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1. Picture of 3 routers and the question was related to IPv4 -> IPv6 tunnelling stating that all interfaces were configured with MTU 1500 other than the tunnel interface which didn’t set the MTU. The engineer noticed that packets were being fragmented how do you fix this?


2. Refer to the statement. The %TUN-5-RECURDOWN: Tunnel0 temporarily disabled due to recursive routing error message What could be causing the syslog?


3. How do you view an access-list that’s set on a int G0/0?


4. What can you use to collect stats on Cisco IOS?


5. Output showing line VTY 0 4 config with an access list applied ‘ip access-class 1 in’

ip access list permit tcp any any eq 22

ip access list permit tcp any any telnet

Cisco engineer is trying to setup secure access to the router but why is SSH failing?


6. Diagram showing 2 hosts each connected to different access switches, Host A in VLAN 300 Host B in VLAN 200.

Why can host A not access a DHCP server in VLAN 200?


7. There was a question on how to limit debug output for a particular interface and one of the options was debug condition interface g0/0 which I think was the correct answer.


8. Refer to the exhibit.

How would you confirm on R1 that load balancing is actually occurring on the default-network (


9. Which statement indicates a cause for Tunnel0’s connection failure?


10. A traceroute question was something simply like what command can you use to check the path a packet takes to its destination?


11. An exhibit showing output of a debug command that would display debugs on interfaces g0/0 and g/2, and then only debugs from interface g0/2 only.

The question was what is the command that would limit the debug output as shown in the exhibit?


12. Which AAA command configures login using the local database?


13. Which Cisco IOS feature allows you to create your own event definition for a network device and specify the action that should be performed in response to that event?


14. What causes GRE tunnel interface to be in down/down state?


15. There are two exhibit of GRE tunnel interface configuration on R1 and R2, they look almost identical in terms of configuration expect on R1 the interface is configured with keepalive 4 5 and R2 doesn’t.

Question says something like which statement best describes how the GRE interfaces will behave.


16. HSRP Case

You have been asked by your customer to help resolve issues in their routed network. Their network engineer has deployed HSRP. On closer inspection HSRP doesn’t appear to be operating properly and it appears there are other network problems as well. You are to provide solutions to all the network problems.

You have received notification from network monitoring system that link between R1 and R5 is down and you noticed that the active router for HSRP group 1 has not failed over to the standby router for group 1. You are required to troubleshoot and identify the issue.


17. The following debug messages are noticed for HSRP group 2. But still neither R1 nor R2 has identified one of them as standby router. Identify the reason causing the issue. Note: only show commands can be used to troubleshoot the ticket.


‘Mar 26 11:17:39.234: HSRP: Et1/0 Grp 2 Hello out Active pri 100 vIP

‘Mar 26 11:17:40.034: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello out Active prj 130 vIP


‘Mar 26 11:17:40.364: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello in Standby pri 100 vIP


‘Mar 26 11:17:41.969: HSRP: Et1/0 Grp 2 Hello out Active pri 100 vIP

‘Mar 26 11:17:53.338: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello out Active pri130vlP

‘Mar 26 11:17:53.633: HSRP: Et0/0 Grp 1 Hello in Standby pri 100 vIP


18. Examine the configuration on R4. The routing table shows no entries for and

Identify which of the following is the issue preventing route entries being installed on R4 routing table?


19. Examine the configuration on R5. Router R5 do not see any route entries learned from R4; what could be the issue?


20. BGP sim

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