OCP Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0-900 Study Guide

Passing 1Z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam is the requirement to achieve Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 7 Application Developer certification. OCP Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0-900 Study Guide is updated to ensure that you can pass Oracle 1Z0-900 exam smoothly. New 1Z0-900 exam dumps is the best way to prepare for 1Z0-900 exam if you want to get good grades in 1Z0-900 Java EE 7 Application Developer exam. OCP Java EE 7 Application Developer 1Z0-900 Study Guide are just listing of 1Z0-900 questions and answers and many people demonstrate that they get success in their IT exams by getting exam dumps.

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1. You need to develop a chat application, which allows the display of emoticons and images together with text messages.

How should you configure a WebSocket endpoints to receive both text and binary messages?


2. Which two capabilities are provided by the Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS) API? (Choose two.)


3. Which interface should you implement if you want to be alerted to the lifecycle events surrounding your task being executed by a ManagedExecutorService?


4. Given the code fragment: Which URL triggers the invocation of the getEmployee() method?


5. What is true about Message-Driven Beans (MDBs)?


6. You have been asked to implement internationalization in your JSF web application. Where do you configure the supported locales?


7. Given the code fragment:

Which code can be added to register both of these methods to receive BankEvent notifications only if an instance of BankActivityService is already instantiated in the current context?


8. Which code snippet prints the exception error message as part of the page output?


9. Java EE’s support for WS-Security includes handling which two types of security credentials? (Choose two.)


10. Given the code fragment from a Facelet page:

On Line 1, you ae asked to insert a search box that displays the text “Search Here” via a placeholder. Assume searchMBis a valid Managed Bean.

Which two options enable you to create a search box with a placeholderattribute on Line 1? (Choose two.)


11. Given the code fragment:

Which method should be used on line 3to enable default validation mechanism?


12. How do you specify a default error page in your web.xml file?


13. Given the code fragment:


Which two steps, when performed independently, enable the index.xhtml page to print the following text: The Id is 12345? (Choose two.)


14. Given:

How often does the submitted task run?


15. Given:

What code needs to be added to line 1 for MyMapper bean instances to be correctly passivated?


16. Which URL represents an invalid approach to pass a parameter to a REST resource?


17. Given:

If an exception is thrown inside the if block, what effect will it have on the transaction?


18. Given the code fragments:

What code should you add to the body of the updateEmployeemethod in order to save pending changes to the database?


19. When handling a JSF request, your application code decided to redirect the call to another URL by using HTTP redirect.

Which action should you take to correctly complete the handling of the JSF life cycle?


20. Given the code fragment:

When the context root is requested http://host:port/context, how does the container resolve this mapping?


21. Given the code fragments:

Which action completes this composite primary key implementation?


22. Given the code fragment:

How can you apply DateConverterto the birthdayfield?


23. Which class do you use to handle an incoming JSON Message as a stream?


24. Which two approaches would result in the current date being added to the output of a JSP? (Choose two.)


25. Given the code fragment:

How are transactions managed?


26. You need to exchange large binary messages using chunks in a WebSocket application.

Identify two ways in which you can receive partial messages. (Choose two.)


27. Given:

Which client-side Java method will send the employee object to the WebSocket Server Endpoint?


28. You are working with JMS publish-subscribe operations.

What happens when a producer publishes a message to a topic for which a durable subscription exists but there are no subscribers available?


29. Which type allows you to share servlet attributes across your entire web application?


30. Which annotation allows a request to be executed with another Principal’s identity?


31. Which statement is true about the WS-Security standard?


32. Which two statements are true about the relationship between JavaServer Pages (JSP) and servlets? (Choose two.)


33. Given:

You are creating an Alarm management system. When you create a new alarm, you want it to create an alert that is triggered once at the specified time.

Which method should you call on Line 9 to create the timer?


34. Given the code sample:



And the next fragment from beans.xml:

And this injection point:

@Inject GenericMessenger messageHandler;

Which type would be injected at run time and referenced by the messageHandlervariable?


35. On your JSF page, you have a form in which you have a command button:

A user submits the form by clicking the button, and no errors occur while processing the request.

Which statement is true?


36. Given the code fragment:

How can you get all property names of a JMS message in the JMS consumer onMessage operation?


37. Given a JSL document describing a batch job:

How do you initiate a batch job?


38. Given the code fragment: How long does this cookie persist?


39. When should a JPA entity implement the Serializableinterface?


40. Which statement is true about JAX-RS resource implementation?


41. How can you inject a target web service into an EJB?


42. How can you configure, in a portable way, the number of threads used by a ManagedExecutorService?


43. Given an HttpServletRequestrequest and an EJB SessionContext ctx.

Which is a valid way to retrieve the Principal invoking either behavior?


44. Given the set of navigation rules:

Which two define a valid flow of view IDs through the application? (Choose two.)


45. How can a servlet indicate to the browser that cookie data should be sent over a secure connection?


46. Which two features are provided by the JSTL Core library for a JSP? (Choose two.)


47. Which of these can be a JPA entity?


48. You created two filters for your web application by using the @WebFilterannotation, one for authorization and the other for narrowing results by the provided search criteria. The authorization filter must be invoked first.

How can you specify this?


49. You have been assigned to the Widget Editor portion of an application. It contains a Widget Editor Facelet page, the Widgetclass, and a simple WidgetEditor backing bean, which contains a reference to the current Widget instance.

Given the code fragment from the Widgetclass:

Given the code fragment from the Facelet page:

The page displays Conversion Error when a user fills out all the form fields and clicks the Save button.

Which step do you perform to fix this problem?


50. Identify two valid WebSocket message types for which you can register handlers. (Choose two.)


51. Given the following code:

What should you do at line 1 to enable this servlet receive request data without blocking?


52. Which two elements CANNOT be injected by using an @Inject annotation? (Choose two.)


53. Which code snippet indicates that the page you are designing is capable of handling errors?


54. A Java EE application that uses an EJB container must communicate with a legacy system developed using non-Java technologies.

Which two Java EE technologies can be used in the integration tier of the application? (Choose two.)


55. Which statement is true about the relationship between HTTP and WebSockets?


56. Given:

Which annotation do you use on line 1to ensure that clients immediately time out when attempting to concurrently invoke callMethod () while another client is already accessing the bean?


57. Which is a valid description of REST?


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