Oracle Session Border Controller SBC Certification 1Z0-400 Exam Dumps

It is urgently to pass 1Z0-400 exam for you Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Certified Implementation Specialist certification. Both the Oracle 1Z0-400 exam and the certification will be retired on March 15, 2019. Please make sure you can complete 1Z0-400 Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials exam before that day.

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1. To replace the Session Border Controller’s running configuration with a previous configuration, perform the following:


2. Once the management network interface is configured, what can it be used for?


3. What needs to be done to enable Physical Interface Redundancy (phy link redundancy)?


4. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an Application layer control protocol that performs which two functions?


5. The __________ parameter in the sip-interface element indicates how often a User Agent (UA) located behind a NAT should re-register with the Session Border Controller.


6. You are enabling management access on a network interface in the Session Border Controller.

Which two are applicable?


7. What are two differences between the SIP NAT Bridge (SNB) and the Single SIP NAT Homed in a Trusted Network (SSNHTN) models on the Session Border Controller?


8. You mape a configuration change to a media interface.

Which command must be executed in order to commit the changes to volatile memory?


9. To view an existing multiple-instance element’s configuration you can go to the correct branch of the configuration tree and___________.


10. Which two parameters are NOT phy-interface parameters?


11. Which statements are TRUE about a Net-Net 4500 SIP interface?


12. All of the following are components of the Session Border Controller’s OS Media Control function, except:


13. Which statement is FALSE about the sub-port-id field within a network-interface configuration?


14. __________is the percentage of a Session Border Controller’s peer advertisement time for the other peer in the high availability (HA) pair to wait before considering the peer out of service.


15. Which two SIP request Methods are defined by RFC 3261?


16. The h245-stage parameter in the h323-stack element determines___________.


17. Which two parameters MUST be specified when configuring a local policy for SIP peering?


18. You are working with a Net-Net 4500 Session Border Controller.

What will result from the execution of the delete-configuration command?


19. How does the Session Border Controller ensure that a pinhole is kept open for persistent communication to a SIP endpoint behind a NAT device?


20. You configured local policy preferences on the Net-Net 4500.The Net-Net 4500 sorts through these preferences.

Which preference is ranked the second highest priority?


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