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1. What Watson solution can answer common support questions typically handled by a live agent?


2. An AI solution is implemented to detect what the user wants to do. The user mentions that he wants to buy a ski jacket for an upcoming vacation in Colorado.

How can the entities be derived from the conversation using IBM Watson services?


3. What are examples of the information the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service extract from html, or web-based content when it analyzes entities?


4. Built into the IBM Watson Discovery service is the Watson Discovery News data set.

How is this collection different from other collections?


5. Which IBM Watson service is pre-trained and does not allow for any customization?


6. When building a dialog within the IBM Watson Assistant service, what does the dollar sign $ represent?


7. What is the purpose of the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier service?


8. A classifier for identifying the ACME corporation logo in images posted on social media runs on 100 images. There are 75 true positives, 3 false positives and 1 false negative and 21 true negatives.

Which statement is true?


9. Which statement is the best definition of intent in the context of a virtual assistant?


10. How is training data set constructed from user questions for the Natural Language Classifier?


11. What are two advantages gained by using IBM Cloud as the application platform for an application using Watson services? (Choose two.)


12. What connectivity protocols are supported by IBM Watson services?


13. Which type of learning is K-means clustering?


14. As a developer begins to construct a conversational agent using IBM Watson Assistant service, which activities would they start with?


15. A journalist would like to analyze four short sentences captured and transcribed form verbal sound-bites from a political candidate. Is the IBM Watson Personality Insights service an appropriate technology to accomplish this goal?


16. Where can the IBM Watson AI service credentials be retrieved when running an application on IBM Cloud?


17. Which three Watson AI capabilities are applicable to analyze data insights on the text of a tweet on Twitter? (Choose three.)


18. What combination of IBM Watson services would best implement the Agent Assist pattern?


19. Which statement best describes the supervised learning process in building a question answering system?


20. A researcher is looking for a system that can help analyze recorded presentation, extract major concepts and provide recommendations for related content.

Which two IBM Watson AI services on IBM Cloud can be combined to help achieve this task?


21. Which IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service APIs would be best suited for identifying the names of persons or organization in unstructured text documents?


22. Which approach is used by AI system to understand human languages like English and French?


23. What is the name of the JSON object that can be used to store data across multiple interactions with an IBM Watson Assistant dialog flow?


24. If you are looking to translate the language of text, but are uncertain of the original language which REST API endpoint from IBM Watson Language Translator service could be used?


25. What is important when creating an IBM Watson Visual Recognition classifier?


26. Which IBM Watson image service allows training based on custom images?


27. In the sentence below, which word or phrase is an example of a generic mention class?

“Severs storms in this area usually occurs in late winter, but Tropical Storm Helga was an abnormally”


28. A developer is using machine learning techniques to train a system which will identify fraudulent insurance claims.

Which would be best suited for training data?


29. At what point in the process can private documents be uploaded to IBM Watson Discovery service?


30. Based on the phrase below, which words are examples of the same co-reference?

“John F Kennedy was not president of the United States for a long time. He only served in the White House from 1961 to 1963”.


31. What is the formula for recall in a classification system?


32. Which statement describes why more than one collection would need to be created in IBM Watson Discovery service?


33. What are two of the main endpoints of the IBM Watson Text To Speech REST API? (Choose two.)


34. What type of input data can IBM Watson Assistant consume independently?


35. The IBM Watson Visual Recognition service is designed to work best with which types of images?


36. The IT helpdesk of a large enterprise routinely conducts surveys of its users. The survey allows the users to rate the performance of the helpdesk and to enter about 3-4 lines of comments in a free form text field.

Which IBM Watson service should the IT helpdesk use to drive insights from the texts and to look for patterns among complains for improvements?


37. In order to minimize the error, which method helps to find the derivative of the error with respect to each weight and subtracting this value from the weight value?


38. Which two options can be detected by the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service- Entities API? (Choose two.)


39. Which statement is a recommended practice when creating a chatbot with IBM Watson Assistant?


40. An AI solution is implemented to detect what the user wants to do. The user mentions that he wants to buy a ski jacket for an upcoming vacation in Colorado?

How could IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier (NLC) be used in the solution?


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