Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Exam 1Z0-532 Updated Dumps Questions

According to the details, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification is available for all candidates, which requires you to answer 1Z0-532 Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials certification exam successfully. It is good news for you if you are planning for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Exam 1Z0-532, we have updated 1Z0-532 dumps questions with 76 practice exam questions and answer, which help you complete Oracle 1Z0-532 exam and identify that you are skilled in implementing solutions based on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management.

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1. What are the three characteristics of sub EnumMemberLists ()? (Choose three.)

2. Identify the dimensions that are built by using the application profile?

3. To which dimension do custom dimensions provide additional detail?

4. The Account dimension's Is ICP "R" property specifies________.

5. EPMA provides a Shared Dimension Library for maintaining EPM dimensions. Identify two reasons that would make you consider using EPMA to maintain dimensions over FM Classic metadata files? (Choose two.)

6. Which is the rule function used to notify the following year that a consolidation is needed due to recalculation of the current year?

7. Identify three valid application settings. (Choose three.)

8. Identify the purpose of using task lists.

9. What are two effects of deploying an EPMA application? (Choose two.)

10. You need to migrate an FM application in version 11 from development to production. Your environment has two instances of Shared Services, one for development and one for production.

Identify the two true statements about using Life Cycle Management to perform the application migration from development to production within this environment. (Choose two.)

11. Identify the three true statements about I/C activity. (Choose three.)

12. For metadata loads, you can import changes to metadata for which three application elements? (Choose three.)

13. Identify the three true statements about security classes. (Choose three.)

14. For a classic application, what are the two valid methods to extract metadata to a text file? (Choose two.)

15. What is the primary purpose of Extended Analytics in FM?

16. The Audit Intersection link in Data Grid menus takes the user to:

17. How can an administrator get a list of security classes AND assigned users defined in the FM application?

18. The organization by period feature is used for what two purposes? (Choose two.)

19. If Sample Company 1230LAP has an intercompany balance with sample company PQR, when is the balance eliminated, assuming that consolidation rules have not been enabled in Application Settings?

20. How many custom dimensions do Financial Management applications allow?

21. You need to copy an FM Classic application including data from the production environment to the test environment to test new business rules.

How can you do this?

22. The Value dimension stores detail from child to parent for which dimension?

23. Custom dimensions may be used to perform

24. Identify the two features that are available for data forms but not data grids. (Choose two.)

25. Identify the two true statements about property value inheritance for dimension members in EPMA. (Choose two.)


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