MSP Foundation Exam MSP-Foundation Real Dumps Questions

The MSP Foundation certification introduces the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) method and terminology. Passing MSP-Foundation exam to complete the MSP Foundation certification helps you understand the MSP guidance well enough to work in a team to deliver or manage a programme. The latest MSP-Foundation real dumps questions contain 75 practice exam questions and answers. Get the MSP-Foundation pdf file to prepare for MSP Foundation certification well.

MSP Foundation Exam MSP-Foundation Free Dumps Online

1. What programme role is MOST likely to also have a role within a project board to represent the interests of the business?

2. Which is NOT a characteristic of the programme management principles?

3. Which is a transformational flow process?

4. Which word is recommended for describing a benefit or dis-benefit?

5. Which information about a project should be included in the Projects Dossier?

6. Which governance theme includes carrying out an assessment of the effectiveness of the decisions taken by programme leaders?

7. Which is a trigger for a compliance programme?

8. Which risk response encourages collaboration on risk management activities?

9. Which characteristic describes management rather than leadership?

10. Why does a programme require a continual process of realignment?

11. Which response pays a third party to accept a risk?

12. Which document is updated throughout the programme when new information on benefits and risks becomes available?

13. Which is NOT a governance theme?

14. Which information is included in Benefit Profiles?

15. When applying the vision governance theme, which is an area of focus for the senior responsible owner?

16. Which document informs and directs identifying a Programme and Defining a Programme?

17. Why should stakeholders’ influence and interests be compared?

18. It delivers the new capability to business operations

19. Which role is MOST likely to have a focus on managing the costs of training operational teams during transition?

20. What role authorizes improvements to the wording of the Vision Statement in order to provide greater clarity for stakeholders?

21. Include the costs of a contingency budget for dealing with risk.

22. What should the programme manager provide for projects before they start?

23. Which is the BEST description of the purpose of the Projects Dossier?

24. Which is MOST LIKELY to trigger premature closure of a programme?

25. Which is NOT normally a characteristic of a Vision Statement?


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