Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate 1Z0-932 Dumps

1Z0-932 Oracle Certification Exam is a hot topic, which is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation knowledge in architecting infrastructure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. You can easily get your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate 1Z0-932 Dumps from DumpsBase. It is a great way to pass 1Z0-932 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Architect Associate in the first attempt is by doing a selective study with valid Oracle 1Z0-932 dumps.

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1. Which two parameters are required in a back end set’s HTTP health check? (Choose two.)


2. Which two are true for achieving High Availability on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? (Choose two.)


3. Which two configuration formats does Terraform support? (Choose two.)


4. At the end of a terraform apply operation, what is the default output?


5. You have created a public subnet in a VCN, and your public subnet has a Route Table, a Security List, and an Internet Gateway.

However, none of the compute instances can connect to the Internet.

Which two are possible reasons for the connectivity issue? (Choose two.)


6. You want an instance in your compartment to make API calls to other services within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without storing credentials in a configuration file.

What do you need to do?


7. Which three must be configured for a load balancer to accept incoming traffic? (Choose two.)


8. Which two statements are true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Service? (Choose two.)


9. Which five are the required parameters to launch an instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? (Choose five)


10. Which DNS resource record type is used to point a host name to an IPv4 address?


11. Which three can you achieve by using Terraform? (Choose three.)


12. Your application front end consists of several Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances behind a load balancer instance. You have configured the load balancer to perform health checks on these instances.

If an instance fails to pass health checks, what will happen?


13. Which statement is true about cloning a volume?


14. Which scaling option does Database Cloud Service (DBCS) on Bare Metal Shape offer?


15. Which statement is true about Oracle Cloud Identifiers (OCID)?


16. Which three types of credentials are used to manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM)? (Choose three.)


17. Which two are true for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS? (Choose two.)


18. Which service is NOT supported by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI?


19. In which language are Terraform and Terraform providers written?


20. Given: When creating multiple subnets within a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), security lists are often made to group common services, for example, SSH and RDP (remote access), 80 and 443 (HTTP), and so on.

By default, what is the maximum number of security lists that can be associated with a subnet upon creation?


21. Why are two subnets required to create a public load balancer when additional subnets are often used for back-end servers? (Choose two.)


22. Which certificate format is used with the load balancer?


23. A new employee has just started working for your company. You create an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure user account for this employee, following which they are able to log in, but still cannot create any resources.

What should you do to resolve this?


24. Which two statements are true about subnets within a VCN? (Choose two.)



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