Oracle VM 3 for x86 Essentials 1Z0-590 Exam Dumps

Good preparation materials for your Oracle VM 3 for x86 Essentials 1Z0-590 exam is availble. We offer you real 1Z0-590 exam dumps for passing. 1Z0-590 exam is for Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification, which identifies professionals that are skilled in implementing solutions based on Oracle VM technologies. Great 1Z0-590 exam dumps come for you now.

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1. What is the purpose of the use “command” In the CLI?

2. What component of Oracle VM Product is specifically responsible for the automatic failover process?

3. A low priority guest is using up more of the physical network traffic than desired. Select the two valid network QoS settings for restricting outbound network traffic?

4. What two steps would best harden an Oracle VM Server installation?

5. Networking is not working for several guests on a particular host.

Which two commands can help troubleshoot the networking?

6. What is the effect of running a server pool restores?

7. Which three are part of the JeOS toolkit?

8. Which statement best describes the pricing metric for Oracle VM configurations?

9. A virtual machine is copied onto portable media and transferred to another machine In a different server pool. The virtual machine is then run on the new host, but it falls to boot.

What are two potential problems?

10. Which disk protocol is the default disk type for disks in a paravirtualized guest?

11. When an Oracle VM server starts, by default how does it map physical NICs to Xen bridges?

12. In hardware virtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in dom0 and the guest to communicate block I/O requests?

13. What two steps are required to create a root repository in an Oracle VM server pool?

14. When converting hardware virtualized machine to full PV, the guest falls to boot.

What line in vm.cfq is likely leftover from the HVM configuration?

15. The server hosting the Oracle VM manager database repository has an unscheduled outage.

What are the two consequences of this issue?

16. When using NFS, what technology is used to control locking on the NFS mount?

17. When crating a repository on an iSCSI LUN, how should the LUN be formatted?

18. What task can an Administrator do that a Manager cannot in Oracle VM Manager?

19. You have a large number of virtual machines that need access to a storage repository.

Which answer describes the factors you use to determine your storage repository strategy?

20. In Oracle 2.2.x under which directory does each repository create a mount point and what is the name of subdirectory?

21. What requirements apply to shared storage on an HA Server Pool?

22. In a paravirtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in domO and the guest to communicate block I/O requests?

23. In Oracle VM 2.2.x, what directory will the root repository be symbolically linked to on each Oracle VM Server attached to a storage pool?

24. During installation of Oracle VM Manager to a new Oracle Enterprise Linux server, the installer fails with a message indicating that there is insufficient swap space.

What is the cause for this error?

25. In a paravirtualized environment, which answer best describes the drivers that are used in domO and the guest to communicate network I/O requests?

26. The Oracle VM administrator is having issues shutting down a virtual machine.

Which log file will best help troubleshoot whether the shutdown command is being successfully executed on the target server?

27. Oracle VM Server 2.2 consists of which two software components?

28. Which command will add ethO to the bridge xenbr0?

29. What is the effect of running with the ―delete option on an existing repository?

30. A RedHat Enterprise Linux installation with three installation CDs needs to be created.

What is the proper way to set up the ISO images?

31. When vitalizing a cluster of Windows 2003 servers on Oracle VM, which virtualization technique should be used?

32. A customer is running an existing server farm of open source Xen servers running the same version of Xen as Oracle VM 2.2. The customer would like to manage these servers with Oracle VM.

What is the best reason that this will not be possible?

33. What two attributes of a virtual machine are not available on the Oracle VM Manager Home screen when the virtual machine is currently powered down?

34. Which two statements describe Oracle Validated Configurations?

35. Which three attributes of an existing virtual disk can be changed using Oracle VM Manager?

36. What command(s) will create a new 10 GB virtual disk named Apps, and attach it to a virtual machine named Test?

37. When a domain is live migrated, what resources are migrated between the source and target servers?

38. There is an issue booting into a virtual machine. The log files show that there is an issue during the Linux boot process of the guest.

What two methods will best help determine the problem?

39. A server with 16GB of RAM is only showing 8GB available after boot, but before running any virtual machines.

What method will best find the issue?


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