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Security Architecture for Systems Engineer (SASE) 500-651 exam dumps questions have been cracked, which are the latest version in the market. Candidates who want to take Cisco 500-651 exam can try our dumps questions now. Our Cisco Certification 500-651 dumps questions can help you test the skills.

Test our Cisco 500-651 FREE dumps questions below.

1. Which license subscription terms are available for AMP licensing?

2. Which feature of AnyConnect provides you the ability to identify data breaches as they happen?

3. Which AMP feature is provided by fuzzy fingerprinting?

4. How does AMP's device trajectory capabilities help address customer s issues?

5. Which is a key feature of Cisco Defense Orchestrator?

6. What is a main benefit of Cisco's Clouldlock Data Loss Prevention feature?

7. Which are two main features of FirePOWER Threat Defense? (Choose two.)

8. Which are two key Cisco benefits of the web threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)

9. How many web requests does Talos process per month?

10. Which is a key feature of Cisco Defense Orchestra?

11. Which feature of Cisco ISE uses Cisco TrustSec Security Group Tags 10 edit networks dynamically rather than with VLANs?

12. What two challenges do customers (ace in their Campus and Branch deployments? (Choose two)

13. How is Cisco Security able to dynamically add IP addresses of known malware domains to its list of ports to detect and block?

14. Which are three main features of the Meraki MX discussed in Cloud App Security module? (Choose three)

15. Which is a key feature that Advanced Malware Protection provides?

16. Which Policy and Access solution technology combines posture checks and authentication across wired, wireless, and VPN networks?

17. Which two options are attack vectors protected by Identity and Access Control? (Choose two.)

18. What are two main features of enabling Cloudlock in a customers environment? (Choose two)

19. Which are two main features of Intrusion Prevention? (Choose two.)

20. Which are two main features of Stateful Firewalling? (Choose two.)


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