the Cisco QoS baseline?


According to the QoS Baseline Model, drag and drop the applications form the left onto the correct per-Hop Behaviour values on the right.

26. Which command must be defined before an administrator changes the linecode value on an ISDN T1 PRI in slot 0/2 on an IOS-XE gateway?

27. Refer to the exhibit.

A call is failing to establish between two SIP Devices. The Called device answer with this SDP.

Which SDP parameter causes this issue?

28. An engineer is configuring a BOT device for a Jabber user in Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

Which phone type must be selected?

29. You are adding regions in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Which codec(s) are selected when a call is placed if you set up the max audio bit rate to use 8 kbps?

30. Due to provider requirements, outgoing calls from the Enterprise to the PSTN must start with channel 1.

Which ISDN command changes the channel selection on IOS to meet this requirement?

31. Refer to the exhibit.

Calls to Cisco Unity Connection are failing across Cisco Unified Border Element when callers try to select a menu prompt.

Why is this happening and how is it fixed?

32. Refer to the exhibit.

What is the result of applying these two rules to a voice translation-profile for use with an ISDT1 PRI on a Cisco Voice gateway?

33. Cisco UCM delays routing of a call during digit analysis with an overlapping dial plan.

How long is the default wait time?

34. An engineer troubleshoots a Cisco Jabber login problem on a Windows PC in the corporate network. The login fails with the error message "Cannot find your services automatically. Click advanced settings to set up manually.’’.

Which action should the engineer take first?

35. An engineer must configure a cisco ISR 4000 as an MGCP gateway to download its MGCP-specific configuration from cisco UCM.

Which Cisco IOS configuration snippet accomplishes this task?

36. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is confining class of control for a user in Cisco UCM.

Which change will ensure that the user is unable to call 2143?

37. On which protocol and port combination does Cisco prime collaboration receive notifications (Traps and Inform Requests) from several network devices in the collaboration infrastructure for which it has requested notifications?

38. Refer to the exhibit.

In this cisco UCM setup configured for EARLY offer, what is the codec preference line in the initial SIP INVITE SDP?

39. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is attempting to register a SIP phone to a Cisco UCM but the registration is failing. The IP address of the SIP Phone is 10.117.34 222 and the IP 1 address of the Cisco UCM is Pings from the SIP phone to the Cisco UCM are successful.

What is the cause of this issue and how should it be resolved?

40. What is required when deploying co-resident VMs by using Cisco UCM?

41. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer verifies the configured of an MGCP gateway. The commands are already configured.

Which command is necessary to enable MGCP?

42. After an engineer runs the utils ntp status command on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager publisher, the stratum value is 16.

Which issue can the Cisco Unified CM cluster experience?

43. Where is the default for maximum session Bit Rate for a region configured?

44. what causes poor voice quality and video pixelization in a video call?

45. What makes Cisco Unified Border Element a better choice than a conventional Session border controller?

46. How can an administrator stop Cisco Unified Communications Manager from advertising the OPUS codec for recording enabled devices?

47. Which two features of Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance require advanced licensing? (Choose two.)

48. What is required for Cisco UCM to accept SIP calls with a URI in the format of “sip [email protected]”?

49. An engineer with troubleshoots poor voice quality on multiple calls. After looking at packet captures, the engineer notices high levels of jitter.

Which two areas does the engineer check to prevent jitter? (Choose two.)

50. Refer to the exhibit.

Which Codec is negotiated?

51. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer submits this output, captured on a Cisco IOS router.

Assuming that an MGCP gateway is configured with a ISDN BRI interface, which BRI changes resolve the issue?

52. A network administrator with ID392116981 has determined that a WAN link between two Cisco UCM clusters supports only 1 Mbps of bandwidth for voice traffic.

How many calls does this link support if G.711 as the audio codec is used?

53. How is bandwidth allocated to traffic flows in a flow-based WFQ solution?

54. Which two DNS records must be created to configure Service Discovery for on-premises Jabber? (Choose two.)

55. When a phone is registered over Mobile and Remote Access, where does it register?

56. Which wildcard must an engineer configure to match a whole domain in SIP route patterns?

57. An engineer must configure a route pattern that can route all + E.164 globalized international numbers for the dial plans of all countries.

Which cisco UCM configuration accomplishes this task?

58. A network administrator deleted a user from the LDAP directory of a company. The end user shows as Inactive LDAP Synchronize User in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Which step is next to remove this user from Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

59. An engineer is designing a load balancing solution for two Cisco Unified Border routers. The first router (cube1.abc.com) takes 60% of the calls and the second router (cute2.abc.com) takes 40% of the calls, Assume all DNS A records have been created.

Which two SRV records are needed for a load balanced solution? (Choose two.)

60. Which issue can occur if QoS is not Deployed on a Cisco Collaboration architecture across the WAN?

61. Users want their mobile phones to be able to access their cisco unity connection mailboxes with only having to enter their voicemail pin at the login prompt calling pilot number where should an engineer configure this feature?

62. Which Cisco Unified communications manager configuration is required for SIP MWI integration?

63. Which method is used to avoid toll fraud with Cisco Unified Communications Manager calls?

64. An engineer with ID378163512 is designing a new dial plan for a customer that has offices in several countries on four continents around the world. This client also want to integrate with a Microsoft Lync backend,.

Which dial plan type does the engineer recommend?

65. A customer asked to integrate Unity Connection with Cisco UCM using SIP protocol.

Which two features must be enabled on SIP security profiles? (Choose two)

66. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is troubleshooting a codec negotiation issue where both endpoints that are involved in the call support the codecs listed in the exhibit.

Which audio codec is selected il a call between two endpoints in Region 1 is placed?

67. Which two protocols does Cisco IM and Presence use to authenticate Jabber? (Choose two.)

68. An engineer encounters third-party devices that do not support Cisco Discovery Protocol.

What must be configured on the network to allow device discovery?

69. End users report bad video quality and voice choppiness on Cisco Collaboration endpoints.

The engineer changed the device pool the users were in but did not correct the problem.

Which action should be taken to troubleshoot this issue?

70. Which endpoint feature is supported using Mobile and Remote Access through Cisco Expressway?

71. Which command in the MGCP gateway configuration defines the secondary Cisco Unified Communications Manager server?

72. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator must fix the SRV records to ensure that server1.sample.com is always contected first from the three servers.

Which solution should apply to resolve this issue?

73. Which two steps should be taken to provision after the Self-Provisioning feature was configured for end users?

74. Which issue cause slips on a PRI?

75. An engineer wants to manually deploy a Cisco Webex DX80 video endpoint to an end user.

Which type of provisioning can be configured on the endpoint?

76. An administrator is trying to change the default LINECODE for a voice ISDN T1 PRI.

Which command makes the change?

77. When a user dials a number with a phone that is registered to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, what is the default timeout before the number is sent?

78. A Cisco Unity Connection Administrator must set a voice mailbox so that is can be accessed form a secondary device.

Which configuration on the voice mailbox makes this change?

79. A company deploys centralized cisco ucm architecture for a hub location and two remote sites.

✑ The company has only one ITSP connection at the hub connection, and ITSP supports only G.711 calls

✑ Remote site A has a 1-Gbps fiber connection to the hub connection and calls to and from remote side A use G.711 codec

✑ Remote site B has a 1 T1 connection to the hub location and calls to and from remote site B use G.729 codec

Based on the provided guidance, a Cisco voice engineer must design media resource management for the customer.

What is the method that needs to be followed?

80. Which two elements of a dial plan define the domains that are accessible and are assigned to an endpoint? (Choose two.)


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