Oracle Cloud Platform Big Data Management 2018 Associate 1Z0-928 Dumps

Oracle 1Z0-928 exam is for Oracle Cloud Platform Big Data Management 2018 Certified Associate Certification. Oracle Big Data Cloud Service 2018 Associate certification is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundational knowledge in using and configuring Oracle Big Data services. As one of candidates who are preparing for 1Z0-928 exam, I recommend you valid 1Z0-928 dumps for preparation. Oracle Cloud Platform Big Data Management 2018 Associate 1Z0-928 Dumps from DumpsBase ensure that you can pass 1Z0-928 exam smoothly.

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1. Which function is NOT a part of Kerberos?


2. You have a 3-Rack Hadoop Cluster and you have configured HDFS with the replication factor set to 3. All Racks and Nodes are up and running.

Which is the correct Data Replica layout by default?


3. Which methods of Kafka deployment on Oracle Cloud does NOT provide SSH access?


4. You need to enforce network encryption, as Kerberos authentication does not protect data as it travels through the network. Hadoop being a distributed system means that data must be transmitted over the network across machines.

Which is NOT a network communication protocol used network encryption?


5. Big Data Cloud has tools for easy provisioning, managing, and monitoring of Apache Hadoop clusters.

Which component does Oracle Big Data Cloud use as the platform stack for cluster orchestration and provisioning?


6. You have data in large files you need to copy from your Hadoop HDFS to other storage providers. You decided to use the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service distributed copy utility odcp.

As odcp is compatible with Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop, which four are supported when copying files?


7. ABC Media receives thousands of files every day from many sources. Each text-formatted file is typically 1-2 MB in size. They need to store all these files for at least two years. They heard about Hadoop and about the HDFS filesystem, and want to take advantage of the cost-effective storage to store the vast number of files.

Which two recommendations could you provide to the customer to maintain the effectiveness of HDFS with the growing number of files?


8. During provisioning, which can you create in order to integrate Big Data Cloud with Other Oracle PaaS services?


9. You have easily and successfully created clusters with the Oracle Big Data Cloud wizard. You want to create a cluster that will be very specific to the needs of your business.

How would you customize Oracle Big Data Cloud clusters during provisioning?


10. What is the optimal way in Event Hub Cloud Service to stream data into Object Storage?


11. When you create a cluster, how many permanent nodes must you have before you can have edge nodes?


12. A company is using Oracle Big Data Cloud Service that has Hive tables owned by user A. The tables are being dropped by user B.

How should you implement authorization in Hadoop?


13. Which statement is true about Big Data File System in Oracle Big Data Cloud?


14. You are in a project with teams from other departments of the company. It is necessary to collaborate not only creative ideas but also the data with the other departments. In the Big Data Cloud Service, you need to copy data that is in very large files between HDFS on your cluster to their cloud storage.

Which utility is more efficient for copying large data files?


15. Oracle Big Data Cloud provides a ready-to-use, open source Notebook utility you can use to create and code interactive exploratory analytical visualizations.

What is the name of that Notebook utility?


16. Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data offers customers with Enterprise big data Integration.

What component does Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data use to give you the ability to solve your most complex and time-sensitive data transformation and data movement challenges?


17. What is the difference between permanent nodes and edge nodes?


18. What is the result of the FLATMAP () function in Spark?


19. As the Big Data Cloud Service Administrator, you need to access one of the cluster nodes. Using secure shell, what are the two things you will need in order to access the node?


20. You execute the command hdfs dfs Cis to view the directory listing on the Edge/Gateway node in a secured cluster, but get an error. You were able to execute the same command successfully 24 hours ago. No changes have been made to the user or the infrastructure.

How do you fix the problem?


21. Oracle Cloud provides options of where you can securely deploy your cloud services. Where can you deploy Oracle Big Data Cloud?


22. How can you collect and move Syslog data with HDFS without any data loss?


23. Which is NOT a valid way the data streaming platform Kafka can be deployed in the Oracle cloud?


24. Which three pluggable schedulers are supported by YARN?


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