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Real and new Google exam dumps, Professional Collaboration Engineer Certification Questions are available now. To be a Professional Collaboration Engineer, you can transform business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices as they relate to users, content, and integrations. With the real Professional Collaboration Engineer exam dumps questions, you will prepare for the Google Cloud Certified – Professional Collaboration Engineer certification exam well.

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1. is in the process of migrating from a third-party email system to G Suite. The VP of Marketing is concerned that her team already administers the corporate AdSense, AdWords, and YouTube channels using their email addresses, but has not tracked which users have access to which service. You need to ensure that there is no disruption.

What should you do?

2. Your company has an OU that contains your sales team and an OU that contains your market research team. The sales team is often a target of mass email from legitimate senders, which is distracting to their job duties. The market research team also receives that email content, but they want it because it often contains interesting market analysis or competitive intelligence. Constant Contact is often used as the source of these messages. Your company also uses Constant Contact for your own mass email marketing. You need to set email controls at the Sales OU without affecting your own outgoing email or the market research OU.

What should you do?

3. Your organization is part of a highly regulated industry with a very high turnover. In order to recycle licenses for new employees and comply with data retention regulations, it has been determined that certain G Suite data should be stored in a separate backup environment.

How should you store data for this situation?

4. Your organization is on G Suite Enterprise and allows for external sharing of Google Drive files to facilitate collaboration with other G Suite customers. Recently you have had several incidents of files and folders being broadly shared with external users and groups. Your chief security officer needs data on the scope of external sharing and ongoing alerting so that external access does not have to be disabled.

What two actions should you take to support the chief security officer's request? (Choose two.)

5. Your organization's Sales Department uses a generic user account ([email protected]) to manage requests. With only one employee responsible for managing the departmental account, you are tasked with providing the department with the most efficient means to allow multiple employees various levels of access and manage requests from a common email address.

What should you do?

6. Your employer, a media and entertainment company, wants to provision G Suite Enterprise accounts on your domain for several world-famous celebrities. Leadership is concerned with ensuring that these VIPs are afforded a high degree of privacy. Only a small group of senior employees must be able to look up contact information and initiate collaboration with the VIPs using G Suite services such as Docs, Chat, and Calendar. You are responsible for configuring to meet these requirements.

What should you do?

7. Your Chief Information Security Officer is concerned about phishing. You implemented 2 Factor Authentication and forced hardware keys as a best practice to prevent such attacks. The CISO is curious as to how many such email phishing attempts you've avoided since putting the 2FA+Hardware Keys in place last month.

Where do you find the information your CISO is interested in seeing?

8. Your company has received help desk calls from users about a new interface in Gmail that they had not seen before. They determined that it was a new feature that Google released recently. In the future, you'll need time to review the new features so you can properly train employees before they see changes.

What action should you take?

9. Your company frequently hires from five to ten interns for short contract engagements and makes use of the same generically named G Suite accounts (e.g., [email protected], [email protected]­, [email protected]). The manager of this program wants all email to these accounts routed to the manager's mailbox account also.

What should you do?

10. Your company has sales offices in Madrid, Tokyo, London, and New York. The outbound email for those offices needs to include the sales person's signature and a compliance footer. The compliance footer needs to say “Should you no longer wish to receive emails about this offer, please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE.” You are responsible for making sure that users cannot remove the footer.

What should you do?

11. What action should be taken to configure alerting related to phishing attacks?

12. A company using G Suite has reports of cyber criminals trying to steal usernames and passwords to access critical business data. You need to protect the highly sensitive user accounts from unauthorized access.

What should you do?

13. After migrating to G Suite, your legal team requests access to search all email and create litigation holds for employees who are involved with active litigation. You need to help the legal team meet this request.

What should you do?

14. Your company’s compliance officer has requested that you apply a content compliance rule that will reject all external outbound email that has any occurrence of credit card numbers and your company’s account number syntax, which is AccNo. You need to configure a content compliance rule to scan email to meet these requirements.

Which combination of attributes will meet this objective?

15. Your company has decided to change SSO providers. Instead of authenticating into G Suite and other cloud services with an external SSO system, you will now be using Google as the Identity Provider (IDP) and SSO provider to your other third-party cloud services.

What two features are essential to reconfigure in G Suite? (Choose two.)

16. On which two platforms can you push WiFi connection information with G Suite? (Choose two.)

17. recently bought 2500 Chrome devices and wants to distribute them to various teams globally. You decided that enterprise enrollment would be the best way to enforce company policies for managed Chrome devices. You discovered that Chrome devices currently end up in the top-level organization unit, and this needs to change to the organizational unit of the device administrator.

What should you do?

18. A user has traveled overseas for an extended trip to meet with several vendors. The user has reported that important draft emails have not been saved in Gmail, which is affecting their productivity. They have been constantly moving between hotels, vendor offices, and airport lounges.

You have been tasked with troubleshooting the issue remotely. Your first priority is diagnosing and preventing this from happening again, and your second priority is recovering the drafts if possible. Due to time zone differences, and the user's busy meeting schedule, you have only been able to arrange a brief Hangouts Meet with the user to gather any required troubleshooting inputs.

What two actions should be taken on this call with the user? (Choose two.)

19. Your company recently migrated to G Suite and wants to deploy a commonly used third-party app to all of finance. Your OU structure in G Suite is broken down by department. You need to ensure that the correct users get this app.

What should you do?

20. The CEO of your company has indicated that messages from trusted contacts are being delivered to spam, and it is significantly affecting their work. The messages from these contacts have not always been classified as spam. Additionally, you recently configured SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for your domain. You have been tasked with troubleshooting the issue.

What two actions should you take? (Choose two.)


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