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SPARC M6-32 and SPARC M5-32 Servers Installation Essentials 1Z0-489 exam basic information and exam topics are important in your preparation. I collected Oracle certification 1Z0-489 exam details from Oracle official website. Share them below.

Oracle 1Z0-489 Exam Basic Information Oracle 1Z0-489 Real Exam Topics
Duration: 120 minutes
Number of Questions: 79
Passing Score: 69%
Format: Multiple Choice
Exam Price: US$ 245
SPARC M5-32 Servers Overview
Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS)
SPARC M5-32 Server Installation
SPARC M5-32 Server Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

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1. When installing Solaris 11, which two locations can be used to obtain the software?

2. While planning for the installation of a SPARC M5-32 server, you notice that a more recent version of a patch is available than what is currently on the EIS-DVD. According to the Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) methodology, what should you do?

3. Before you can configure the service processors, which three pieces of information do you need from the customer?

4. Which three components require IP addresses when you configure the SP network?

5. Which component is a building block of physical domains (PDomainsorPDoms)?

6. You have used ILOM on other servers before, but notice that there are two targets that are new to ILOM on the SPARC M5-32 server. Which are they?

7. Which three statements are true about PCIecard population on the SPARC M5-32 server?

8. You are performing some of the initial Service Processor (SP) login steps. How do you verify that you are on the Active SP?

9. You run the following command:

-> sec /HOSTO/bootmode script=”setenv auto-boot? False"

You notice on subsequent resets that Solaris boots in the domain. What are three possible reasons for this?

10. Which statement is true about LDom functions and features?

11. There are a total of 36 fan modules in the SPARC M5-32 server, and all are redundant and hotswappable. Which statement is correct?

12. Where do you perform the completion of ASR activation?

13. You have powered-on HOST2 and want to verify its current status. Which two commands would give that output?

14. A PCIe data path originates from a root complex (from the CPU) on a CMU that connects to a PCIE_SWITCH (in an IOB). Which two components is the signal fanned out to?

15. A customer calls in and reports a problem with CMU#10. They said they have an issue with HOST1. What Domain Configurable Unit (DCU) is this board located in?

16. What are three genera, guidelines for creating the ZFS root pool?

17. You are working on an problem with DCU1 on a APARC M5-32 system. Which four of the following Memory Units are located in the DCU1?

18. A customer wants two DCUs in physical domain 0. What property must be set to true for this host for you to be able to configure this?

19. A “cold” system is placed into a computer center (cooling air/normally approximately 20° C168" F). With power on, the chip/layer temperature rapidly becomes close to room temperature, because the overall system is not being cooled due to the fact that the "cooling" air is warmer than the "cold" system. In such a scenario, the "warming up" period is probably complete within only 1-2 hours.

What are two possible outcomes of this scenario?

20. Before performing a firmware upgrade, you must first check the keyswitch property for each host. What must it be set to for the firmware upgrade to work?


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