Test 500-710 VII Video Infrastructure Implementation exam questions online

500-710 Video Infrastructure Implementation VII exam test are very hot for Cisco Advanced Video Specialization certification candidates. The post-sales engineer is responsible for the complete Cisco Video portfolio solution implementation and operation. We do suggest you could practice the current exam question material to check the Cisco 500-710 exam key points whether you have mastered or not. Good chance here for you to complete some practice questions which will come from your real exam test.

FREE 35 exam questions as the following show for you to practice online by yourself.

1. Which two options are included in an endpoint registration request message that is sent to a SIP Server? (Choose two.)

2. For Business to Business calls, which option must be configured on an Expressway Edge to route calls to an unknown domain?

3. Which statement about integrating a Cisco Expressway with a resilient and scalable Cisco Meeting Server deployment is true?

4. Cisco Meeting Server uses four API commands to interact with the server.

Which API command is used to modify a configuration setting on the Cisco Meeting Server?

5. Which tool does an engineer use to collect information on system activity, including TCP dumps, of the Conductor over a period of time?

6. While scheduling a CMS conference on TMS, an engineer notices that it will not add a WebEx meeting as a participant.

Which option is the possible issue?

7. An engineer wants to add a domain to a numeric E.164 alias dialed by an H.323 endpoint.

Which opinion is the Cisco recommended method to add this domain in the Expressway configurations?

8. Which two methods can be used in TMSto schedule conferences? (Choose two.)

9. Which option is a user policy?

10. Which two protocols are used in the traversing of media across a firewall through the Expressway? (Choose two.)

11. What is the maximum number of Expressways that can be clustered?

12. Which group of items must be configured when adding a Cisco Meeting Server toTMS before the server can be used in scheduled conferences?

13. Which Cisco WebEx products can support up to 3000 attendees?

14. Where in the TMS application does an engineer add individual endpoints or infrastructure to the TMS database?

15. Which troubleshooting tool does an engineer use to determine possible reasons for an endpoint failing to register to an Expressway?

16. Which type of API is used to configure settings on the Cisco Meeting Server?

17. On which two operating systems and database applications does TMS rely? (Choose two.)

18. Which application is integrated with the CMR solutions to provide for conference scheduling?

19. Which two statements about endpoint registration authentication are true? (Choose two.)

20. Which Cisco Spark hybrid call service integrates Cisco Spark with an existing Cisco call-control platform, which makes it possible for users to make and receive calls on their Cisco device or Spark application using the same dialing procedure as with on-premises registered endpoints?







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