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Test Free Questions of IBM C2150-630 Exam Online

1. An Administrator plans to install the IBM License Metric Tool interactive mode on Red Hat Linux.
Which two items must be configured prior to installation? (Choose two.)


2. A company is deploying IBM BigFix Inventory using the default scan configuration. The Administrator decides not to collect information about software usage.
Which action should the Administrator take to accomplish this goal?


3. An IBM BigFix Console is already configured to use LDAP authentication. The Administrator now needs to apply LDAP authentication to the IBM License Metric Tool.
Where can this be accomplished?


4. An Administrator is using the Deployment Health Dashboard in the IBM BigFix Console to monitor the BigFix Platform Infrastructure for potential problems. During that process, the Administrator notices that the test “Number of Client per BES Relay” on the main BigFix Server has failed.
Which action should be taken to resolve this problem?


5. An Administrator must deploy clients and install a scanner in a Linux environment. After performing all the necessary installation checks, the Administrator is still not able to see the Fixlets on the IBM BigFix Inventory site’s computer.
What is the error causing this problem?


6. An Administrator wants to know which scanners are already deployed and in which version.
Where can this be checked?


7. An IBM BigFix Inventory Administrator needs to upgrade the BigFix Inventory application in a Linux Environment. The latest installer is downloaded and extracted.
The Administrator runs the following setup command in silent mode:
Which parameters should be used?


8. An Administrator has unintentionally scanned a large file server containing IBM installation media and various IBM clients in user home directories. The Administrator needs to remove the unwanted components from the software inventory.
How can this be accomplished?


9. An IBM BigFix Inventory Administrator is planning to install the application in a Windows and SQL Environment.
What is the SQL configuration that must be enabled?


10. An Administrator noticed that after restarting the IBM License Metric Tool Server, it cannot connect to its DB2 database. The following error is written in the logs:
Connection refused. ERRORCODE=-4499, DQLSTATE=08001
Which db2 command is required to resolve this problem?


11. An IBM License Metric Tool Administrator has updated the BigFix Server from V9.2 to 9.5. The Administrator is attempting to update the agents, but the upgrade Fixlet is not relevant on several endpoints.
What would be a cause for this behavior?


12. A company is required to install the IBM License Metric Tool to report license usage for various IBM products. They have approximately 7,000 endpoints running IBM software. The preferred operating system and database platform is Redhat Linux and DB2. The BigFix infrastructure is already installed.
Which server architecture is recommended for the installation of the License Metric Tool and DB2 database in this solution?


13. An Administrator is explaining automated bundling rules to a user.
Which rule should be included in this explanation?


14. A company is deploying new servers. The Administrator notices that the Hardware Inventory report shows the Vendor as OTHER.
Which action should the Administrator take?


15. An Administrator checks the VM Manager page and notices one of the VM Manager connections is showing “Invalid Credentials Locked”.
Which action needs to occur to resolve the error?


16. A non-root user is installing the IBM License Metric Tool on a Linux system.
How must upgrades be accomplished?


17. An outsourcing provider installing LMT V9 is supporting multiple clients and needs to provide individual reports for each client.
What is required for the Sub Capacity reporting by client?


18. A company has multiple IBM BigFix environments managing a total of 10,000 endpoints.
The Administrator would like the IBM LMT server to report on all endpoints from multiple BigFix Servers.
How can this goal be accomplished?


19. An IBM License Metric Tool Administrator has found the data on the UI is not current. When the import status is examined, it shows the system failed to import the past three days. The log details for the last import are not conclusive and more detailed logging is required.
What is the value and setting to correct this problem?


20. An Administrator notices that a large group of endpoints is marked with ‘Outdated Catalog’ status. Several successful imports have already been performed since the last catalog update.
Which action should the Administrator take to resolve this problem?


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