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Still looking for online resource to prepare for P2090-054 IBM Information Management DB2 10.5 pureScale Technical Mastery Test v3 exam? Here recommend you IBM P2090-054 real exam questions. P2090-054 exam is applicable to sales representatives who demonstrate sales and technical knowledge of the software and targets the technical sales professional who can deliver a comprehensive business solution to customers through solution identification, product differentiation, and competitive positioning. IBM P2090-054 real exam questions will help you master the knowledge and skills to complete real IBM P2090-054 exam.

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1. Consider the scenario of a DB2 pureScale environment with two DB2 members, and assume there is an active connection to "member 3". Due to some maintenance emergency, "member 3" needs to be stopped.

Which one of the following commands will stop "member 3"?


2. In a DB2 pureScale environment, which of the following statements is NOT a characteristic of the cluster caching facility?


3. Which of the following options describes correct cluster caching facility states when both primary and secondary cluster caching facilities are in sync?


4. How does DB2 pureScale handle member(s) failover scenarios?


5. Consider the scenario that a technical expert accidentally trips over the power cord of a DB2 pureScale cluster node, bringing the node offline. Assume the cluster contains a SECONDARY cluster caching facility and other DB2 members.

What will be the outcome of this situation if the node was hosting both the PRIMARY cluster caching facility and a DB2 member?


6. Consider the scenario where a database administrator is required to restore a database backup for a DB2 pureScale environment.

Which of the following statements is correct?


7. Which of the following memory heaps is NOT configurable on the cluster caching facility?


8. How does DB2 pureScale balance the workload among its members?


9. Which of the following is NOT a reason for a database administrator to place a DB2 pureScale node into maintenance mode?


10. A DB2 pureScale environment has fourteen DB2 members and one cluster caching facility. Having each of the members and cluster caching facility hosted on a separate physical machine, what is the recommended number of redundant cluster caching facilities necessary so that the DB2 pureScale environment could be available if the primary cluster caching facility fails?


11. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding backup operations in a DB2 pureScale environment?


12. Which of the following statements is FALSE when monitoring the high usage of lock memory in a DB2 pureScale environment?


13. Consider the scenario where two members, "M1" and "M2", intend to update two different rows on the same data page: 1."M1" is doing an update on row R1 within a data page. It is granted exclusive access to the page containing that row of data. 2."M2" requires an exclusive lock to the same page to update row R2. It passes this request to the cluster caching facility. "M2" waits while the request is processed. 3.The cluster caching facility sees that member "M1" already has an exclusive access to the page. It issues a request to "M1" for the page. In the meantime, "M2" waits. 4."M1" processes the request by writing the page back to the global buffer pool and then releasing the page lock. ("M1" retains any row or table locks it might have had). 5.The cluster caching facility grants "M2" access to the page. "M2" reads the page from the global buffer pool to perform whatever operations for which the page is needed.

Which of the following DB2 pureScale monitoring elements can be used to monitor the above scenario?


14. A database administrator executed a db2iupdt command in order to drop a cluster caching facility from a DB2 pureScale cluster.

Which command can be used to verify that the cluster caching facility is no longer part of the cluster?


15. What is the purpose of the tiebreaker disk in a DB2 pureScale environment?


16. Which of the following options justifies why you should be actively monitoring buffer pool hit ratios on your DB2 pureScale environment?


17. Consider a scenario where a database administrator (DBA) requires an overview of the pureScale cluster database. After issuing a "db2instance -list" command, the DBA notices that one of the members is in WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK state.

What does WAITING_FOR_FAILBACK mean in a pureScale environment?


18. Consider the scenario where a client application is connected to DB2 pureScale "member 1". The DB2 pureScale environment has three DB2 pureScale members. In a situation where "member 1" fails, the client is still able to execute operations against the DB2 pureScale cluster with minimal interference.

Which of the following technologies allow the client to continue performing operations?


19. Consider the scenario where a database administrator (DBA) would like to apply operating system updates on the host machine that contains one of the DB2 pureScale members. The primary cluster caching facility and other members are located on different physical machines.

Which of the following tasks should be performed by the DBA on the host machine before applying the operating system updates, so that the member will not be restarted?


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