Oracle Analytics Cloud 2018 Associate 1Z0-936 Exam Dumps

Applicants, who earning Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2018 Certified Associate Certification, can prove that they can use Advanced Analytics capabilities, create a machine learning model and configure Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase. This is a great advantage to earn a position successfully. That’s why so many applicants want to pass 1Z0-936 exam to enhance their career. Oracle Analytics Cloud 2018 Associate 1Z0-936 Exam Dumps contain real 1Z0-936 exam questions and answers to ensure your success here.

Not only provides you real 1Z0-936 exam dumps, we also share you 1Z0-936 free dumps for checking:

1. You want to create a filter that restricts access to the Fact table so that Revenue is only visible to users assigned to a particular role.

In which tab should you set this up?


2. Oracle Analytics Cloud offers several visualization options for presenting query results.

How do you explicitly invoke “best visualization” in Oracle Analytics Cloud?


3. Which two statements are true regarding configuring filters to control visual content? (Choose two.)


4. Which two statements are true regarding the source of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Analyses? (Choose two.)


5. Which feature does the Data Lake Edition uniquely offer?


6. You have created a visualization of revenue data by date (at day level) for the last three years.

What functionality should you use to create a prediction of ongoing revenue throughout the next three months?


7. What does a confusion matrix Illustrate?


8. In which two ways can you use Oracle Analytics Cloud to determine which values of a given data set may provide the greatest opportunity due to their stand out qualities? (Choose two.)


9. Which two elements does a well modeled Fact Table consist of? (Choose two.)


10. Monitoring information is updated automatically. You can also run a health check to update the display of monitoring information at any time.

What are the correct steps to explicitly run a health check?


11. Which statement is false with respect to Dashboards?


12. You’ve created an instance with 1 OCPU and 15 GB of RAM.

What is this combination of OCPU and RAM called?


13. Which statement is false with respect to Dashboard Prompts?


14. What should you use to start the BI components within your service?


15. Your customer has a hybrid aggregate Essbase cube. They want to be able to model what-if scenarios with hypothetical data and are considering using the Sandbox dimension.

Which two statements represent correct functionality of the Sandbox dimension? (Choose two.)


16. Which action cannot be employed to split one Data Set column containing data with hyphenated strings (in the format of xxx-xxx) into two columns?


17. Which statement is false about log files generated by Oracle BI Analyses?


18. Which of the following cannot be done with Data Visualization to shape stories?


19. A customer wants to build a Block Storage (BSO) cube which has 8 standard dimensions and 2 attribute dimensions.

How many dimension worksheets will the application workbook have?


20. The data loads for your Essbase cube are taking many hours, due to which the cube is unavailable to the user for extended periods every day. You are assigned the task of optimizing the data load process.

Which are four optimization steps? (Choose four.)



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