Real 642-887 CCNP Service Provider Dumps

Cisco certification 642-887 exam tests the knowledge of the concepts and implementation of MPLS technology and MPLS-TE services of candidates. It is one of the four exams for CCNP Service Provider certification.

CCNP Service Provider

  • 642-883 SPROUTE Deploying Cisco Service Provider Network Routing (SPROUTE)
  • 642-885 SPADVROUTE Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing (SPADVROUTE)
  • 642-887 SPCORE Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Core Network Services (SPCORE)
  • 642-889 SPEDGE Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Edge Network Services (SPEDGE)

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1. An LDP session is established between two neighbors.
Over which protocol and port number do they maintain their adjacency?


2. Which option describes what happens when a labelled packet with a TTL of 1 is received by an LSR?


3. Which protocol is used to send MPLS OAM traffic over an MPLS network?


4. Which four options describe the functions of the control world in an AToM environment? (Choose four.)


5. Referring to the Cisco IOS XR show command output exhibit.

What are three possible reasons that the GigabitEthernet0/1/0/10 LDP IGP sync status is not ready? (Choose three.)


6. Refer to the exhibit.

XR2 needs to have LDP configured with PE1. Which configuration achieves this goal?


7. Which three fields must be the same in an IPv6 header to consider different packets on the same flow? (Choose three.)


8. An engineer is working in a service provider environment to troubleshoot a MPLS VPN. The engineer determines that LDP neighborship is flapping between two routers and causing disruption to the traffic.
Which LDP feature can help to solve the issue?


9. Which configuration can a network engineer use to establish high availability for LDP in an MPLS setup?


10. Which configuration fulfills the requirement of configuring LDP with Cisco Nonstop Forwarding on a router with 5 minutes time to hold the forwarding table information and 1 minute retry timer value for an LDP connection?


11. Which three commands are used to troubleshoot why IP packets are not forwarded on the LSP? (Choose three.)


12. A network engineer must design a core network routing domain that supports Cisco MPLS TE.
Which two interior gateway protocols represent viable solutions? (Choose two.)


13. The network architecture team is proposing to enable Cisco MPLS TE over the entire service provider core network.
Which two options are benefits of Cisco MPLS TE that affect their decision? (Choose two.)


14. Which two fields are in the traffic engineering topology database? (Choose two.)


15. A network engineer must analyze RSVP-TE signaling on a syslog server.
Which three RSVP messages are valid? (Choose three.)


16. An engineer is tasked to deploy Fast Reroute for Cisco MPLS TE.
Which LSR is in charge to request the Fast Reroute capability along the LSP?


17. The regional operation center deploys a Cisco MPLS TE tunnel over the company’s core network. The Cisco MPLS TE tunnel is up and no error is detected, but no traffic is traversing the tunnel.
Which two issues are possible causes? (Choose two.)


18. Cisco MPLS TE tunnels recently have been deployed to minimize the utilization of a congested link in the core network. The tunnels are up and the administrative weight is correctly configured, but no improvement has occurred since they went into production.
Which IOS command can be used to modify Cisco MPLS TE path selection on an interface?


19. Given this configuration of an interface for MPLS traffic engineering on a Cisco IOS XE router:
interface POS1/1/0
mpls traffic-eng tunnels
ip rsvp bandwidth 5000
Which option lists the equivalent configurations required on a Cisco IOS XR router?


20. A company asks an engineer to provide an explanation for implementing MPLS DiffServ-TE services.
Which option is a DiffServ-TE fundamental concept that should be highlighted?


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