Oracle Sales Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-970 Dumps

Get the most updated Oracle Sales Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-970 Dumps online. We have updated 1Z0-970 dumps V10.02 to ensure that you will pass Oracle Sales Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials exam smoothly. We share 74 practice questions and answers in Oracle 1Z0-970 dumps, you just need to learn all these Q&As, then we ensure you pass 1Z0-970 Oracle Sales Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials exam.

Free Oracle Sales Cloud 1Z0-970 Exam Dumps 2019

1. Which statement is correct with regards to leads and opportunities?


2. Which three options are mandatory procedures to consider in migration planning? (Choose three.)


3. Identify two criteria that must be met for salespeople to submit their forecasts. (Choose two.)


4. Your customer has thousands of products and would like to migrate from his legacy system to Oracle Sales Cloud.

Which statement is true regarding Importing Product Groups?


5. Which tool will a developer use to alter security for an existing job role on a custom object?


6. Which two Customer Center Profile Options would be used to automatically assign Territories to Accounts? (Choose two.)


7. Which three features are available for Outlook configuration in Application Composer? (Choose three.)


8. You are importing records that already exist in your system. However, there are minor changes in those records.

To update these records, which two key pieces of information does your file have to include? (Choose two.)


9. Which three options would you configure to validate geography in the Manage Geographies task? (Choose three.)


10. Which two updates are typically performed on a quarterly basis? (Choose two.)


11. Which three steps should you perform to import data using the predefined templates from the File-Based Data Import tool? (Choose three.)


12. Which four key attributes can you configure to reference customers in Oracle Sales Cloud? (Choose four.)


13. You are trying to upload a source file for mapping from the desktop. The Excel file is saved in Unicode text format and the resultant file is then converted into a CSV file for upload.

Which of the following options from the list of File Encoding will you select during upload of file?


14. Consider the following:

– An opportunity is associated with the NY Territory.

– Mike Lee and Susan Brown are members of the opportunity sales team.

– Mark Lake is Susan Brown’s manager.

Which option shows the members of the sales team who can view the opportunity record?


15. The customization level is set to Extensible on a lookup type.

Identity two actions that can be done on a lookup type during implementation. (Choose two.)


16. You were asked to define an object trigger to extend the standard processing logic of the opportunity record creation.

Identify two recommendations to prevent performance degradation. (Choose two.)


17. Which module maintains the industry hierarchy for territory definition?


18. Before your company upgrades the production environment, it must go through an UAT process in an upgraded test environment.

Which three conditions must be met before the UAT can begin? (Choose three.)


19. After creating custom fields for opportunities, you are ready to import legacy data into the Fusion system.

Which step is necessary before the opportunity data can be imported?


20. You are importing users through File Based Loader. After import you realized that few of the users are not appearing in Oracle Identity Management.

What is the first step you should do in order to fix this issue so that the remaining users appear in OIM?


21. OSC Party Export provides information about ____________________.


22. The marketing analyst launched two promotions and is analyzing the responses. The source codes of several treatments are identical.

What happened?


23. You have created recurring revenue schedules for your opportunity products to manage your subscription sales.

Which four statements are correct with respect to recurring opportunities? (Choose four.)


24. In the Desktop User Interface (Desktop UI), how would you configure the regional area of the Customer Center for all users?


25. Identify three mandatory items for creating a rule set in Oracle Sales Cloud. (Choose three.)


26. Which Setup and Maintenance task is used to run imports in Oracle Sales Cloud?


27. Which four options are copied when you copy an opportunity? (Choose four.)


28. Which option represents a mandatory step to be performed before applying customization sets in a production instance?


29. Which two actions occur in the application when a sandbox is published? (Choose two.)


30. Your customer wants to track the change history of the Opportunity business object. After setting the audit level of the Sales Cloud Application to “Auditing”, you still cannot see any audit log.

Which configuration step must be completed to achieve this requirement?


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