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1. A worker is scheduled to work from Monday to Friday. As an HR administrator, you receive a call from the worker on Friday evening 16-Jun-2017, that they are on vacation from 17-Jun-2017 (Saturday) and will be back at work on 26-Jun-2017 (Monday). The absence type for vacation has no duration formula or plans attached and the duration is measured in Days. There is a calendar exception on 23-Jun-2017 (Friday).

What should be the start date, end date, and the duration of this absence record if the “Schedule nonworking days” is set to “Not enabled”?


2. You configure a Holiday absence type with the “Insufficient Balance Enforcement” rule set to Not Enabled for administrative transactions and you associate it with an absence plan that has “Allow Negative Balance?” set to No.

Which outcome would occur if an administrator submits a Holiday with an absence type duration of 15 days for an employee who has only 10 days of balance left?


3. An employee is enrolled in the following accrual plans, both of which are linked to the same absence type:

Floating Holiday – Priority 100 – (Balance = 2 days), no negative balance allowed.

Vacation – Priority 200 – (Balance = 3 days), negative balance allowed with a limit of 2 days

Describe how a 7-day absence will be processed using this absence plan setup.


4. A customer requires their administrator to enter the paternity leave for their employees. Paternity leave can only be entered if an employee hasn’t taken an absence called special absence in the previous 30 days of the paternity leave start date. The customer requires also that this paternity leave absence is only available for the employees who have one year of seniority in the company. Employees should notify of the absence at least 30 days in advance of the start date of the absence; otherwise, the absence is not considered timely.

Which configuration should you use to implement these requirements?


5. Which is the parameter for limiting processing to a specific set of workers in the Evaluate Absence process?


6. Which formula type allows you to specify custom rules for use within an Eligibility Profile?


7. An employee is enrolled into a plan on a future date 01-Jan-2090. HR searches for the employee on a date earlier than 01-Jan-2090 as a result of which the enrollment does not appear by default (because the status is Inactive). HR goes ahead and tries to add a new enrollment to the same plan as of current date.

What is the result of this action assuming accrual has not been run for the old enrollment?


8. You configured a donation plan in your organization for workers to donate accrual plan balances to coworkers. But when a donation was initiated by one of the workers, the accrual plan could NOT identify the donation plan.

Which two are possible reasons the accrual plan failed to identify the donation plan? (Choose two.)


9. Which two accrual plan adjustment reasons come seeded with the application? (Choose two.)


10. You selected the “Evaluate remaining entitlement without absence record” check box on the Participation tab of the Create Absence Plan page for a qualification plan whose term is Calendar Year.

What does this enable HR specialists to do?


11. Which setup options must you use to implement discretionary disbursements on Absence Management?


12. You will be integrating Absence Management with Fusion Payroll.

What should you set up in Absences to implement this?


13. What type of absence plan allows you to configure entitlements and payment percentages at different levels?


14. Which three are true statements about Absence and Payroll integration? (Choose three.)


15. Your organization indicates that the ceiling amount of donated entitlement varies according to length of service.

Which ceiling rule type should be used?


16. You create a semi-monthly repeating period with a sample start date of 15-June-2017.

Which option contains the first two complete periods from 15-June-2017?


17. Your customer has an absence type that is linked to an accrual plan and has “Deferred processing on initial entry” enabled.

Which ESS job will you run to ensure that the accrual plan entries are created for the absence?


18. A customer created a public holiday on the 25-Dec-2018 (Tuesday) and assigned it to a geography to which an employee belongs to.

However, the employee does not have a work schedule assigned. The employee records an absence from 24-Dec-2018 (Monday) to 26-Dec-2018 (Wednesday) using an absence type that measures duration in Days.

What will be the duration of the absence recorded?


19. Which two are valid qualification plan term types? (Choose two.)


20. Which four statements about discretionary balance disbursements are false? (Choose four.)


21. You configured an eligibility profile with the following selections:

– Person Type: “Regular Employee” and “Associate”

– Gender: “Male”

– Legal Entity: “LE1”

– Job Function: “Managerial”

Which two employees will be eligible for this absence? (Choose two.)


22. Which statement describes the function of a documentation certification?


23. Which three statements are true about absence management? (Choose three.)


24. A customer requires that their employees enter their vacation/holiday with some period restrictions: the absence record can be entered only 3 months before the system day and 2 months in advance based on system day. Administrators and managers entering the vacation on behalf of employees won’t have this restriction.

Which configuration should you use to implement these requirements?


25. You defined a 3-month rolling-backward term in your qualification plan with the include overlap rule.

You set up entitlement bands as shown below:

You submit a 10-day absence. Another 4-day absence already exists which starts within 3 months earlier than the start date of the current absence.

Which option corresponds to the behavior in terms of entitlement usage, based on this configuration?


26. Which two overlap rules are available when selecting a rolling forward or rolling backward term type? (Choose two.)


27. Which two statements are correct about absence types? (Choose two.)


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