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Free 1Z0-133 Exam Dumps Questions, Read and Test

1. You are using the Configuration Wizard to create a new domain that will consist of a cluster of a of three managed servers along with an instance of WebLogic server acting as HIPT proxy to distribute traffic to the cluster.

Which three steps should you perform with the Configuration Wizard?


2. You decide to use a database to store WebLogic Server transaction logs for a managed server.

Which two steps are required to configure this?


3. Which session persistence type is invalid?


4. An administrate in your organization says you do not need to back up the domain files on a machine which only managed servers run.

Select the best explanation for this statement.


5. Which statement is true about stopping Node Manager?


6. You configure a data source with a non XA driver because your (non-Oracle) database does not provide XA drivers.

The data source will sometimes participate in global transactions with an EJB, so as you configure the data source you select “Supports Global Transactions” and One-phase commit.

Why is this configuration wrong?


7. When creating a dynamic cluster, you have multiple options concerning how dynamic servers are distributed across machines in your domain. Identify three supported configurations.


8. Which action should you take to automatically back up the domain configuration when anyone

Activates a configuration change?


9. As the technical lead for your project, you have been asked to recommend a new solution to handle frequently increasing loads on your applications. The Weblogic 12.1.2 domain currently runs with two clusters of three servers with request being filtered and passed by a proxy server that users the round Crobin algorithm.

However, the load sometimes exceeds the maximum capacity of all these servers combined but your domain lacks in scalability.

What is the best implementation solution?


10. All administrators that deal with the production domain in your organization are extremely experienced. As the lead administrator, you have been asked to change the administration console preferences for all administrators so that inline help no longer displays, since no one needs It.

Select the true statement about this scenario.


11. You plan to Install WeblLogic Server by using the generic JAR installer in silent mode.

What are two ways to create the required response file?


12. Your domain consists of 30 servers. You are using the Administration Console.

Which is the quickest way to identify the servers that are in a Failed health state?


13. You use the Java Cbased Node Manager to start your managed servers. You want Node Manager to:

• Stop servers by using your custom stop script:

• Restart servers when the hardware cases

• Use SSL communication

• Check server heath once per second

Below are portions of the file. Select the one that configures Node manager as described.


14. Which three statements are true about WebLogic clusters?


15. You are using WebLogic Server Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) Instrumentation in a system diagnostic module. The Dye Injection monitor is enabled. You know the diagnostic context ID of the request you are Interested in that was processed by several. You are looking through the messages in the server log file of several.

Which statement is true?


16. You are deploying a web application called inventory, war. It has been installed and has the state of “prepared”. It is targeted to the Managed server named managed1.The web application’ context root is /inventory and the starting page is index .jap.

However ,you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory. war, and then select Start and “servicing only administration request.”

In you web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory /index.jap.

Which host and port would you use?


17. You are creating and configuring a cluster by using the administration console.

Which two statements are true?


18. One Managed Server that is part of a large domain throws java.lang.out of Memory error (OOM) occasionally.

You have been monitoring this server with the jvisualVM tool but that didn’t help because the issue occurs infrequently and not a specific scenario. So you decided to force the server to dump the heap memory as soon as an OOM gets thrown in order to analyze the dump file later.

How do you modify the Java HotSpot Startup command to enable this feature and save the dump in the directory D:hprof-dumps?


19. You are using the Administration console to monitor a resource.

Which three techniques can you use to customize the monitoring output?


20. You are working for a software company that mostly dealt with creating and reusing C++ and.

NET objects. There are many COM (Component Object Model) components that have been created over time that provide standardized functionalities. Recently, platform independence has become a major consideration for your organization and you have deployed WebLogic server12c.But you would like to make use of some of your prebuilt COM objects for request processing. You need an interim solution before implementing web services.

Which artifact within WebLogic server helps you achieve your objective?


21. Your server includes an application that users a generic JDBC data source to connect to a database.

However, the network connection between the server and the database is not 100% reliable.

Identify two data source attributes that, if set properly can help avoid situations in which the application fails due to a failed JDBC connection.


22. Which three tasks can be performed by the Node Manager?


23. You created a shutdown class Myclass that you would like to execute just before server shutdown.

Which statement is true regarding Myclass?


24. Consider an existing nondynamic cluster that is currently hosting many libraries, applications, and data sources. You need to scale out this cluster to include a new server. You provision the domain on new machines.

What are the two ways to create this new server in the domain configuration?


25. You need to take a web application offline.

Which three options are supported In WebLogic Server when you stop a running application?


26. You use a web browser to log in to a application that is deployed to WebLogic server. When you click a link named “publish” on the site, an Access Denied” message appears.

Which two statements are true about this server’s security configuration?


27. As part of troubleshooting an application, you need to analyze the HTTP session count and the server heap size over the past six hours. You are using the Administration console. You want to view both metrics together and correlate their values.

Which three steps should you take in the Administration console?


28. An application fails. The exception Indicates that the JDEM data source cannot be found.

Identify two possible steps that you can perform to verify the data source’s availability.


29. Which three statements are true about the default behavior of WebLogic server proxy plug-ins?


30. Each domain has a directory called servers that contains subdirectories for each server in the domain. Your domain has a managed server managed managed1.

When will the managed1 directory be created?


31. Which two metrics are used to monitor and troubleshoot unicast communication in a cluster?


32. The startup of a Weblogic Server instance fails with the error message: already in use

Which two methods help identify what is currently listening at the port and the Ip this server is configured to be bound to?


33. Consider a domain that includes a dynamic cluster of three servers. Your network administrator requires all servers to bind the specific domain name

Which Administration console action implements this requirement?


34. You see a script called start in Windows) in the root folder of your domain.

What does this script do?


35. A WebLogic Server instance can have multiple network channels defined for it.

Each channel for the server must have a unique combination of two elements. Identify these two elements.


36. Identify two reasons for defining machines and assigning servers to them in WebLogic servers.


37. You want to configure WebLogic server transactions to be recoverable when a nonclustered managed server crashes, even if that crash is caused by an unrecoverable hardware failure. You want to run the managed server on different hardware, and have it recover the transactions that were in-progress at the time of the crash.

You also want to use the default store for transaction logs.

Which statement is true?


38. To support a growing application workload, you need to scale out an existing (nondynamic) cluster. You power up the new hardware and install WebLogic server.

Which two changes are mandatory for you to make to your domain configuration?


39. Select the two true statements about upgrading WebLogic server to version 12c (12.12).


40. A WebLogic server (WLS) domain was recently updated from WLS 10.3.6 to WLS 12.12.

What is the mode of operation of the Node Manager after the update and what is needed to keep the same behavior as in WLS 10.3.6?


41. Which three statements about patching Web Logic server (WLS) by using Opatch are true?


42. You are carrying out the RDBMS Security Store configuration using the configuration Wizard

Which three actions can you perform with the Configuration Wizard during the process?


43. GridLink data sources are designed for use with an Oracle RAC database. By using the Fast Connection Failover (FCF) pattern, GridLink data sources can quickly react when a RAC node goes down.

Which two statements are true?


44. You use the administration console to start a managed server. Select the three statements that must be true.


45. Which two statements are true about WebLogic data sources?


46. A WebLogic server domain contains a dynamic cluster called “cluster1”.The cluster “cluster”1 has two dynamic managed servers “server1” and “server2”. There is a need to view the inherited attribute values for “server2”.

How do you view all attributes of “server2”.including those inherited from the server template?


47. A web application is configured for in-memory replication and is deployed to a cluster. This cluster is distributed across two buildings on a university campus. For performance reasons, you require that session replication occur within the building whenever possible.

How do you implement this requirement?


48. You need to configure WebLogic Server to satisfy the needs of your new application that will update more than one data set on several databases in the same transaction.

All updates will be committed or rolled back at the end of the transaction.

Which setting should be considered?


49. During a performance test, a server’s log includes several out of memory error messages. You are using the Administration console.

How can you verify the amount of available heap in the server?


50. You domain’s security realm has two authentication provides :1dap1 and 1dap2.

Consider these requirements:

• If authentication succeeds with 1dap1, then skip 1dap2.

• If authentication fails with 1dap1, then authentication must succeed with 1dap2.

Which control flag should you use for 1dap1?


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