IBM Maximo Exam C2010-530 Dumps

C2010-530 IBM Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Infrastructure and Implementation exam is for IBM – Watson Internet of Things. Passing IBM C2010-530 exam can get two certifications as listed:

  • IBM Certified Infrastructure Deployment Professional – Maximo Asset Management V7.6
  • IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional – Maximo Asset Management v7.6

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1. A company wants to attach documents to records in Maximo. The documents are to be stored on a local file share that the Maximo Application Servers (JVMs) have access to.

Which of these tasks must be performed?


2. Following a successful installation on a Windows server, the administrator wants to confirm the release of Maximo installed.

Which program can be run to confirm this?


3. What is the correct logical sequence of events for a Maximo installation?


4. A company’s users are seeing slow performance when opening the Work Order Tracking application. After some investigation it is determined that the default query is doing a full table scan.

How can this be prevented?


5. An administrator has a requirement to export XML and flat files from a publish channel to a specific directory location.

Which system property will need to be modified to contain the location value?


6. A company is deploying Maximo and will have Application Servers (JVMs) dedicated to run Cron jobs.

What is the function of these Application Servers (JVMs)?


7. One of the organizations within a company does business in two currencies and has established a second base currency.

What must also be defined for this organization?


8. A company has a server with four CPUs. There is one core per CPU. When preparing this server for Maximo, what is the recommended maximum number of Application Servers (JVMs)?


9. A company is migrating configuration data from a development environment to a test environment using Migration Manager.

Which options are valid for the target type? (Choose two.)


10. A company wishes to change the logic within a Workflow process but users currently have records within the process.

Which would be the correct method to achieve this?


11. A user is a member of four Non-Independent security groups which have different purchase order limits set for sites within the same organization.

Security Group 1 Site = Bedfont Purchase order limit = $1000 Security Group 2 Site = Bedfont, Southbank Purchase order limit = $15000 Security Group 3 Site = Portsmouth Purchase order limit = $20000 Security Group 4 Site = Farnham Purchase order limit = $3000

What will the purchase order limit be for the user when working with the Farnham site?


12. A company is installing Maximo and will be configuring WebSphere on a remote server. They are able to login to the WebSphere console from the installing workstation, but installation fails with an error that the WebSphere server cannot be reached.

What could be a possible cause of the error?


13. Which one of the following is supported by the Maximo upgrade toolkit to 7.6?


14. A company needs to enable application server security for Maximo.

Which web.xml entry must be set to a value of 1?


15. A company is running the VMMSYNC Cron Task to add users to Maximo from the LDAP directory server. Not all the users are being created in Maximo.

Which log setting can be defined to see more information?


16. Which information can be analyzed using IBM Support Assistant? (Choose two.)


17. The administrator at a company is required to configure Maximo silently using the reconfigurePae tool.

When running this tool which flags are used to define the application server and database middleware components? (Choose two.)


18. A company’s IT group has certified support of five relational databases.

Which are supported for use with Maximo? (Choose two.)


19. When building Maximo and Maximo Help EAR files from a command line, what is the default folder where the resulting files will be placed?


20. The users at a company are experiencing delays during Maximo login.

What is the most likely cause?



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