Oracle Certification 1Z0-070 Exam Dumps

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1. Which two statements are true about the use of DBFS, ACFS, and external file systems and components in an X5 Database Machine environment?


2. Which two are true about sparse griddisks and their use in disk groups on an X5 Exadata Database Machine?


3. You installed ASR Manager on a stand-alone server and configured Auto Service Request (ASR) for your X5 Database Machine and its assets.

Which three statements are true about this configuration?


4. Which two statements are true about RMAN incremental level-1 backups for a database running on an X5 Database Machine?


5. Which three statements are true about Exadata storage server alerts in an X5 Database Machine?


6. Which two statements are true about the X5 Exadata storage server rescue procedure?


7. Which two statements are true about backup performance when using Recovery Manager (RMAN) on an X5 Database Machine?


8. In which scenario will griddisks residing on the same celldisk have balanced performance characteristics in an X5 High Capacity Exadata Storage Server?


9. You are in the process of upgrading your X5 Database Machine half rack to a full rack.

The new storage servers are called DM01CEL08 through DM01CEL14.

After creating 96 new griddisks, you issued this SQL statement:

How many failgroups if any, will be added to the DATA diskgroup by executing this SQL statement?


10. You plan to migrate an Oracle database that supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload to your X6 Database Machine. The Database Machine database version is 11.2.

You plan to perform a physical database migration using Transportable Database.

Which two are requirements for this method?


11. Which four statements are true concerning the configuration or use of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor and manage Exadata Database Machine components?


12. Identify two supported modifications to an X5 Database Machine.


13. You are designing the monitoring architecture and procedures for an X5 Database Machine fabric consisting of two full racks, to provide for the monitoring for all components on the critical path of the admin network.

Which two components need to be monitored?


14. Which two statements are true about Auto Service Request (ASR) with an X5 Database Machine?


15. Which two statements are true about data paths used during RMAN backup and restore operations when media management servers use InfiniBand to connect to an X5 Database Machine?


16. Which two statements are true about the use of Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) on an X5 or X6 Database Machine?


17. Which three are true concerning Exadata snapshot databases?


18. In which three situations will a Smart Scan occur on a table for which Smart Scan is possible, assuming that nothing in the environment prevents a Smart Scan?


19. As part of planning for database consolidation, you grouped your databases into two categories based on different technical and business objectives.

Which three statements are true about possible configurations for your Exadata X6 Database Machine fabric?


20. DATA3_DBM1 ­ High Redundancy

Which two diskgroups will not suffer from any data loss throughout the patching process even if there is a single disk failure on one of the cells


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