Oracle Engagement Cloud 2018 Certified 1Z0-993 Dumps Online

One who have gained Oracle Engagement Cloud 2018 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification has the knowledge to perform initial setup and configure service request management. This certification requires you pass 1Z0-993 Oracle Engagement Cloud 2018 Implementation exam. But it is difficult to pass. Do not worry, we today introduce you Oracle Engagement Cloud 2018 Certified 1Z0-993 Dumps Online which is new and accurate to ensure you pass 1Z0-993 exam in the first try.

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1. Which three statements are true about building Digital Customer Service (DCS) applications?


2. You are creating a shared SmartText entry.

Which option do you need to select to define a time period during which the entry is available to users?


3. Identify three considerations before starting the configuration of assignment rules to service requests.


4. You have enabled email acknowledgement and have created a corresponding template. The acknowledgement e-mail is sent, but there is some standard text appended to the email that is not part of the template:

Standard text appended:

“Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. The reference number for your service request is: SR0000003006. (SVC-5295081)

Thank you for your patience. If you would like to communicate further about the service request, you can reply to this email and send it to the email address: nnn­[email protected] {# #SR0000003056# #}”

Which statement is true?


5. What should you do to enable Password Reset in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?


6. Which two are true characteristics about the lifecycle of a service request?


7. Select the correct procedure to enable the Audit History tab for Service Requests.


8. You need to extract all service Request (SR) data from your Engagement Cloud site from the last 12 months.

Identify two valid approaches to get this large volume of data.


9. Which statement is correct when describing the process of adding assignment rules from Service



10. A service agent can create tasks from different system areas.

Identify three modules where a service agent can create and associate tasks.


11. What four actions do the as-delivered Service Request components included in a Digital Customer Service (DCS) application enable a DCS user to do?


12. Which four statements are correct about hotkeys for Action Commands?


13. Select three correct limits and restrictions when importing data from a file.


14. Identify the sequence of steps you must follow to disable the Service Communication channels.


15. Which three options are advantages of a structured approach to Knowledge Management as implemented in Engagement Cloud?


16. Which six Digital Customer Service (DCS) parts can be modified using Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)?


17. Milestones are not getting applied to service requests in the customer environment. Identify three causes.


18. What is the main function of the Data Security Policies?


19. Your client has already established a product catalog of sales products and now wants to include service products to categorize service requests. You suggest the creation of a new catalog.

What are two advantages of creating a new service catalog instead of using an existing one?


20. Your customer asked you to modify the default severity value for new service requests.

Which three steps should you follow to make the change?


21. To create a service request, you log in to Engagement Cloud, navigate to service > Service Request and then click “Create Service Request”.

Which set of field must be completed to save the service request (assume as-delivered field properties have not been changed)?


22. To create a new Survey object, you create a sandbox and set it as active.

Which two statements are correct while creating your Survey object in Application Composer?


23. You have been instructed to implement the “My Knowledge” page for your customer’s Engagement Cloud site.

Which is the correct first action in configuring “My Knowledge”?


24. Identify two correct statements about the way Visual Builder Cloud service (VBCS) and Digital Customer Service (DCS) are related.


25. Which two keyboard shortcuts can be modified?


26. Immediately after your production deployment of Engagement Cloud your users report that the media toolbar is not being displayed.

Which are two reasons for this behavior?


27. Your customer has informed you about a possible error in the screen pop-up when receiving a call. The problem is that the edit contact screen pop is shown whenever a call is received but most of the time the calls are regarding open Service Requests. As a result, agents have to navigate to that page, losing time and being ineffective.

What is causing the problem?


28. Import translated message bundles.


29. Which four actions does the REST API for Service Requests (SRs) allow?


30. You want to configure the workflow for the standard Service Request (SR) object.

Which four actions can you do?


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