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1. Which resource should an IBM Storage seller use to model disk performance for a consolidation to an IBM Flash System V9000?

2. A customer wants to deploy a grid-based software-defined storage solution for a new block-based application workload

Which solution provides hotspot-free performance and QoS without the need for manual or background tuning?

3. A customer is looking for a deep technical briefing on the BM Flash System A9000R.

Where should the IBM Business Partner host the customer?

4. Which advantage of IBM cloud storage should a salesperson highlight to a customer with budget constraints?

5. A media customer has an IBM TS3500 Tape Library with two expansion frames. The library has LTO-6 drives and has only 200 tape cartridge slots available and no space in the existing frames to add further drives. The customer has decided to move to LTO-8, but won't be able to purchase an IBM TS4500 for 18 months.

Which statement demonstrates the investment protection the sales specialist should explain to the customer?

6.  A customer is seeking an enterprise-class, business-critical hybrid data system with the highest reliability and availability characteristics.

Which solution meets all of these requirements?

7. A sales specialist is presenting IBM Spectrum Scale to a prospect. The prospect has never heard of IBM Spectrum Scale and is concerned that it is a new product.

Which response should a sales specialist use to alleviate the prospect's concern?

8. Which IBM solution helps a customer implement software-defined storage and leverage its investment in existing block storage?

9. How should an IBM Spectrum Virtualize customer minimize onsite storage for snapshots?

10. Which IBM solution enables long-term, low-cost storage for IBM Spectrum Scale?

11. Which function does a pre-sales Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) perform?

12. A customer with an existing Dell Technologies storage is struggling to find ways to improve the performance of its Oracle database. The customer has two years left on the lease of the Dell equipment and wants to keep the system and all existing copy services.

Which IBM Flash System 900 advantage should the IBM sales specialist discuss with the customer?

13. In a backup to disk solution, which performance requirement is most important for a sales specialist to understand as the starting point to configure a storage solution?

14.  A customer just moved its Mongo DB big data initiative to production on zLinux and needs a backup solution.

Which solution should the sales person recommend?

15. A customer wants to minimize floor space and consolidate multiple storage systems to a new IBM Flash System A9000R storage system.

Which feature of the IBM Flash System A9000R assists the customer with this business requirement?

16.  A long-time IBM Tivoli Storage Manager customer wants to expand its on-premise backup solution to include all of the company's virtual server farms that are based on VMware.

Which IBM solution should the sales specialist recommend?

17. A business partner-uses the IBM TCOnow! tool to produce a TCO report for a customer

Which statement is true regarding a business partner accessing the IBM TCOnow! tool?

18.  A customer needs to automate report generation and capacity planning of its storage environment.

Which product should the sales specialist discuss?

19.  Which IBM Spectrum Virtualize feature enables a customer to store snapshots in S3 storage?

20. A customer is looking for a solution to manage active and inactive file data based on policies for different tiers.

Which solution should the IBM sales specialist suggest?

21. A customer plans to replace its storage infrastructure with an IBM Flash System A9000. The environment has Oracle databases and VMware.

Which feature of IBM Flash System A9000 will assist the customer in accomplishing this goal?

22.  How does IBM define Solution Assurance or Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA)?

23. On which operating system is IBM Spectrum Scale available for open systems environment?

24. A customer is concerned about the performance of a proposed capacity upgrade to an IBM Storwize V7000.

Which IBM tool should be used to predict performance and response times of the upgraded system?

25. What should the sales specialist recommend?

26. A client is looking for a product to store its unstructured archive data. Growth is expected to reach petabytes by the end of the year. Performance is not the primary objective. However, the client needs a product that is scalable, secure, and cost effective.

Which storage software should the sales specialist propose?

27. A POWER Linux customer with a tape storage system wishes to move to a disk archive storage solution for low cost and automatic protection against site failure.

What solution should the sale specialist propose?

28.  Which IBM Storage product is HDP Certified 'Ready’, ‘YARN Ready’, and 'SEC Ready’ with Hortonworks Data Platform?

29.  A customer with a MongoDB NoSQL environment needs to keep 30 back-up copies of its database each month.

Which IBM technology reduces the customer's need to purchase additional disk and provide fast restoration of data if needed?

30.  An IBM Business Partner discovers that a client needs a retention strategy to compliment an IBM Spectrum Scale server. The client needs a solution that incorporates long-term retention and tiered storage.

Which software component should the business partner propose

31. A business partner sales specialist is proposing an IBM storage solution to a customer and wants a peer review of the solution.

What is the key characteristic of the peer reviewer?

32. Which IBM Spectrum product should a customer use to monitor capacity utilization and performance of a VMware environment over time?

33. A mid-sized customer with a limited budget is looking to invest in a high performing storage array to drive an analytics workload more effectively

Which IBM solution should the sales specialist recommend?

34. A customer has a number of production and development IBM Storage systems that need different levels of IBM support services.

Which statement is true about different support levels for IBM storage?

35. An IBM end user has two sites, each with an IBM Storwize V5030. Each system has only the base license.

Which additional license can assist in disaster recovery in case of site failure?

36.  A customer has purchased IBM Spectrum Protect and wants to know how to obtain updates and support in the second year.

Where does the customer purchase the needed services?

37. An IBM storage seller is in a competitive bid on an enterprise disk proposal.

What can the IBM seller use to help with budget constraints for the end user?

38. A customer wants a single management tool to manage both Pure storage and IBM storage.

Which IBM hardware product enables IBM Spectrum Control to manage all the customer's storage?

39. A customer with multiple petabytes of archive data has a requirement for data to be stored on a disk-based solution, to be highly available across at least three sites, and for hardware CAPEX to be minimized.

Which storage solution should the sales specialist recommend?

40. A customer is running a latency sensitive application bn an IBM FlashSystem V9000 and is considering adding NL-SAS drives.

Which concern should the sales specialist raise?

41. A customer received proposals from IBM and other vendors, each of which have slightly different usable capacities. Each vendor used different methods to price disk drives as well as advanced features. The customer needs to determine how much each solution will cost over its lifetime.

Which cost method of calculation helps make the proposals comparable?

42. Which IBM solution should a sales specialist recommend to a customer who wants to procure a storage solution that supports VMware virtual volumes?

43. A bank customer has two sites in Italy and France. One site uses IBM storage and the other uses a competitor

Which IBM solution is required for block storage when replicating data between the sites for disaster recovery?

44. A customer has four data centers located at distances of 100 to 500 miles (161 to 805 kilometers) from each other. The customer is concerned about latency while replicating.

When should a sales specialist recommend a Global Mirror solution?

45. Which storage solution allows a customer to dramatically increase performance while protecting investment in legacy storage?

46. An IBM Storwize client needs a cloud-based solution that provides recommendations for space reclamation, tier optimization, and predictive capacity management.

What should the sales specialist recommend?

47.  An IBM storage customer has considered IBM SVC in the past but has never been able to justify the cost over traditional storage because of its rapidly growing data.

Which base-license feature of IBM Spectrum Virtualize software helps justify the cost for the customer?

48. Which IBM storage product includes cloud tiering?


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