Real and Valid 1Z0-983 Sample Questions

What can you do if you pass 1Z0-983 exam for Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist certification? If get the certification successfully, you are able to set up and configure Cloud security, build EPM Cloud automation routines, creating a FCCS Application, create data sets and dimension attributes, set up a close process, and design reports using Financial Reporting Studio. However, how to pass Oracle 1Z0-983 exam for your certification? Just choose great 1Z0-983 dumps to prepare for it well.

Not only offer you great 1Z0-983 dumps, we also have real and valid 1Z0-983 sample questions for checking below:

1. Company 123 is a public company that reports in US Dollars. Company 123 owns Company XYZ, a European company that consolidates in Euro. One of the Company XYZ’s subsidiaries is Company IOU, headquartered in Switzerland with a functional currency of the Swiss Franc.

Which process produces USD balances for Company IOU?


2. Which statement is correct regarding intercompany eliminations?


3. What member of the Currency dimension is associated with the Entity Input member of the Consolidation dimension?


4. Which statement is false regarding establishing security for Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS)?


5. Which three fields must be defined when registering a file-based source system in Data Management? (Choose three.)


6. When a Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) application was created, no intercompany options were enabled.

Which statement is true?


7. For which three tasks can Data Management be used? (Choose three.)


8. You are required to define a form that displays all form data for only specific View dimension member and not allow users to change this.

Where on the form do you define the View dimension and select the correct member?


9. Which dimension includes the FCCS_Global Assumption member that is used to store currency information?


10. Which two statements are correct with regard to Data Management locations? (Choose two.)


11. Which three key requirements does the Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) deliver to ensure a modern consolidation and close solution? (Choose three.)


12. When designing a report in Financial Reporting Studio, which item is NOT an insert-able report object?


13. Which four statements are true about the members in the FCCS_Cash Flow hierarchy in the Movement dimension? (Choose four.)


14. What is the primary function of enabling the Track Intercompany Elimination option during the application creation?


15. Which three combinations of dimensions could be valid for a Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) application? (Choose three.)


16. Which is NOT a member of the Data Source Dimension created by Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS)?


17. What will Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) do when adding a new member that is an expense type account under a parent that is set as an income type account?


18. Which four items are active components of the Currency dimension? (Choose four.)


19. Financial Consolidation Close Cloud maintains the status calculation for which combination of dimensions?


20. A company would like to capture Fixed Asset additions and disposals within the Movement dimension.

Which three tasks are necessary to achieve this goal? (Choose three.)


21. Which statement is FALSE when setting up Shared Entities?


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