Oracle Policy Automation Certification 1Z0-345 Exam Dumps

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Free 1Z0-345 Oracle Policy Automation Exam Dumps

1. You are working on a project where you need to develop a rule to calculate the currency attribute “the person’s total monthly school cost”. This attribute is calculated as follows: (1) Add “the annual cost of the tuition” and “the annual cost of lodging”. (2) Subtract “the total annual scholarship amount” from the attributes previously summed. (3) Divide the result by 12.

How should you achieve this?


2. Your policy model includes this rule:

the user is a minor if

the user’s age < 18

Which two statements are true?


3. You have a Policy Modeling project with five attributes as shown below.

Which one of these attributes compiles with the principles for writing attribute text?


4. Which two statements are correct for a Policy Automation project team?


5. You have an interview screen that collects the attribute “the person’s age in years”. Your customer requires that an error message be displayed if “the person’s age in years” is less than 0 or greater than 120.

Which option satisfies this requirement?


6. A student admissions system must capture multiple study preferences for a prospective student. Each preference includes a preferred campus. If the student is electing to study at the Sydney campus, then the student should be asked accommodation questions.

Which condition should you use to conclude that “the student should be asked the accommodation questions”?


7. You are working on a new Policy Automation interview that will load and save data into Service Cloud. You set your Data Mapping Settings to connect to the Service Cloud instance and are using the Data Output Mapping view in Policy Modeling to create the entities and attributes you want to work with.

You notice that the field “Name” has a red asterisk next to it.

What two statements are correct about what the red asterisk indicates?


8. You have a source material for your policy model that reads as follows:

“Only families who meet the minimum work and education requirement are eligible for the competitiveness credit. A family meets the work and education requirement if all of its members are either gainfully employed or enrolled in a full-time study program. Families in which a member does not meet the requirement but is actively searching for a job can apply for a waiver”.

Which statement describes the entity structure that your policy model should have?


9. You have deployed a policy model written in English and want to deploy it in Spanish, so that both the English and Spanish versions are available to end users.

Which two steps are required?


10. Which two statements are true regarding the use of logical connectors in rules?


11. You are instructed to create a very simple interview with a minimal number of elements.

Which three elements must be included in an interview?


12. Which two statements are correct about using Collaboration on a Policy Modeling project?


13. Which two statements about Policy Automation mobile interviews are correct?


14. Which action creates a shared version of a project for two policy modelers to work on together?


15. Your policy model contains the following:



You have set the attribute “the child” to use substitution, but the name is not automatically being substituted into the “under 18” interview question.

Which guideline about choosing attribute text needs to be applied to the policy model for this substitution to work?


16. The source material for your policy model says:

To be eligible for the program, there must be at least one child in the family under 18 years of age. The payment amount for the family is based on the total income of all family members. If a family member has multiple jobs, include income from all jobs.

Which two steps should you perform?


17. Assuming that no relationship text has been manually defined or changed, what type of relationship is “all instances of the store”?


18. You have an entity called “the child”. You have three attributes called “the child’s score,” “the lowest score of all the children,” and “the number of children scoring more than ten.” You want to write two rules to infer the lowest score of all the children and the number of children scoring more than ten without creating any additional attributes in the child entity.

Which two entity functions do you need to use?


19. You have removed an entity instance in the Debugger using the Delete instance option shown.

You also want to delete the single entity instance belonging to the relationship “the brands” using the same method.

Why can’t you do this?


20. Your source material requires the following:

One applicant may own multiple businesses. Each business may have any number of sales leaders, with each of those sales leaders only working for one business and each having their gross sales recorded.

Which two statements are true?


21. After deploying a new version of a policy model to production on the Policy Automation Hub, you have been advised there is a problem and you need to roll back to a previous version.

Using the minimum number of steps, what instructions would you give your Hub Administrator to achieve this?


22. Which five functions can a user with the single role of Hub Administrator access?


23. Which three options will result in an error due to incorrect use of grouping operators?


24. Which two statements comply with the principles for writing Boolean attributes in Policy Modeling?


25. What are three typical benefits of modeling business rules isomorphically (in a way that matches the source material) in Oracle Policy Automation?


26. The policy model you are creating will be used by developers to automate decisions by calling the OPA Determinations API Assess Service.

Which elements of the project data model must be given names?


27. You need to develop a rule that will determine the person’s income in dollars. Your policy model does not have such an attribute yet.

How can you create this attribute?


28. Which two use cases are suitable for Policy Automation?


29. Which attribute in the rules was the silent (always) explanation option applied to?


30. You wrote this rule:

How many attributes does it contain?


31. Which two operators must you use in a procedural rule to enforce collection of all entity-level data for all entity instances?


32. A customer has requested an interview that will create an incident in Service Cloud along with a number of tasks (linked to the incident).

From a data mapping perspective at the entity level, how can this be achieved with the minimum number of steps?


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