Updated CCIE Data Center 400-151 Exm Dumps

400-151 is the written exam for CCIE Data Center certification, which accesses the ability to understand the requirements of data centers, how different components in the data center interoperate, and ability to translate it into the device configurations. The most updated CCIE Data Center 400-151 exam dumps V17.02 which help you master the exam skills and knowledge points. Come to get 400-151 exam dumps to take 400-151 CCIE Data Center Written Exam successfully.

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1. Which multicast destination MAC address is assigned to LACP?


2. While using HSRP, if you see the active state of the devices constantly changing, which parameter may need to be adjusted?


3. Which description of how to enable the Flex Flash Controller auto-synu function on the B200M4 blade is true?


4. The OS team has requested that you expand the receive queues of an existing server.

Which action accomplishes this change?


5. Refer to the exhibit.


Using GET method with this XML code, which two pieces of information about Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers shows the output? (Choose two)


6. Drag and drop the correct functional components from left to its description on right.

7. Drag and drop the MST Spanning Tree protocol standards from left onto the correct characteristic on the right.

8. Drag and drop the spanning tree protocol standards from left onto the correct characteristics on the right?

9. Which of the following are two possible upgrade states for a node in ACI? (Choose two)


10. Which two prerequisites for BFD are true? (Choose two)


11. Which of the following statement regarding multi-pod deployment is true?


12. Refer to the exhibit.

A virtual machine in the EPG “clients” is unable to communication via ICMP with a virtual machine in the EPG “server” which option is the most likely cause of this issue?


13. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two options must be configured on the Layer 3 Gateway switches to isolate the HSRP between the two data centers?


14. When an administrator uses the commit command to activate the change to the call home configuration, it results in an error.

Which statement is true?


15. Refer to the exhibit.

An admin has created a new EPG in an ACI fabric. The admin then specified static path binding as show in exhibit after submitting this policy configuration, the admin noticed that this newly created EPG had the fault shown in the exhibit.

Which option is the likely explanation of the fault?


16. Which ports are affected by enabling BPDU Guard globally?


17. Which method is the best way to troubleshoot a specific workflow execution in UCSD?


18. Object configJob contains which of the following information?


19. Which two options are common PTP device types? (Choose two)


20. Refer to the exhibit.

After you upgrade Cisco USC firmware, some of your blades have these error messages.

Which description of the problem is true?


21. Which option is required by atomic counters to be leveraged in troubleshooting endpoint connectivity?


22. Which two components are the responsibility of the customers in a platform as a service offering? (Choose two)


23. A network architect must migrate the legacy infrastructure switches of a customer from a Cisco Nexus 9000 platform.

Which process helps achieve this milestone?


24. An IoT solution is more likely to generate a lot of analytics and data.

Which of the following enables this information to be analyzed and managed through integration with 3rd party devices and applications?


25. Which protocol does NX-API use as its transport?


26. Which three of the following are key components to provide network connectivity to an loT Solution? (Choose three)


27. Which description of hybrid SDN framework is true?


28. Which two statements about CFS are true? (Choose two)


29. Which three issues can cause OSPF neighbors to not be able to establish an adjacency? (Choose three)


30. Refer to the exhibit.

Drag and drop the object on the left to their correct description on the right.

31. Refer to the exhibit.

Health score can be aggregated for a variety of areas such as for the system infrastructure tenants application or services which health score level is the exhibit from APIC GUI an example of?


32. Under which two policies is ACI allowed to configure management protocols such as SNMP and SYSLOG?


33. For which two multicast distribution modes is RP configuration required? (Choose two)


34. Drag and drop the nx-api request elements from left onto the correct Functions/characteristics on the right.

35. If FCoE capability is disabled between the switch and adapter, which result is true?


36. Your IT Company has been tasked to automate their view of the environment. The CTO has instructed you to use ansible to focus on value-added task.

Which four integrations do you use to achieve this outcome? (Choose Four).


37. Which statement about micro segmentation with ACI is true?


38. Which is the recommended QoS best practice to classify and mark traffic?


39. Which feature must be configured before IP source guard is used successfully in your network environment?


40. Which statement about vxlan is true?


41. Which two steps only allow access to the supplier management database application in EPG “DB-EPG” through VPN connection using subnet (Choose two)


42. Which statement about when vmware vsphere distributed switch is created is true?


43. In which three ways can you house Edge transport servers on their perimeter network in ACI without investing extra cost in buying additional hardware? (Choose three).


44. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement is true?


45. If the FCoE negotiation fails, what can you configure the switch to do on that interface?


46. Refer to the exhibit.

What is the cause of this error message?


47. Which three modes of management models for the Layer 4 – Layer 7 Service Graph are true? (Choose three)


48. How do you configure the message of the day in an ACI environment?


49. Which pair of parameters is used by default to identify the lacp system ID?


50. Refer to the exhibit.

Which response of this API request is true?


51. Which three differences between hybrid and multicloud networking are true? (Choose three.)


52. Which docker orchestration tool replaced fig?


53. Which three statements correctly describe the encoding formats for netconf, restconf, and gRPC (choose three)


54. What is SD-Access LAN automation?


55. What is recommended backup policy for Cisco Cloud Center?


56. Which two statements about ASM and SSM are correct? (Choose two).


57. Refer to the exhibit.

You attempt to login into APIC, you receive this response.

Which statement is true?


58. Which three options can be used to add a device as a member to a zone? (Choose 3)


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