Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist 1Z0-931 Dumps Questions

One who holds Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist certification has demonstrated the knowledge required to provision, manage, and migrate to Autonomous Transaction Database (ATP) and Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW). If you are preparing for 1Z0-931 for the Oracle Autonomous Database 2019 Specialist, we have 1Z0-931 dumps questions online to help you complete it. Read 1Z0-931 dumps questions online, we ensure that you can pass Oracle 1Z0-931 Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Specialist exam smoothly.

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1. What are two advantages of using Data Pump to migrate your Oracle Databases to Autonomous Database? (Choose two.)


2. The default eight-day retention period for Autonomous Database performance data can be modified using which DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY subprogram procedure?


3. Which task is NOT automatically performed by the Oracle Autonomous Database?


4. Which three statements are true about procedures in the DBMS_CLOUD package? (Choose three.)


5. Which of these database features is NOT part of the Autonomous Database?


6. Which two statements are true with regards to Oracle Data Sync? (Choose two.)


7. Which statement is false about Autonomous Database Oracle Client Credentials (Wallets)?


8. What is the predefined role that exists in Autonomous Database that includes common privileges that are used by a Data Warehouse developer?


9. Which two system privileges does a user need to create analytic views? (Choose two.)


10. What are three methods to load data into the Autonomous Database? (Choose three.)


11. While Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse use the same Oracle database, which statement is true about the workloads?


12. When scaling OCPUs in Autonomous Database, which statement is true in regards to active transactions?


13. Which three statements are correct when the Autonomous Database is stopped? (Choose three.)


14. Which two are correct actions to take in order to Download the Autonomous Database Credentials? (Choose two.)


15. How many pre-defined service names are configured in tnsnames.ora for a single Autonomous Transaction Processing database instance, and what are they called?


16. If you need to connect to Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) via an HTTP proxy, where do you set the proxy details?


17. Your customer receives information in various formats like .csv files from their suppliers. The business user would like to collect all of this information and store it in a ATP environment. The Oracle adviser recommends to use Oracle Data Sync for this.

Which statement is true regarding Oracle Data Sync?


18. The 3rd party application that your customer wants to migrate to Autonomous Database (ADB) has some specific demands like tablespace names, usemames and init.ora parameters. The decision was made to adhere to the suggested migration method using an instant client and the datapump version that was suggested (and came with it).

Which statement is true about the migration of the application’s database success?


19. A customer wants to migrate to Autonomous Database (ADB) but only allows for a very small window of downtime. Golden Gate was advised to be used during the migration. For maximum reassurance of their end-users, the customer also would like to use Golden Gate as a fall-back scenario for the first 6 months after the migration. If customers complain, the on-premise data can be synchronised with the ADB Instance for a switch back.

Which statement about the migration using Golden Gate is correct?


20. Which statement is true regarding database client credentials file required to connect to your Autonomous Database?


21. In which way can a SQL Developer help you test your data loading scenario to Autonomous Database (ADB)?


22. Where can a user’s public ssh key be added on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console in order to execute API calls?


23. Which statement is true in regards to database links?


24. How can an Autonomous Database resource be provisioned without logging into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console?


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