IBM Virtualized Storage V2 C1000-021 Exam Dumps Updated Today

You can get the most updated IBM C1000-021 exam dumps for IBM Certified Specialist – Virtualized Storage V2 certification. Getting this certification to earn the IBM Virtualized Storage Technical Specialist for providing pre-sales technical assistance during the sales cycle and understands the workload characteristics that differentiate members of the IBM Storwize family, IBM FlashSystem V9000, IBM Spectrum Virtualize, and VersaStack solutions. The updated C1000-021 exam dumps were written based on the exam skills and details, we ensure that you can pass C1000-021 IBM Virtualized Storage V2 exam in the first try.

IBM Virtualized Storage V2 C1000-021 Free Dumps Online

1. A customer would like to reduce the amount of backup data being stored on its IBM Storwize V7000 storage.

Which IBM Spectrum Protect feature should the technical specialist propose?

2. A technical specialist is conducting a disk technology briefing to position the IBM FlashSystem V9000 against flash drives in an IBM Storwize V7000. The customer asks, “Why is SSD latency greater than a flash module?”

How should the technical specialist respond to the customer?

3. A customer has two IBM Storwize V7000 I/O groups. As part of its business continuity plan, one unit is located within its primary site and the other at a disaster recovery site. The customer synchronously replicates between each IBM Storwize V7000.

What should the customer configure to provide fast non-disruptive failover in case of an outage?

4. A customer needs to significantly increase the performance of an existing IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 based on 15k RPM SAS disks with minimal investment.

What is the most effective way to achieve this?

5. A customer is evaluating an IBM Storwize V5010 solution and wants to know what additional software functions are available.

Which additional feature on the IBM Storwize V5010 is a chargeable upgrade?

6. A customer has multiple storage platforms including an EMC VNX and an IBM Storwize V7000.

Which solution should the technical representative recommend to provide alerts and optimize volume placement for the storage platforms?

7. A customer is evaluating an IBM Storwize V7000 for high performance storage for applications and the ability to run storage backups with the least impact on performance.

Which solution meets the customer’s requirements?

8. Which resource informs a storage specialist if a TDA is mandatory or optional?

9. A customer wants a self-service catalogue to provision storage in their environment.

Which IBM solution provides for this requirement?

10. Which IBM website provides the most current support matrix information for the IBM Storwize product line?

11. Which tool is used to create a hardware and software bill of materials that can be used to order IBM Storwize products from IBM?

12. A customer wants to remotely manage its IBM Storwize V7000.

Which protocol for remote authentication of users is required?

13. A customer has IBM Spectrum Virtualize at the primary location and IBM Storwize V7000 at the DR location. The customer purchased IBM VSC for both locations and wants to set up Global Mirror.

What has to be done to the IBM Storwize V7000 system to support this functionality?

14. An IBM i customer had performance requirements and is considering flash-based storage using an IBM FlashSystem V9000. The customer plans to move all data to the IBM FlashSystem V9000 with native IBM i attachment.

Which connection protocol is required for this environment?

15. A customer has just learned about IBM Data Reduction Pools and Data Deduplication for the IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software for the IBM Storwize Family.

How are these functions licensed?

16. The customer is using an IBM SVC to manage storage capacity and plans to add some flash capacity to resolve some application performance concerns caused by month-end reporting operations. These applications have acceptable performance for the rest of the month.

How should the customer automate the use of the flash capacity to manage these monthly workload peaks?

17. A customer has a single, non-IBM storage system with 100 drives of the same capacity. The storage administrators spend most of their time trying to eliminate hot spots. The customer is considering an IBM Storwize V5020 purchase with approximately the same number of drives.

Which IBM Storwize feature helps resolve these issues?

18. A customer is considering the purchase of an IBM Storwize V5030, but data space is a challenge.

Which tool helps the customer to see how much data space can be saved when compared to the size of the current disk system?

19. Which tool can be used to quickly estimate the compression ratio for a SVC environment?

20. Which product should be included as part of an IBM Storwize Family solution for a customer who desires application-aware snapshots?

21. A company uses an IBM Storwize V7000 with a single storage pool and plans to expand its storage capacity.

What collects usage statistics for all the volumes in the pool?

22. An online shopping website stores orders and large amounts of product data on a multi-tier IBM Storwize storage solution. All data is stored in a mixed pool including NL-SAS, enterprise, and flash storage.

How can Easy Tier assist this organization with its data performance?

23. A customer is looking for a storage solution that provides FC and SAS host attachment without the need for SAN switches.

Which IBM disk system is appropriate to use?

24. Which tool is used to calculate usable storage space for IBM Storwize disk subsystems?

25. What must be configured and installed to use VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) with IBM Storwize solutions?

26. What is the minimum number of paths that an IBM Storwize node canister should have for each host according to best practices?

27. A customer wants to do application testing in the disaster recovery site located ten kilometers away over fiber and wants to use IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot to create the application-aware clones of the database volumes.

Which two additional features are needed to create these clones? (Choose two.)

28. A customer has outgrown its IBM System Storage DS3524 and asks for a recommendation on an IBM storage system that can virtualize and continue to use the existing storage system.

Which solution should the technical specialist recommend as the lowest entry cost?

29. An IBM Storwize V7000 prospect has a rapidly growing SQL database and is interested in methods to maximize storage capacity efficiency.

Which feature addresses this concern?

30. An IBM Storwize V7000 customer plans on using the cloud as a target for its encrypted data snapshots. The customer wants to use snapshots as a source for restoring to multiple sites around the world with centralized, automated key management.

How should the technical specialist advise the customer?


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